terror campaign against one person

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Community Mobbing, Uncategorized
Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , is a website for people in the photography industry trying to get a start, promote their work and network with people in the industry.

But Modelmayhem from day one has had ulterior motives in targeting me notifying their user base to do everything possible to make me mentally ill and run me out of the industry, has about 750,000 users and the majority of them have been told to harass me. has things like a announcement page on the front where people do shootouts and such, which is mostly a tool developed to run me out of the industry.

From day one of signing up and doing what everyone is supposed to do, comment on others works, give feedback, or shoutouts, etc.

But in return for me doing what the site says it’s about, and clearly it isn’t, I’ve been attacked by the majority of the users and even the support team when either addressing the issue over and over, or just trying to promote my work and pursue that avenue.

Not only that, bbut a large majority of the users we following me around and collecting information to use to create mental illness and run me out of public places, as well as give out website information to public locations not even related to this field.

This screen cap shows one of their terror tactics. At one point told the majority of their user base to post ings in patterns of 1,2,3,4,or 5 and in other ways with hinting messages to create mental illness.

You will notice things like explanation points done in patterns of 2,3,4,5 for example “!!” or “!!!” or “???”
Or someone might message me at 12:22 every day and things like this.
Even hinting messages about my private life, for example, if I go to Mcdonalds, someone will post on the site, “I love Mcdonalds” or If I go get donouts, someone might post something like “I need a donut” instantly. And this was done over and over until it was beyond a reasonable doubt and is still going on.

Or they would take fregments of things I posted copying them over and over all day and night for example, If I jokingly post ya’ll, it will be posted back all day and night to create mental illness and such tactics like this.

They also used other photographer to befriend me and try to get any dirt possible to run me out of the field, as well as comments on specific times in patterns, and trying to create ideas of reference which is basically trying to induce schizophrenia with hidden messages.

This shows you what’s been going on all day and night I’m guess for about 10 yrs or so with the intent not only to run me out of the business, but to end and destroy my life refusing to stop until I was dead.

They would try to justify their actions by saying things like, “If you are not comfortable here, then you shouldn’t use our site”

And this goes on all day and night forever with the INTENT to create mental illness and kill

This is just one part of a mass 30 year campaign to end my life

Specifics at

  1. […] using their comment section to rile communities against me with Aubrey Fisher to create mental illness and end my life with world wide support stop me from making money or pursueing photography even as a hobby –… […]

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