Gang Stalking – Bullet hole found in fathers Mercedes 300E

Posted: July 13, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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When I was around 16 years old or so, we noticed that my fathers Mercedes 300E had a Bullet hole in it.

This is just one out of the 1000’s of lies, setups, smears given to the world in secret about me.

My father claims he was at a date or something, but it was never a big deal to him either then, or now which I find strange. When I turned 30 years old, I noticed that Mike Huntley, who started  a Internet Host Provider,  who I had known since childhood, and around that time started this company for the sole purpose of either making me mentally ill, or getting this confession.


Around the time when I started to get paranoid that something was wrong, Mike Huntley was doing things like telling me we should buy a 1966 Lincoln continental convertible, the same car JFK was shot in, to try to scare me into a confession. Around that week, people would park fully restored 1966 Lincoln Continentals in patterns of two’s on and off on my small 30 yard street. To either create mental illness, or try to coerce me into false confessions.

I then realized that this wasn’t the only attempt to get a confession from this bullet hole, but it was a life long attempt from all my brothers friends who he introduced me too one sequentially after the next.



At one point he introduced me to a person named Jason Baum in Boulder Colorado, who they had a homeless man, squat in my place, taking over my room, and running me out of the place while not paying and I was. When they got my anxiety high. Jason Baum, under my brothers orders tried to figure out how to manipulate me into scaring the man with his gun. When he could not get me to do this, he disappeared. I never heard from him again.

My roommates at the time were also working on some of the other elaborate lies from my brother trying to get confessions. For example, my brother false claims I tried to kill him with a knife to cover up his abuse. My roomates were sending me hidden messages about knives and stabbings.

At one point, my roommate made up a lie that he hit the homeless squater with his bike tire trying to get a confession, I’m guessing about the man who dumped his bike in front of me in high school in the rain, making up claims it was my fault being that. I’ve had two people throw their cars in front of me trying to cause situations then cry wolf. One I could not avoid, the other one I did.

For the majority of my life, my brother has been making up false claims how I’ve done horrible things to him, or I have anger and rage and my entire life, it’s always been him attacking me and getting mad that I might say something or defend myself.

When we were young, my brother would always say things like “I have a bug in your room and I’m listening to you on the radio” At the time, I figured he was just ranting weird things. To find out at the age of 30, his true intent to make me look crazy and wipe me off the planet for some unkown secret rage he has against me.

I’ve spent my life getting along with my brother great, so I thought, until I found out he was a psychotic sending each and every one of his friends after me to end my life.

I don’t know if his INTENT was to put the bullet hole in the car and pin it on me, or just try to create mental illness and rid me of the world. But in my mind, they are both the same thing. Destory me at all costs.

They will claim it’s just paranoia and obsession from a past event. But they would not be doing things to try to scare or blackmail me into confessions and telling me I’ve done something and my past caught up with me if that was the case. It would have been exactly like it was before I found out what they were doing

I do not know what his problem is, just like I do not know what anyone elses problem is. I just know that he, with the majority of my friends and family, have been trying to smear my name, make me mentally ill, and destroy me any way shape and form possible.

I cannot ask the why’s anyone would do this. And I have no clue how anyone else would even conceive of taking part in this.

But I do know that in order for them to COVER up their crimes, they have to make it look like I am CRAZY and suffer from Obesssion, Paranoid Schitzofrenia, Anger, Rage, or whatever else they can use to destroy my credibility to cover up their true criminal acts against me.

They have used every ANGLE possible. I am harmful to myself or others, I am crazy, I have no self control, etc

Even after proving that with 1000’s of harassments per day, they still could not get me to commit a crime, doing it more and more and more to do anything possible to try to get me to react to say “I told you so” “I proved my point”

Obviously, then only things this proves that if you follow someone around all day and night with 1000 harassments per day, all around the world, eventually, he is going to defend himself if you put him in a life or death situation trying to kill him.

So the argument while hunting someone down with millions and telling him if he doesn’t ignore it, he has a problem, clearly does not work in any rational, legit persons mind.

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