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This may seem like a lot of rambling from the standpoint of something that may seem simple. It is very complex situation and detailed with the bigger picture intermingled with deeper and deeper psychological terror tactics. And that is what most need to understand. Tonight’s thugging is just an example of the bigger picture of cover up attempts. I do not think differently then others as my father tries to give me this Brain washing and dissinformation. It is the situation created and done to me. And understanding such behaviors for example, calling someone crazy, and then trying to take all their money, aren’t situations where someone is crazy. Because that is a predatorial behavior to go after the weak and things like this. Which you really need to understand the motives and intent behind these peoples actions in this very rare connected situation with mass groups working togethor exerting very strange behaviors and ignoring the obvious.

With threats all day and night from people world wide like “No relaxing for you nigger” and sub tweets like this. Showing that it is about keeping me in a terror state until I k ill myself or they can work with the police to set me up or frame me to remove me from society starting around 9 years old.

While I have been targeted since 9  years old with a world wide extermination campaign to remove me from society no matter what the cost or what it takes with the police, government, world wide mass groups working with them fed with endless propaganda about me in secret to the world. Also known as Gang Stalking. Government take down or psychological terror operations to remove people they flag from society. Never with any legit reasons, because if it was legit, they would just arrest you for the crime.

Or get them in the system of control such as a jail cell, Mental institution, and if they can’t do that, Get them to kill themselves to make it look like they are some kind of danger, threat, or crazy and unstable. to Rid them of the world. Also, by arresting someone, and getting some kind of charge on someone, makes it easier to control them by labeling someone saying they are a danger and things like this.

While it is difficult to believe the the U.S. of america would do things like this. They do, and took me years to believe, and understand what was even going on. and Even Edward Snowden exposed their more subtle operations.

Now I cannot tell you what started this Hunt to rid me of the world around 9 years old. I can however tell you that my, father and brother are basically paranoid psychotics and things like. Talking to my brothers friends, or leaving the dinner table after being told if you don’t eat your liver you can’t leave the table and defying them  by waiting around and not eating it in some kind of stalemate. are things that will get you killed.

While that sounds unrealistic. It is not when you are talking about psychotic personalities like my brother who went after my friend Greg Waugh with a Crow Bar I had to stop from bashing his head in, after his Girlfriend Jen Yang Cheated on him with Greg which I stopped. Then him telling me blood is thicker then water, I need to be supporting him against Greg, and Spying on Greg for him which I told him I want no part of.

Or a father who locks dogs in 30 foot by 30 foot cages half their lives, named Maggie or puts shock collars and Parimiter shock collars on Rhoda, Which probably has something to do with Sending Rodie Morales after me with the police in these setup attempts,  frame job operatations for just knowing about it and thinking it might come out, one of them. While these aren’t harmful shocks. They are shocks. And show that he has no communication abilities. Just demented control. I cannot conceive of putting a shock collar on any animal ever, for any reason. I’d just show them love and work with them. Like I do with my cat who takes small walks with me. These aren’t things that would destroy my fathers life, although him being a psychotic and hiring Lorena Escobar as a thug to “Protect the Company” kind of says it all.

Needless to say, while always being the kindest, nicest, most docile open minded, and friendly person in life. It is difficult for me to believe that my family would work with the Government to Remove me from society in an unfathomable anger and rage towards me for some reason. But it is happening.

And the things I found out after 29 and starting to find things out are beyond any level of disturbing that they were doing to me. For example, at a young age, my father bought a boat and named it the “Flicka”, and then told my older brother Jason, to keep running up behind me and flicking me in the back of the ear. He also told my brother with my mother to have him and his friends show me movies and lots of horror movies to try to send me hidden messages to try to turn me into a paranoid schitzo which did not work. And doing things like. Having me watch Texas Chainsaw massacre, and then telling me that His friend Jeff Allen’s Mother Chainsawed a heart in his door or chainsawed a hart in it or something. Probably in hopes that I would tell people this story, and look crazy.

The Media TACTIC  to create mental illness and remove me from society –


At one point, my brother told me that he and his friends put a teacher in a mental institution, and then told me that they are listening to everything I do on the radio, While people with Radio, related things world wide were working on me hinting about Radios, and started working on on me. I had no clue it was even going on. But where things get weird is people in my High School were working with him. For example, Paul Schaffeur would do things to my teachers and frame me like take the Stripper cards Mike Huntley’s stripper friend Melody wanted me to bounce for her at some bachelor partys asked me to hand them out for her, and hom putting them in the Math teacher drawer, Mrs Prohaska, or When I fell asleep in Spanish class, he’s set the alarm clock on his watch, and put it under the Ms Garcia s desk. Things like this, all several kids were asked to take part in. While normally you’d say that these are just kids doing pranks around you. They were all being collecting and pinned on me and put in this world wide wrap sheet so to speak of people now telling the world I am like LOKI, causing havoc.

Which most likely also relates to their covert hidden message tacitcs with the Media, putting things or using movies to send me hidden messages which most likely applies to the movie “The Mask” which I thought was a breakthrough in the earlyy 3D Visual FX does which I was getting into at the time.

Another thing my family was involved in was my father took, me, my brother, and his friend Darrin Moselle out on a Caribbean cruise. And I was about 14 years old at the time. Now, After kissing a Black girl at the age of 12 years old. My family went ballistic. I have no clue why kissing a black girl made them so mad to off me. But I am pretty sure it is bout them ashamed of me for associating with other races and cultures. And them seeing the signs that in the future, I might date someone that they do not approve of because they might be black, have tattoo’s and silicon implants and things that they don’t want to be associated with. So to stop that from happening. They simply told the world wide insane amount of funding and government support that I am a racist and white supremacist. This way they can control who I am. Especially after me turning 29, freaked out from what I was witnessing, and my father having Lorena Escobar one of his hired thugs who has been pretty much paying off women and sending them after me my entire life. Trying to force me on to Kaballa and things like this. Like scare me into religion and doing what I am told After sending these people after me. And keep doing it until I comply.

So on this cruise, after my family blasting to the world for some reason that I am a white supremacist and racist which oddly enough, is just one of maybe 10,000 lies like this to the world over 35 years in secret in their propaganda system they called their “Laundry List” to clean me up and in Secret so I don’t know why I am attacked by almost every person in contact with world wide, or see, weird strange crazy looks of fear or something from each person.

The first thing that is odd, is that I was 14 and for some strange reason, they were serving us Alcohol. Which at the time, I figured maybe it was international waters or something which is what my family said. Which I have a feeling they were just all in on it now. But every night, my brother and Darrin would go out and keep ordering drinks, and for me as well. And the only drinks they would order over and over were B52’s and Kamikazes. Now The strange thing is. I have Asian women mad at me with WWII references in Japan like Hitomi Tanaka, I am being called a white supremacist to the world. Which is odd that someone who is as nice as can be, and accepts everyone. or at least is nice to everyone, is somehow a white supremacist doesn’t remotely make sense. Especially when my entire life is being the nicest person imaginable to people until I found out I was being hunted by a world wide extermination campaign. Also, Around this Time, my Brothers Girlfriend Jen Yang, who he broke up with and is mad at me for, is Asian.

So you have a father working with my brother once again to send me hidden messages about Pearl Harber, and my last name is Perelman, WWII, and telling the world I am a racist and white supremacist. But not only this. My brother, Magically decided for no reason, and without me asking to go buy  Kershaw pocket knife and give it to me on this cruise. Which I get drunk and cut my finger closing it while we were all playing ping pong. which didn’t even need stitches. Now, why was my brother trying to make me paranoid and get knives on me? By the way, I had no clue of what he was doing and this event until maybe 38 years old.

Now a lot of these seems to go up the ally of Lorena Escobar “She is trying to protect the company” statement from Victoria Licardo. Seems to mean things like. Kevin Dating a Black girl is a threat to them making money. Kevin associating with a stripper, Building adult websites, or Harmless Studio Photography is a threat to my families reputation, if you get my drift. In reality, it is of no threat. But a psychotic led by fear, is a psychotic led by fear. Which seems to start these lies, smears, terror operations go to the police and launch this campaign against me.

So at 29 years old, finding out something is very wrong. I go for a drive, up Topanga Canyon with my head confused of things coming to light. And around curfew which they don’t really enforce much on the lookout over topanga, a cop comes up. And instead of politely saying. It’s past curfew, you need to leave. he says “Do you have a knife” while oddly enough, that isn’t the strangest of police questions, especially from someone they claim isn’t known by anyone is imagining it all,  but it was a little out of place. And being with the endless other things out of place. Eventually I looked back and did the math around 36. That the person telling me he is going to make me look crazy and put me in a mental institution, is doing just that, with the police, government, my mother, father, and brother. And me going off living my own life, and away from them, didn’t even matter. Endless people world wide told to pursue me. Includingm College professors, other students, and random strangers. World wide,

And when I was in English Class 10th grade or so and Paul Scahffer would push me over in my desk and bully me. Mr Quigley, my teacher, told me to punch him. And I did not. Now knowing he was trying to set me up to expel me and try to make it look like I am acting out. And a menace.

Now a lot of these things are fairly normal incidents. Until you realize, that not only are they not random events, but connected events with people working togethor and told to do things. As well as these things progressing and never ending. And not more you move on with your life, the more you are hunted. And then one day, you find out all these things with NSA resources are datamined, turned around, put in some kind of fictional wrap sheet, with a lot more fabrications, and given out to the world in secret where you told you aren’t allowed to talk about any of it on any level at all. And you better do what they tell you. Is beyond any level of strange, weird, Illegal, unconstitutional, and with clear criminal intent to exterminate someone. Make them look crazy, and off them.

Hence Mike HUNTLEY, telling me, “We are using the system against you” Anything I say or do will be taken out of context, turned into blatant crimes and horrible acts and given out to the world to rile them up in an angry rage to torture me to death and rid me of the world. Some of these things are as insignificant as not parking perfectly straight or imperfect formulation of sentences which they will run around with lame excuses about miscommunication and things like this to try to make me think it’s my fault. Example, I parked my car once crooked, so world wide groups were told to park their car crooked if they saw me, or thought I’d be around. I parked my car backwards once. Same thing. I tapped my foot around a person named Aubrey fisher, and the world for 6 years was told if any stranger saw me world wide to start tapping. You get the idea. I can assure you Aubrey, like a lot of others were working with the Government to remove me from society any way shape or form.

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life –

Of course no one ever asks the obvious questions, which I find interesting. How some random x-stripper and Social network girl who hosts clubs like the endless other women out there trying to make it, some how has NSA level resources playing it off, as. Well you just happened to rub someone the wrong way.

That being said. You can imagine that this is world wide operation. And I guess it started to simply try to endlessly try to set me up and frame me, or endless frame jobs,nor smear lies to the world to try to put me in a mental institution, turned into me finding out I was a target, and then it pretty much turned into killing me for knowing.

In the last 16 years alone I have watched literally 100,000’s of world wide mental illness attacks per day to end my life.With complete anger and rage when I start talking to someone about my life. Police are called with endless lies on me. More people come out threatening my life. People start following me whistling at me that I am a whistle blower for not liking being hunted and killed and speaking out about it. You name it.

Why would anyone support something like this? I cannot imagine! maybe it makes them feel important. Who knows. But the bottom line is that they destroyed my name, my life, my health and damages on every level known to man. With terror and torture operations, and yet they do not think they have done anything wrong. All this with clear and obvious premeditation from day one,

But my guess is, at this point. These people want to look like good people, and don’t want the truth to who they really are coming out. So they will try to do whatever it takes to cover their crimes up. Even if I am just minding my own business and they think I might say something to someone. They will go ballistic on me to try to kill me. Like simply going to a Starbucks jotting some business plan notes down around 30 years old to try to start my life over and they thought it was about them stalking me. I mean, if I am being stalked and documenting it. That is still something that victims are told to do. And I cannot see anyone getting mad at the victim for it. But of course, it was a business plan non the less.

So while going out to the park which they started hunting me down trying to kill me for trying to be healthy and take walks starting around maybe 12 years ago. I have been brutally mobbed by the community for simply going to a public park and taking walks and really anywhere else world wide for that matter. And they will come up with every excuse known to man to justify these murder operations. Things like. Well, he is a nascence because he went to the park and was their longer then 10 minutes  or he is not from here, and is crazy and that is unacceptable. Or he has  camera and that is unacceptable. Things that you see every day. That no one cares about are used as leverage and lame excuses to justify killing me.

Now you can imagine. You are just minding your own business, and people every single time start coming out with passive aggressive attacks to try to get you to go after them or create severe mental anguish to collapse your nervous system until you are dead. You have no clue who they are. You have no clue why they are doing it. But they are all working together to kill you or rid you of the world. Once in a while you call their bluff in a conversation and then people show up in angry mobs whistling at you that you spoke out. A lot of times playing stupid and asking you why it is happening to try to get you to confess to something to give to the world. But yet won’t tell you why they are doing this to your life especially since 9 years old.

Hence people years ago working with Fox News who came to the park thugging me and actually brought like 10 helicopters and a ground crew barking at me to try to intimidate me.

Fox news sending Helicopters and ground crew to try to thug me quiet at the park for taking walks


Park Mobbing’s for trying to get exercise every time I’ve ever been there for  16 years –

Also At one point, I was walking around the park years ago with a camera, just trying to take pictures of things interesting, and fire trucks came. I was taking some journalistic type photos, when an officer threatened me. For simply walking around getting into photography

And at the Starbucks Location in Encino, I was also approached by officer Calling himself officer Toro, not a real name telling me, “If I ever take a picture of someone, he will exercise the law in his own way”

Now why would a news organisation who preaches about fair and balanced, be hunting some random person who has no clue what is going on, makes no money, and has been hunted with world wide support try to terrorize me and torture me quiet and make me look crazy hiring people like Greg Gutfeld to go after me? I have no clue. It just has to do with government using every resource known to man to exterminate me for what I found out and them not wanted people knowing.

Government trying to keep me quiet in Washington DC –


So after an LAPD setup last month for them to have the neighbors endlessly threaten my life, torture terrorize and blackmail me quiet about their endless all day and night murder operations against me since 9 years old for doing things like going around Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica, with signage about the truth. Which is Harmless other then what is really going on, and the world fed the lies to have the full stories, and truthfull stories. THEY GOT REALLY MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that people can see that I am speaking out about the truth.

LAPD setup – For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society –

Sounds pretty damn american to me. To exercise the 1st amendment of illegal things being done to you. Especially when the government is hunting some random person trying to get enough money to eat food since they destroyed my credibility world wide to work with people. And sabotaged every business I started or job I had. Not really ever allowing me to accomplish any aspect of anything in life, which their is clearly a reason for. Never even giving me a chance to make any money in life. There is Something too this. Stopping someone from having any resources to exercise honesty is and truth about horrific government operations after dealing with paranoid psychotic families starting them seems to be the coverup.

This isn’t about crimes, racism, health, anything I’ve ever done wrong supposedly. Those are all lame excuses for illegal organized actions. Kind of like the NSA using the terrorism justification to then go out, Build US terror systems, as well as illegal activities we are doing to other countries with the NSA with  Patriot Act Leverage, saying it is for the greater good and things like this. With no checks and balances. And working with Propaganda Channels like Fox news. And I would never even say this until I watched all the things they took part in with Greg Gutfeld and how aggressive he got when I went down to Washington DC with to prove what was going on. And I did not see any fair and balanced, or even them saying anything about some guy wondering what was going on, and them not contacting me to expose the entire situation or story. Just to thug me quiet. Showing they are involved in something highly illegal connected to the government.

Government trying to keep me quiet in Washington DC –

People not knowing what are government is doing to american citizens when they just don’t like them and offing them. But that is not how it is delivered to the public. It is delivered to the public that the person is a horrible monster doing all these things. Using them to commit the crimes for them. A lot of the times, the people have no clue and think they are actually helping the corrupt divisions of police involved. When really they are aiding and abetting extermination operations. Non the less, ignorance, is no excuse to justify or help with murder operations.

Think about when Edward Snowden Came forward all the lies the government was spouting out to the news about him. I am no computer genius like Edward Snowden, but I am a target who can speak about what is done to targets. Which makes me a threat to the government for simply knowing what goes on. As other Gang Stalking targets are. Which are not a lot of real ones. But there are some.

If someone is told to make someone mentally ill, and they take part. They are murderers. If they do not come forward, they support murderers. Hence, how does it look when the truth comes out. That my only crime is turning 29 and start finding out things.

Now you can imagine someone being hunted all day and night for 35 years, finding out at 29 years old pretty much needs to start over and get healthy again is very difficult when you are being hunted with world wide support and in Secret. Things I have been thugged out of which shows their true intent. Taking walks, Bicycling, Going to the Gym, going to any place that serves food. I will be brutally mobbed and attacked. Now why do you think this is? Because I supposedly violated someones space at a restaurant, I don’t think so.

OK! to the situation.

So, while leaving my house yesterday to get some exercise and go to the park I have watched them hunt me at all day and night for at least 12 years, Maybe the full 16 years, I am not sure. And just sitting on a bench. Like usual met by these Nazi types of people telling me what  I can and can’t do in life. Some of these things range from. Well you drove to Los Angeles and that is unacceptable.  You’ve drove other places, and that is unacceptable, You talked to someone with tattoo’s, When you were 16, you drove 60 in a 45. Things like this. That don’t really make any sense, because it’s not really about any of that. That’s just to try to make you look crazy trying to get you to say things like “Well they are hunting me because I broke the speed limit when I was 16” or things like this. Then there’s the Gossip and Drama aspect, which is just a coverup because things go from insignificant to horrific crimes. Like at 16, you built cars, and raced around a little goes to things like. Things out of the Fast and Furious movies of people driving through houses and destroying insane amounts of public property saying you were so out of control with endless public damage. And then finding out about all the people who through their vehicles at you which you avoided were no coincidence. And was designed to try to make you look like a nuisance.  But also, Some of the people doing these things were the actual street racers which I did once or twice on Mason Road. But the regulars who claim that I am a nuisance, and around illegal things which no one cared about. Are the hypocrites committing the crimes. Showing that this isn’t about any of what is being said. Example, the people who went to the Gym, 7 days a week all day, say I am out of control and it is unhealthy for going to the Gym 4 days a week to justify this. Sure, this can happen from time to time from someone who does not like you. BUT EVERY PERSON YOU’VE BEEN IN CONTACT WITH SINCE 9 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that needs an EXPLANATION! especially when you accepted all of them and were the nicest person to them.

Hence, Gang Stalking, Gas Lighting. The intent to make someone mentally ill and rid them of the world with mass groups and make it look like they just flipped out and went crazy or killed themselves.

So I went to the park. And simply like usual, sat on a bench minding my own business like usual. Brought my camera because after trying to get into photography and them launching world wide murder operations to kill me for it, generall puts you in a situation to document your attacks. and simply put it on a bench not using it, To see how they would react because normally no one would care less. Put on my clothing with “Kevin Perelman Target” showing they cannot thug, bully, torture me into silence, to see how they would react as well as get the truth out. And put on a fro wig to see how they would react. Because people do not care about these things to the point of hunting someone down.

People will laugh, or say that’s weird, but I have never seen anyone hunted for a wig, a hat, a joking shirt, a fowl joking shirt, long hair, a too long beard. You name it with world wide support.

Maybe they have dinner and laugh about me putting on a wig if they are sane. But hunting someone down over a person wearing a fro wig or my shirt in 1991 in Southern Oregon State

“Lords Gym, His pain, your gain” is not something world wide groups get togethor and do.

You can’t make someone 10 times more known the Donald Trump, tell them they have to act like Donald Trump, and the President, then tell them they are imagining it. Unless you are trying to make someone go insane. Which is exactly what is and has been going on my entire life.

Not only does the christian store sell this. But I’ve seen other with it, and I didn’t see them having these problems.

AS you can see how they leverage this information into disinformation and then spew it out to the world in secret. AKA as propaganda, and with Government support. Not your Local Drama Or Gossip which can even be addressed.

is not anything anyone cares about showing that this is about something much bigger and that is an excuse to justify their extermination operations and try to keep me silenced.

While sitting on a simple park bench for 30 minutes minding my own business watching several people come out trying to provoke me like usual. But now they think they have the upper hand because they had their last month police setup operation with my neighbors to arrest me which did not work. With several people walking by and whistling that I am a whistle blowers. Or spinning things letting me know they are going to spin my mind which seems to be something they are mad about at 16 years old for peeling out in my car or something which does not make sense. and the clothing patterns as well as them pulling up cars after I got there with hidden and suggestive messages or car in patterns. For example, this morning they had one person in a black eclipse follow me watching me, and one person in a red eclipse follow me and watch me. By the way, I have an eclipse. So you get the idea of schizophrenia operations they are involved in. Or maybe it’s 10 green jeep Cherokees show up. You get the idea.


neighbors using cars to create mental illness

People trying to intimidate me in cars with the police to try to set me up

Neighbors trying to INTIMIDATE me quiet while trying to kill me with fake police cars

neighbors using cars to create mental illness


So, like usual, sitting there. Not saying a word, minding my own business. Although I did take a walk around the park and talk to a few people verbally first and politly handed out cards. And if they said no, had no problem with that. Also showing that the other people working with the people hunting me get even angrier when I show that I am not forcing anything on anyone and they go ballistic showing their true colors. That this whole thing is a terror operation. to thug me quiet about it. And that they get mad when people find out I am not who they say I am showing that they know that they are making up lies. And this isn’t something someone believes. It is all PREMEDITATED, and thought out!

The police show up. while I am just sitting on a bench minding my own business. Ironically, when the first set of police show up, they play stupid like every one in the world and get out of their car looking for me as if they don’t know who I am. Due to the fact that because of this psychological warfare operation I am about 10 times more known the Donald Trump except it is a world of angry enraged people for some reason who refuse to come forward or tell me what this is about.

And unless you tell me at the age 9 years old I built an Atomic bomb, put it in a football stadium and killed 100,000 people, it really isn’t going to make any sense to me at this point. Because what is being done to my life generally does not happen. And with World wide support.

With every lie known to man given out world wide and no one openly questioning it, or saying it’s wrong and people need to be held accountable. Which of course the police make up lies how non of this is wrong. But I explain to him about how in this case This is Criminal Defamation are not always Civil  and sometimes Criminal acts and such. Which we all damn well know that.

For example going around like Aubrey Fisher did about my Photography Reputation to the Photography and World wide my seem like Civily she stopped me from making money, or even Photo Hobbies. But the lies were premeditatively based on killing me. For example, telling people I am a pedophile and telling people I have done horrible abusive things to people with 1000’s and 1000’s of these accusations for the sole purpose to have them rile up world wide groups to torture me until I knaw off my jaw or something like this with nothing meds can do and well thought out beforehand is infact the premeditated well thought out, plan to hurt, harm, mame, and kill someone. Now this being down with Police, Government, Psychology community, and even going to psychiatrists to seek help and them doing with with these world wide groups shows even more so, that this is an attempt on my life. And we are not talking one abusive person you can walk away from. Hunted pursued, followed, and worked on with mass groups my entire life world wide.

So I explain this to the police officer, but did not mention that these are actually federal crimes as well. About removing peoples constitutional rights. But my point was. Killing someone. No matter what the means, Just because their is no blood. Does not mean their is no crime. It’s just harder to prove. Which comes from things like people higher up the social latter. Who use people lower then them to do these types of things. So they can look like good people.

They pretend like they can’t find me, and the family across the street in Marylee #25 Yell, “He’s over there!”


The first two are a lot nicer, but still putting on a act to try to control and dictate my life. He talks to me about me passing out cards and such. And like usual, I explain that I don’t want too. But these people won’t leave me alone. Which everyone damn well knows. And this was created at 9 years old to rid me of the world like I wrote earlier.

He plays the “well you can file a restraining order” game. And I tell him. If i am sitting here, watching 100 people an hour come out of their houses I do not  know, each one working on me with passive aggressive terror tactics. Then this happens every where else. The how do I file a restraining order? He agrees. That cannot be done.

The officer also freely gaves out the newer  officers name which police don’t do. Showing that it is not a real name like they had Officer Toro, who he said his name was, walk up to me in Encino starbucks maybe 6 years ago, and say “If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in my own way” working with Aubrey Fisher, who ran me out of the Photography industry.

And by the way, also followed me to the Encino Starbucks, telling everyone in Encino I was Violent. Then they had a Girl named Heather who worked at the Yankee Doodles in Woodland Hills, follow me there, pretending she worked in the Shopping center and telling everyone I was stalking her. At one point even asking me to come visit her in the store. Which at this point there is no doubt in my mind, She would have told them that I was stalking her. Walked in the store. And it would be the next of endless frame jobs how I won’t leave her alone.

Especially while watching mass groups attacking me after some interactions with her at Yankee Doodles where she was belittling me or harassing me for no reason like everyone else. But this isn’t one insanely angry girl. This is every girl I’ve ever met since kissing a black girl at 12 years old. That is kind of odd and unheard of. With a father who fires me, won’t admit to a world wide mental battering because he loves his son. And when trying to frame his own son, YET AGAIN! says “A girl scorned”

KNOWING this is all going on, and is mad at me for something at 9 years old. At no point siding with me or saying any of this is wrong. Like locking you in a dog cage and keep sending mean dogs after you.


The Elita Golden State Black employee frame job

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Fernanda Sime Stalking Tactics


Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know –

This Officer Toro also interesting enough working with a person named Javiar, who was sent after me at around 21 years old at Southern Oregon State Collage clearly with police involvement. So you are probably asking how Aubrey Fisher is connected to Southern Oregon State collage from these elaborate setup attempts and frame jobs which actually go as far as my own mother going on a vacation and sending me a blow dart gun in hopes she could get me mad at Kelly Hatch a blow dart her which did not work.

Officer Toro, in connection with Javiar, In colorado, and all these other endless connected informational events with Endless people I can rattle of from person after person told this or that world wide. AND! a lot of these things are before the internet even existed.

But it got a billion times worse when my brother called me up introducing me to the Internet with ULTERIOR MOTIVES to bury me.

But you can understand that I know what they are doing and that is the REAL THREAT to them. Not that I have done anything wrong.

So The officer calls the other officer, Officer LEE.  Well interesting enough, I can recall telling my mother on the phone about 12 years or prior that I was taking a walk at the park. And her eluding about me looking for someone or something which seemed strange to me. To me, maybe 8 years later realizing one of the many street signs at the park or anywhere else is MaryLee street. Which I’ve noticed several people hint about. One being a PI I hired who came after me with the rest. Saying “What is the name of the street you walk on”‘

While I walk on all different places, they selectively make up lies to stop me from having a life or being healthy. To just create world wide fiction that I am crazy or have done all these things that don’t exist.

Working with a defense lawyer for being arrested for sitting on a sidewalk which was more about me sort of protesting about what they were doing. Working with Jonathon Franklin a douschebag Lawyer who basically said he didn’t want anyone in the Police getting fired while knowing what they were doing trying to remove me from society. and ripping me off.

But you have to ask the important questions. First, how is one of endless streets selected and applied to me. Also, how would my mother in Canada, know about the street in my neighborhood when I did not mention it to her.

Which then seems to apply, back to some porn with a 90’s Porn Actress named Heather Lee

So, they are selectively going through fragments of my life, gathering what they can use with NSA resources, and applying this to that, and that to this, and creating these fictional psychological lies about my sanity and credibility. That things like I am going to the park and waiting for Heather Lee, because their is a street sign named MaryLee, and I want to Mary her and things like this. Pullout out of their asses from thin air, then millions are invested to tell the world things like this in secret to try to make me look crazy.

So keep in mind. These aren’t things I am saying. It’s complete fabricated fiction by trying to collect fragments of my life and use them against me.

Mike Huntley “We are using the system against you”

But wait. You might be asking. Well, these accusations, just keep changing on a daily basis. First, I’m a white supremacist who hates everyone.

Which they worked on me from kissing a black girl, then taking me to see Ralph Bakshi, Wizards as a kid. About one good, and one Evil brother who stuns and kills people in society with Racist Nazi Projections

Then it’s I want to Mary Heather Lee on MaryLee street, while sending in Heather Lee lookalikes at the Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino. As they then Accused me of putting up the Daddy’s little Hooker Picture in University of Colorado art department after the Ramsey killing. Yet the guys name is in all the papers who did it.

But also, my father had his realestate agent find me a property on Julianna PL, which I never would have thought that he was actually manipulating me to live there on the fact that their was a cut girl in University of Colorado named Julia who worked in the copy center giving me free copies. And also a girl named Stephnie (Skyler) who was pretending to be a Porn Star named Julia Hayes on IRC, and hunting me down with the family and police which is even stranger.

Seems pretty consistent with a murderer hunting you own just making up every lie known to man with endless resources given out to the world. If I hop in my car, fly to some state I’ve never been in. Sit down at some Random Coffee shop. Not only will every person in that room know me. Their will be endless accusations and also how I am waiting for someone else, and am crazy based on thin air. And at the same time, told no one knows me and I am imagining it. That doesn’t happen. Normally people get mad, and say something about something or leave you alone. Maybe mean looks, maybe weird eye contact. But never, you are imagining it and think differently. Especially world wide. And eventually your family friends, your lawyers, your PI’s or someone tell you what is going on.

Now you might say, My family THOUGHT I was crazy at first. And they wanted to find out. Ok them, WHY keep coming after me when I endlessly proved I was not crazy? That doesn’t add up in the Concerned Individual aspect. It only adds up in the I want you dead and I will never stop, aspect!

Sound Strange? Every single action I mention is the action of a calculated murderer, Like Adolf Hitler. These people aren’t mad concerned, afraid, or anything else about anything at all I have done. They seem to just be irate, because I can see through it. But that doesn’t address the root cause which seems to be a family that just had a child and decided to kill him because they don’t like him.

I had a kid, now I want an abortion type of thing. Is they why they sent Kelly HATCH after me. Who knows. But if they did. That is another paranoid schizo tactic.

I will even have Porn Stars follow me to coffee shop after coffee shop, and then tell the world I am obsessed stalking them and violating their space if that isn’t strange. And of course nothing is even said to any of them. At first I was a little more social once in a while with them although a little intimidated and a loss for words being I was shy, until I found out that, I was being targeted. This tactic of having women follow me from place to place and then telling the world I am stalking them has been done to me my entire life I can trace back to High School, and them sending Kelly Hatch from Calabasas High to follow me to Southern Oregon state with the police to remove me from society. Or Cory Bixbie Asking me for a ride home and then getting mad at me for no reason at all. All told to do it and play victim to make me look like an Angry women hating Racist.

But you can see all these things are elaborate setup attempts and frame jobs are pretty much done from almost each and every person I was in contact with since 9 years old which at first was hard for me to swallow. And once those things don’t work, come the lies to cover ups with more and more endless people working on me  for their crimes of pursuing me and trying to set me up or frame me starting at 9 years old.

One of the officers talks about liter and trying to prevent liter by stopping people from handing out flyers. Like they are proactive about the liter movement or something. While I will agree that keeping the earth a clean place is a good thing. Killing people because lint fell off their shirt once, and touched the ground comes way before litter. What is the point of having a clean world if everyone is killed first by psychotics.

Hence their Pre-Crime, kinda thinking at me. Yes, we want to prevent a crime before it happens so we are going to hunt you down and kill you with world wide support is unheard of. And while they sort of use this excuse on me. It’s just another way of, “WE ARE WATCHING YOU” to terrorize, torture and kill.

And we all know this. And I can assure you, Cops don’t go around looking for litterers. They go around trying to keep the streets safe. And let the cleanup crews get paid to do their jobs.  In my case, it is not about any of that. It’s just about immobilization and extermination.

The cop asks me if he can frisk me. But of course he has no probable cause from someone just siting on a bench minding my own business, And I basically told him that if I don’t have a choice he can, but if not no. As any sane person would do.

I don’t care if you have a doctors uniform, police uniform, are politician are a priest, are a nun, stripper or hoe clothing. That does not mean you are a good or bad person. And anyone trying to get information in situations like this they do not need aren’t concerned about you doing wrong. They just want to get something they can use against you.

After talking and them telling me their concerns which is fair. I of course told them about what was being done to me as they play stupid like usual to coverup their involvement.

Of course, all the police lately have been working on the same angle. Asking me “Do you have any questions for me?” I have no clue why they would ask this, but I am assuming it has to do with Stephanie, Skyler on IRC they sent to hunt me down. And when I made a harmless joke no one could care about on IRC in a PUBLIC channel. “Why is the sky blue” she came online with the police, created the name Skyler, and befriended me telling the world I was doing things to her.

So I am guessing they are trying to coverup their murder operations by saying I offended skyler, Also pretending to be Julia Hayes and trying to make me look crazy, and she went ballistic. But if they knew about it, and did nothing, Well, that is not only Gross Negligence, but shows that they are involved in these murder operations and Destroying my life, and Name.

There was also another girl on IRC befriending me calling herself Katana, and asking questions about reality and such after this Simple Tyson Picture was created in the Univ of Colorado Computer imagining assignment they Sent a Professor Jim Johnson after me with Suggestive hints from his “Sleeping Dog” contest which they were hinting about my fathers dog who my friend Vasu in High School stepped over and the dog bit him, Which I pieced togethor after all of this. Hence them trying to create paranoid schizophrenia. And things like this.

No law has been broken, and miscommunication happen all day and night in social environments and relationships.

Image result for pixels movie

The excuse that there was a miscommunication with someone, then making the movie Pixels, and sending a midget to keep following me to the Gas Station hinting he is like the character in the movie. And hinting I have committed some miscumunication crime is the lamest attempt to try to brain wash me known to man. Yet the most disturbing of stories about resources to try to make me look crazy known to man. And angry men and women keep eluding that I said something and there was a miscommunication and it is my fault for this. Once again, just another justification to off me, then say I am crazy and nothing strange is going on and I am imagining it. With mass world wide support.

And that I used to love Pool, and playing shitloads of pool, somehow equals I play games with peoples lives a tactic Brian Longbotham sent after me was working on is even stranger.’

And him sending porn stars and people in the Adult industry, like having Alexis Amore wait for me at Sharkies Restuarant, while he says lets go to Sharkies, after me telling him what “Sharking” is in the game of Pool. And from a simple conversation of me simply telling him about people Sharking people. Somehow equals that I am a Hustler who Sharks people, not only in pool, but in real life. But not only this. How does one thing go to a mass murder operation. How does a simple friendly conversation about Sharking go to world wide extermination? Lets say I did play pool and Shark people which is still not a crime, and a lot of people do it. While I never did because that is not me. But lets say I did play some pool and shark people? Who would really care? It happens all the time and no one cares. Because it is just a simple game. Showing that this isn’t about pool, sharking, anything I’ve ever done wrong of significance.

Things that people normally don’t pull out of their asses, and it normally isn’t funded to the world with Porn Stars and Strippers helping him with, As well as Universal Studios, Modern Video film, You name it!

Which I question when Brian Longotham was fired from Moden Video Film and supposedly was suing them for breach of contract was really true. As he sent Micheal Bialyse, a Intern for a Forensic Law office in Law School, with Victoria Walker after me who did the Rudy The Rubber show on Public Access TV. Clearly with ulterior motives and hidden agendas.

People I worked for with him framing me over and over. to Continued Brian weavers frame jobs in High School. Now I don’t know what is freakier. Someone who you realize is trying to create paranoid schizophrenia by offering you to work on job with him pretending to want to make money, working with Universal Studios, Modern Video film, People in the Adult Industry, as well as my family. Or the fact that in ending our relationship after starting to figure things out, he invited me to an edit bay session for some resales of an old show “Kids Say the Darndest Things” in order to send me messages I think due to establing the endless pattern of behavior from him and everyone involved, but not sure, that it was probably because when I was 14, I said “Fuck you, who cares what people think” to my mother in our one and only argument ever. And her going Irate of “Fuck You” although this starts at 9 which means, it’s about something much bigger. And that is just another thing being used to terrorize me, use against me as lame excuses for extermination. And it’s not anything anyone would care about anyways, since if you did some kind of statistical analysis on kids saying Fuck You to their parents or something like this. You get like 10,000 per day world wide or something. Not that people normally think this way. Because the parents usually say. Don’t talk like that, and go to your room and it’s over with.

If people flipped out and kill other people with world wide support for miscommunications, and that was justified, their would be no relationships or procreation and once again we would extinct ourselves. That argument given to me to justify something like this is absurd. And normally no one would. Unless Brain washing and disinformation are involved to control a situation with mass groups.

So, just another of these 1000’s of women sent after me my entire life by the police and government. Ironically I can remember my brother saying something cryptic and strange to me.

That his friend scott kerpatrick went out doing all these things, and with him of course, and yet everyone goes after his younger brother and is mad at him who is the nice kid. Which means that my brother was aware and involved and showed it. Even though I was not in that mindset at the time.

I also told the police officer that, that told me putting cards on cars isn’t legal in public, that I have looked it up and it is legal. But I will take his word for it and go out and look up the ordinance,  on the internet so we all know exactly what is and is not in black and white. But I already know what is. Because people wouldn’t be passing out flyers and such. And I’ve looked it up. Or, it is something like J-walking that is illegal, but no one cares. And to arrest someone for it, makes the officer look like a nutjob in court, which he probably is. Because what kind of person would remotely care about something like this. And try to rid someone of the world over lint falling on the ground from you.

I also let the Cops know, as if they didn’t already know that pretty much every person I am in contact with makes up some new elaborate lie and calling them over and over. And giving it to the world. Probably even hiring creative writers with endless fictional accusations to funded to the world. Making up endless lies on a daily basis as if they don’t know this and aren’t telling them to do it.

I mention to them that this is like the girl friend who keeps calling the police saying you hit them, and then after this telling you that you have to do what your told because you are a bad person so they can control you. Except this isn’t a situation that can be walked away from, because in my life, it’s disseminated in secret world wide. So you can’t move on, or even know what it is about to say anything in your defense.

With my fathers blatant pathological lies “People aren’t asked or told what they are accused of, because they can lie” can you imagine that? Once again, global Chaos and Extinction like my brother liking Roger Waters, Radio Chaos

And after they  do things like this to me. More and more people come after me because they think they have scared me quiet. But also, the more passive and healthy I am, the more enraged they get ramping up the terror tactics, except the get more covert and stealthier. So you can imagine. Endless provoking on a more subliminal or passive aggressive level,  to make you look angry or crazy, then endless more obvious provoking in punishment for finding out to make you angry or crazy, then they keep calling the cops on you over and over. And the cops damn well know this is going on and it’s their own campaign. Doesn’t really make much sense other then. We are going to just exterminate you.

So after the police leave, I already know what is going to happen from their pattern of behaviors. Once the police go, I know they now think they have bullied and thugged me quiet. And they are going to ramp up their covert attacks to create mental illness and kill me. With random strangers following me from place to place with hidden suggestive messages. For example, last night at the park while writing this, a car pulls up next to me. Man sits in car, for an hour, and does not turn off his engine. He then leaves, another man in a different car pulls up in a toyota Camry, and does the same exact thing. And when I pack my things and get up to leave, he leaves. He is also using the Toyota Camry to create schizophrenia, because they don’t want me having a camera, or like Aubrey fisher ruining me photography career and things like this. Of severe passive aggressive terror tactics. These are done to me all day and night world wide. The point is, that non of these situations that I have to speak out about our UNPROVOKED!

Because like my mother at 29 said to me “What immobilizes you” I don’t know. Maybe a mother who keeps making up claims I have committed all these endless crimes, and telling my brother with my father, friends to go out do all these things, and pin them on me. Then build what Brian Longbotham hinted was their Laundry List to supposedly clean me up by torturing me into false confessions, to piss off even more people world wide, to have me mentally battered to death to kill me.  because she is angry about something after I was born of no significance. Maybe she didn’t get the tree she wanted me to draw for her, how it should be.

While normally their are a lot more people. This time, it was only maybe 10 cars pulling up and very subtle. Although the average person will tell you. ONE person following you doing this isn’t normal

And so once again I wanted to see their motive and how they would react and what they would do after trying to thug and blackmail me quiet for finding out.

One of the neighbors pulled up in a car covering up their license plate with fake dealer plate tactic to send me hidden messages and of course it was the “Keyes” plate, he came out with his dog which they by the way in the prior 10 hours had mass groups come out walking their dogs in unusual numbers which they did to me in the past over and over. Something about dogs. Which I can pull up all sorts of references from my childhood my family is trying to make me look like a schitzo or accuse me of something. And this license plate tactic has been used for years in mass groups. They will pull up like 30 cars without plates per day at the supermarket alone. Or this plate tactic seemed start at the Encino Starbucks, where I watched a parking lot with maybe once in a while with no plates. To 100’s per day. All directed at me. Then the people started using the plates as threats. Someone might not like something I do like hand someone a card, and someone might pull up a car with a plate that says “Hammer” And then you see them ramp up their terror attacks. And I can assure you it is not me being paranoid. Since I have documented it and watched their behaviors, of how and when they do these types of things. And then the people whistling at me that I am a whistle blower when saying something in regards to it. And other things they are doing.

But they pulled out all the people walking dogs in unusual numbers the day after one of the park neighbor tries to threaten and thug me telling me if I pass out cards or their is litter, then he knows someone who is going to shoot me.

Of course, I tell him, if someone is going to try to shoot me, I will put him down in self defense. As anyone who see’s someone shooting at them would probably first get out of site, and if pursued do whatever it took to stop him in self defense if left in a me vs them scenario with no choice.

Of course, we all know how this trash operates, making up lies from defensive statements that I am threatening someones life or a vigilante, or think I am a Hero of some sort by simple statement of, If someone tries to kill me, I will defend myself. So why would they spend the time and energy to do this? well, it seems pretty consistent with the rest of trying to figure out ways my entire life to rid me of the world. With these setup conversations, leaving out the entire context of the conversations, and picking and choosing the fragments of the conversations and then giving it to the world in secret on their propaganda systems. Yet they are creating these fictional conversations to begain with to just try to get something to use to give to the world.

For example, when my Brother Introduced(Sent Mike Wexler after me. His conversations to me were about him picking locks, That having sex with women in Colorado at the age 16 is legal, and you can hit bums with your car if they jump in the street because you have the right of way. All were to get some kind of verbal reaction from me, saying that it is ok or something like this. But like usual. I said nothing out of the norm, or to justify what he was saying. Yet after this, the world is told that this is who I am, and I agree with him from thin air. And if that doesn’t work it might be some lame excuse it is because I associated with him, and it’s guilt by association. My point is that if these weren’t government terror, setup, frame job, and smear operations, then these are completely normal situations that people do not care, or are hunted for.

I am sure in every relationship from time to time, people say weird shit, or believe weird imperfect things, and we all know, it’s not about what is said, that is a crime, it is the ACT of committing a CRIME, which is a crime. Not only that, I don’t see this happening to the actual guy who said these types of things like Mike Wexler. Why is this? it’s not a crime to say it, it’s just a crime to listen to him, not say anything about it, and not try to kill him? So what is behind this psychological tacitcs of brainwashing to try to get me to think like them and go out and kill people or something.

Well I have seen the bullshit all day and night from these pathological lying righteous cowards, trying to control me and then put me in the ground instead of being open direct and honest about the situation. Which show they have Motive and Intent and are involved in illegal operations.

So to show them I know what they are doing, I say hi to all the dogs calling them Boudro from the Movie Grosse Point Blank which they were using or had references from or directed at me to create mental illness. Even to the point someone posting it last week to want me to know about it. Or possibly to try to flip me out with what is in it. Or most likely their are things in the movie directed at me. But it’s difficult to say since something like 40% of the media out there does this in secret world wide are putting things in media to create mental illness directed at me. And I cannot say exactly when it switched from using the media to try to send me hidden messages to then actually putting it in the media. But I do know it’s going on and got significantly worse once Brian Longbotham was sent after me working with Universal Studios, Modern Video Film, Saban, the Adult Industry. etc

Of course they tried to thug me with the dogs as If I did something wrong by saying something like I will put someone down who tries to kill me is what any rational person would say. Not people trying to blackmail you quiet about it that they take offense to you defending yourself if someone tries to kill you. Showing who they really are.


For example, If I tell you that it is ok for someone to hit you, bash your skull in and kill you. And you say no it isn’t and if someone tries to bash my skull in, I will put them down.

Then I say, you are a vigilante, and you didn’t say you’d call the cops.

Well, let me tell you. First off, if someone starts clubbing you in the skull with a baseball bat. Do you think you will have time to call the cops or defend yourself?. My point is. These are lame setup attempts with loaded questions to attack credibility and work with the police. To attack your character and remove you from society. And I can assure you. it ain’t from no litter on the ground. Which their changing argument goes from one thing to the next of endless crimes for 35 years.

Not only this, but also the police are working with these people to do this, and when I first called them after finding out I was being targeted they kept trying to thug me quiet, Refused to give me a detective, even with 6 months of proof on surveillance video. Also having my website and blogs with proof which the read and scan every day with NSA since it was first created showing they are involved and Gross Negligence. And refusing to stop a crime, which is their crimes! Of knowing it’s going on. Keeping it going, Starting it, and refusing to stop it pretending they don’t know about it by working with larger and larger groups, or refusing to investigate it and stop it, if they really didn’t know. Every answer is pretty much a crime of the police regarding Gross Negligence. And a bigger criminal crime if they started it which we all know they did.


And are you telling me with todays NSA technology, they can’t talk to some people, or trace an IP address where this propaganda is put to the world? I mean I watched some Ebay hackers years ago get caught in like 1 day by the FBI, but yet a world wide psychological murder operation is impossible to investigate? Ya sure, I don’t think so. They could have the people in jail INSTANTLY if they were decent honest people.

And let me tell you, if they have the resources to get every intricate detail of my life to the world and Data mined my life, take it out of context and turn it into fictional abusive lies. And have tabs on me where ever I go, probably even specific details on every parking spot I’ve ever parked in, Since endless computer violations alone for over 20 years since the internet was developed. Cell phone tapping, And call collections, internet conversation collections.  To know every aspect of my life and use it to create mental illness. They have the resources to stop it, and speak out about the truth.

Also, all the times I called them to document on police reports the things I had on my website in my neighborhood like the car patterns and such, people following me all day and night in mass groups, they tried to thug, belittle, terror, scare, make me think I am crazy and that they could arrest me for it. Damn well knowing the situation. And when I would prove it to them, their personality changing from I don’t know to suggestive hints about this and that taking part. Showing they do know me, and they are trying to cover it up.

Like usual, the police turning things around to cover up their crimes, I was then told that I am not allowed the call the police unless someone is trying to kill me and I am playing GAMES with them by calling them to document what is being done in police reports by simply having them do their job, and investigate a mass crime. But of course, how do they protect and serve me until after I am dead and them knowing this. And they damn well know this, and it is because they don’t want to document the crimes against me. Well, that is strange, if someone is being hunted and killed, especially with mass groups, I can’t imagine why the police wouldn’t stop the crime once they found out. Weather it was from the target or anyone else. That is their job. To stop crimes. No matter what. And the fact that they have had my business cards for over 10 years or something of my websites and blogs with proof as I walked in handing them. Really does not give them an excuse which they are negligible. Because lets say someone walks in the police department and is being stalked. And they could have checked it out, but did not. Well, then they had knowledge, and did nothing. When they could have spent no energy to figure it out because I provided them everything they even needed beyond any reasonable doubt. So they really have no excuse. Especially sending police to blackmail and thug me over and over playing stupid about world wide operations. Not only this. Do you think the Police are so ignorant they have never seen anything weird? Ya sure, I am sure they have seen all sorts of things most people don’t see. All sorts of weird and crazy stories.

“I am going to snap you back into reality”, “Go Home”  trasnslation: if you ever leave your house or talk to people, we will kill you with mental illness tactics

Which is odd, because Lorena was blabbing about all the horrible things I was supposedly doing in secret at my home and the illegal things I was supposedly up too. Kinda like Neo. Trying to Matrix mouth me or something. Because I have been attacked for 16 years trying to have any conversation world wide with anyone.

Image result for matrix

I believe around the age 29 or so when I saw it, Paul Humphry, sent after me, and joining law enforcement also got very defensive when I saw it asking some strange questions at the time. As I can recall. The person told to move by women I was talking too on IRC to try to get it to look like I was stalking people. Involved in the Carissa Brands Frame jobs, Honey from IRC, setup and paranoia attempts, You name it. Showing his involvement sent after me since 8th grade.

And they are telling me this after they tried to set me up last month with my neighbors and arrested me for verbally defending my self from someone who was on my property throwing my cards, and his thugging and threatening me with multiple neighbor threats. Even getting in my face basically telling me I had better never leave my house in his own way, waiting for me to come out of my house running up to me telling me I had better not leave my house, or go anywhere as he is playing police officer, because the police since 9 yrs old are empowering the world with these beyond any level known to man ILLEGAL NSA terror systems saying what they need to say to get the people to help in their illegal operations, with lame excuses how I am a horrible monster and have done all these things that either don’t exist, or pinning other peoples things on me. And a lot of these things are even staged to frame me. and things like this which they had tons of threats in those few days alone with intent to get a reaction to call the police on me. Which is an on going 35 year things with them. Not only this. The Car repair guy in Van Nuys told me a police officer in woodland hills was riling up people on his facebook account a couple days before. Although, we know they have much greater terror systems the people are using world wide to take turns on me and unite the world in secret against me. Which is the freakiest thing known to man. But we all know it to be. Yet no one thinks it is wrong due to the amount of lies the world is being told about me to attack my credibility, just like the the lies they spewed out about Edward Edward Snowden.

LAPD setup – For speaking out  –

So if the police are working with these people. Tell you that you better not call them because you are playing games with them for calling for help. Well that is strange and just another way to stop me from getting help shows this is about offing someone. Because they could have stopped this at 9 years old when approached by my parents.

Now my mother tries to play this lame card around 14 years old that I mouthed off the her and said “Fuck you, who cares what people think” as if anyone would care about that statement, and launch a world wide murder campaign. But in reality, that would be more about a mother trying to kill her son because the one argument ever with her I said “Fuck You” to her. Although this starts before that.

But not only this, people world wide on my twitter start spouting subtweets how I have to be pressed for saying something like that to the man for you know BARKING. Well, anyone in a conversation like that is going to say something aggressive. Because when someone tells you, someone is going to shoot you for speaking out. It’s a pretty aggressive conversation. But these people aren’t those types of people. They operate in the shadows with mass groups in secret. They aren’t those brave types who speak out openly. They are angry scared spoiled children. With Global Temper tantrums. Brave people do whats right, and what they have to do no matter what. Cowards get groups togethor tell you what you have to do, and you are imagining it, trying to convince you that you are a horrible person with psychology degrees and EVERY world wide resource known to man against one person in secret. or we can just call them murderers like Adolf Hitler. Who say if you aren’t perfect you need to be exterminated.

Well, I don’t know about you. But if your just sitting around being nice as can be, And someone decides to do something to you, and then they want to press you for speaking out. Something very strange is going on. And at one point for my birthday my father did I dual purpose, I know you like photography, but I am also going to try to guilt you with suggestive messages and bought me an Old Press Camera I never used.

So I simply walked around the public park open to everyone world wide and handed some cards to some people walking. and maybe a couple on the obvious cars.  Came back, Sat down. Minded my own business once again.

One girl told me. “Don’t do that” And I told her if she doesn’t want me to hand out a card to her, that is fine, but she cannot apply it to my life and what I do world wide”

Also, the long beard man with the “Keyes” plate cover seems to be close behind and walking his dog. Someone I believe I had a prior conversation about my life. And when the reality of my life I was talking about outweighed his lies about my life. He switched from a I don’t know you and what is this about. To a You should seek help with hints about my childhood and move to the jungle where there are no people. Of course the arguments of how would I eat didn’t seem to matter to him? I am not sure if that is a Jamanji reference, or from another movie

Captain Fantastic, which oddly enough I have been told by other people in Northridge at Barclays Coffee. Trying to thug me quiet.

that some guy supposedly pushed his wife to death from abuse the kind of things my lying family are trying to pin on me.

Seems kind of strange that their is nothing I have done to anyone really but watch endless people, especially women go ballistic on me my entire life, and then say I am racist white supremacist and hate women, And it isn’t even coming from anywhere. Just creative writers hired to off me or something. And my first guess would be Darrin Moselle, who was told to go on the Caribbean cruise at 14 with the WWII tactics, but who knows since no one will come forward. And is not a writer for the Entertainment industry.

Also, it also could be applied to Paul Humphry and Carissa Brands frame jobs trying to make it look like I put her in a mental instition. Yet I was never friends with her or really was around her enough to be abusive to her to do anything to her. The few times I was around her was Paul coming over and that was it. We never had any type of relationship I could possibly have done anything to her, like everyone else. So if the argument is I blinked wrong, and she tried to kill herself, and it’s my fault. Well, I don’t know, I am not around her, and I am going to keep blinking.

But yet a brother before this basically telling me they were going to put me in a mental institution, and Paul Humphrey’s older brother Joe Humphrey in my brothers grade and classes seems kind of interesting to me with  the amount of people my brother introduced to me and were hunting me down.  Mike Huntley, Paul Humphrey, Mike Wexler, Jason Baum, Red head in Colorado introduced to me by Mike Wexler, all connected.

But I do know that Lorena Escobar was sarcastically saying. “Welcome to the Jungle over and over” while trying to mentally batter me to death with the whole office and world wide support.

So as I am walking around the park, there is a Hispanic man with a sombrero and the smell of alcohol on his breathe. And he is friendly and starts talking to me, and says he is from Los Angeles and eventually asks me if I want to call him. And while not interested, I do be polite for multiple reasons and take his number. One being to show the bigoted racists around here I have no problem talking to people from other areas, or who are different, or are less or more fortunate. And the smell of beer isn’t going to make me like them and say. I smell beer on you in public, we are all going to kill you because we want a perfect neighborhood. These are the types of people who would see a man starving in the streets. And kill them so that they could have a perfect neighborhood. They could not give a rats ass about who he is, his pain, his troubles, the fear of where his next meal id. That he is human and probably scared and wondering where his next meal is going to come from.

Now it’s funny when I write that, because of all the lies about me said and who i am. I mean, I think at one point, my brother, family, Mike Huntley and Mike Wexler were telling the world I hit a bum with my car. But I am not a 100% on that accusation.

And the person who spent his life giving money to the homeless provided they seemed legit, and was for food. But these aren’t the things the world is told about me. I wonder why 🙂 That seemed to be conveniently left out of their world wide wrap sheet of lies of things like this and endless other good deeds of mine. As well as what all me real relationships with my friends were like.

So if I recall correctly, the bearded man behind me was texting the neighbors with some kind of profiling like. Hey, he’s talking to this type of person, we want him out of here. Yet that’s just my guess.

So, I come back around the back, and sit back down. A few minutes later a lady walking a dog comes out with her manipulation and blackmail. She asks me if I can stop littering. As I tell her I am passing out cards, but if she wants to have a rational conversation about what is going on, I’d love to engage in resolving issues. But if she is going to tell me what I can and can’t do,  then we have nothing to talk about.

Not only this, but I believe this person I have no clue is, is telling the police that I am like outside her house or something stalking her. Yet I’ve been all over the public park, cops called at another area of the park. Showing that no matter where I am in a park, or anywhere else in the world. The police will be called for no reason saying I am stalking them. Just like Rodie Morales, Val Morozav, Tom Farley, Eric Christianson, all said lets go to strip clubs, and random strippers I have no clue who they are keep telling the police i am stalking them as well. With college students, you name it. All based on thin air, nothing said, nothing done. Seems VERY STRANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Connected, with clear and obvious intent to rid me of the world since 9 years old.

She starts telling me what I need to do, I start to ignore her as another lady in their spy all black clothing tactic comes up to me and actually sits down sort of seems nice at first. I also believe at one point I did invite the other lady to sit down and discuss it with me. But of course REFUSED. Showing she is not about right and wrong, middle ground, or resolving issues. She is about what she wants, and she will kill to get it.

And you know the All or non, you blinked wrong, I am going to kill you righteous type. I already knew exactly what type of trash she is.

So the next lady who sat down starts talking, and says to me. Can she record me. And I ask who she was and for what. She says she is a random person, and I say, well, if this is for something and I know what it is. Like the news.

She then mentions a name, I ask her who it was. She said the sergeant of LAPD or something and I told her. If the police want to discuss the situation in a safe environment, and not trying to set me up and things like this to get false statements while I am arrested, and with detectives, then sure. I’d love too.

Or the news in a safe environment like a news office.

She starts in with things about getting help for my problems and things like this with her true thugging and scare tactics. And before I can put her on the spot, and have her talk in SPECIFICS!!!!!!!!!!!!! the next cops arrive. Abviously her working the, I’m under cover scare tactic with the police.

So, the officers come, and the one says I spoke to you before, and I told him I did not remember him. I could not place it because in my life, I have the police on me every  week for like 16 years with every lie known to man world wide all day and night watching 100,000 attacks per day world wide to kill me which he does not think is wrong or a crime. Ya right!

He is with an Officer that is almost a lookalike or standin like Ellan Barken

Ellen Barkin

and this is kind of coincidental that we have Heather Lee References and Ellen Barkin References, especially 10 hours prior of mass dog walkers coming out at the same time to send me hidden messages.

Id even put my money on a guess that she probably is a hired stand in and not a cop in that the entire time she was completely passive and didn’t really do anything policing. But that’s just a hunch.

Now thinking back, I believe one night I was parked close to the MaryLee sign and this cop with ehr, came after me with an elaborate claim how I threatened someone or something. In my life. These are daily accusations from strangers to try to silence you. And he asked all sorts of weird questions. Why are you at a park. Why are you parked here. Why didn’t you go straight home and stop at at park from where ever you were. Well people don’t always go straight home. They do things. They live their lives. they explore. they relax at parks. They do exercise training at parks with other people, They jog at parks. I’ve seen a shitload of kids smoke weed at this park. They meditate, they lie on the grass and look up at the stars on a park. And that is the point of a park! Not that you have to write on paper you are going to a park for 1 minute, go from point A to B and go straight home unless you are a loony, or someone is trying to make you into a loony with a BADGE!

Also, I didn’t see him having a problem with the 10 other people in cars at the park. STRANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! being that this is over and over. I think you from L.A. so it’s unnacceptable. I think you have no friends so going to a park is unacceptable. I didn’t like a joke you made when you were 10 years old which is info I shouldn’t even have or anyone would care about which is strange.

Not only this, where ever I go in this park there is a crime. Whever I sit I’m stalking someone. If I have a camera I wronging the world if it’s even off and pointed at myself. If I have a joking shirt who knows, it has some joke on it. I have committed a crime. So what is really going on here you might ask?

Well, it’s not about me or anything I’ve ever done or am doing. It’s just about extermination. What I am doing is the same as everyone else in this world. The difference is, they have freedoms and constitutional rights, and I do not. The difference is I’ve been targeted for extermination or ridding me of the world or putting me in some kind of cell because my family did not like me.

But non of this is based on right or wrong. or Truth or honesty.

Just illegal Police Operations

Police threats off the top of my head

“I am going to SNAP you into reality”

“If you ever take a picture of someone  I will use the law in my own way”

“We are watching you”

So, lets break this down and ask some important questions
why is something like, which applies to all these world wide accusations wrong for me to get into photography and have a camera. What am I doing different? Well, I learned about photography from billions of people who got into photography, and put websites online showing what the world is doing with cameras. Which does not seem very strange to me. And not only have Billions been doing this since the late 1800’s and no one is saying they are crazy for it.

When I started, I took a Photography Class in University of Colorado, before we even had digital camera’s where my Photography Professor Nick was sent after me. Showing that, it is not about photography, me taking classes to the world showing it is not wrong. But it is more about someone who is being hunted having a camera that can record crimes against him.

Now obviously me not knowing any of this is going on until 29 means that. It wasn’t me with any sort of problem. It’s them having a problem with me being able to prove their extermination campaign.
So, the argument is that anyone who gets into photography is different and is a danger to society, is basically saying that. They are like Adolf Hitler, and anything different from THEM, is crazy, weird, different and unacceptable.

Well, you know, that sounds strange to me in that I see billions with cameras and photography websites in the world. And mine is no different.

Now maybe you can say the intricacious of my work are different. But that’s what makes the world progress due to the fact that if everything was the same. People would all get bored and kill themselves. Or capitalism would fail because you couldn’t invent new ideas.
So once again, all their arguments are absurd to justify some kind of anger and rage around 9 years old or earlier which could not have been of any significance, I can assure you.

You get the point. This officer is working with the neighbors to rid me of the world. And then tell me I am never allowed to leave my house. Well, let me tell you. If i committed a crime, I would be arrested, it would go to trial, and the state has to prove me guilty, to prove that not only was it from some corrupt cop or cops, that the evidence they have is legit so that your life, is not destroyed by things that don’t matter, angry bigoted people, or things like this to make sure the allegations accurate.

Anyone can make up any lie about anyone, and anyone can turn any insignificant situation into a crime. I can make some tea for you, and you can concoct an intricate story how I tried to poison you by handing you some tea. Ok, then I could, if I had the resources, launch a secret, NSA level campaign, and tell the world you poisoned someone and need to be watched and hunted. So sure, you could do this to anyone with the right resources. Hence why we have a judicial system which applies from out founders for this vary reason. Hence bringing up issues of why the Patriot act is wrong. What our government is doing with it, because look at my life. And NSA illegal Activities that they will hunt and kill in secret with other Government Organizations for this we’ve had in the past that most don’t think, want to know, or believe are real.

So for be, the government basically took away me constitutional rights and have been hunting me ever since. It is not about strange, different, you name it. Because we went through all this with the Civil War, and WWII. It is about me Knowing things I should not know about. Which is a very complex issue.

There is no, I don’t trust you, I am going to put you in my own jail. Which the police, government, and family decided at 9 years old.
There is no, you were reckless by sitting at a park longer then 10 minutes and going to too many strip clubs, pool halls, states.
There is no, you ate too many tacos at one time argument

The argument of you are a danger to yourself or others, has to be based on something happening that harmed someone or yourself. You can’t just say. Well I think this so were going to rid you of the world. Also known as Pre-Crime.

And I can assure you, it isn’t because I am supposedly crazy, because I have seen tons of people who actually are crazy, and people walking down the street talking to themselves. Or people on Venice beach looking like Jimmy Hendrix on roller blades for 20 years playing the guitar, and they weren’t being lied too and hunted by world wide NSA operations  saying your crazy.

That is UNHEARD OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the stupidest cover up I’ve ever heard of. Of course they want me to tell people conspiracy stupid things to try to make me look crazy. And why is that, Because like I said before, putting me in a mental institution was the original on the Agenda.

So this officer, first comes up to me asking me what the problem is, and I say, I did not call you. Which they keep saying to me to try to make it look like I am up to something shady. Also, they did it in my LAPD arrest blog last month you can read about.

Then they say, the people talking to me did.

So, lets step back for a moment. These people are angry at me because I don’t like being hunted tortured and killed by them with the psychological murder tactics I’ve now watched all day and night with world wide support to kill me. They call the cops. Then they approach me.

So why did they approach me after calling the cops to talk? because they wanted a flared argument with anger. So they could have the cops arrive while they were trying to set me up. You know. the types of things good honest people do! ya ok. So now you know the type of white collar trash we are dealing with especially in woodland hills, but I can assure you, this will and always has happened anywhere in the world. Ya they have a nice expensive house, and dress nice. But they are TRASH!

And their is no doubt in my mind, they will COLLECT that statement alone and try to use it against me as something like I hate rich people or something like this. Because I know the personality all too well.

I’d take the drunk Hispanic nice guy in a second over them as a friend!

Sure, he might have some problems. But at least he isn’t saying he is perfect and killing everyone else! or marking his territory like these rabid dogs do,and like my brother and family.

If someone wants to tell me that is normal. Then I don’t want normal. I want civilized decent people. I don’t give a shit if they fuck for a living, swing on a pole, fix cars, are a lawyer, a doctor. a politician. I judge you on who you are based on your ACTIONS. And not crap that says you have to be in some kind of social class, religion, and do what they say to be a good person.

I believe in right vs wrong. And I’d think most who are honest would agree.

So after that setup did not work, the Officer then tells me that I was on their property littering. And not only has everyone seen me walk the park, but I tell the officer, I am right here in a public park. You just came here. I am talking to this person on a bench. And were going to actually get to the bottom of something maybe. And he has really bad timing knowing he doesn’t scare me like he wants too. Because little bullies in the school yard in 5th grade want to thug in the sandbox. Some just never get past that point 🙂

so, he asks me something like why their are cards all over, and I ask him something like why do these people and their friends keep following me place to place attacking me and won’t stop. This is all public property, these sidewalks and this park.

WELL HE GETS MAD!!!!!!!!!! and DEFENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“LET ME SNAP YOU INTO REALITY” he says trying to intimidate me. You are spouting about this and that. I can arrest you right now. If you say another word, I will arrest you. “Do you want to go to jail?”

Thinking they intimidated me last month with their false arrests and setup attempts with my neighbors

So I keep my cool, because doing stupid things will just waste my time, and I say “No officer, I do not want to go to jail” He says, sit on the bench for now do not say  a word.

A couple of minutes go by, he says, Ok, GO HOME

So I get up, and I say, ok officer, and not to offend you, “But I am standing right here in a public park” I walk away.And when I get down the road, I take some pictures of them, And I do it so they can see me. So they know they are going up on the blog for their ACTIONS. Once again, in a world wide extermination campaign that goes on all day and night and never ends. Which they need to be held accountable for destroying my name, my life, and trying to torture me to death, and kill me with their support and telling people to do it world wide.

They see me, and I go take a walk to the gas station buy some things, and then go to the shopping center near by with one of the Starbucks that had 10 yrs of all day attacks, endless false corporate reports about me. Security guards attacking me and punching me in the head over 7 times in a row to try to beat me quiet to death. about their crimes against me to coverup.

Endlessly attacked at all Starbucks world wide from Assault, Endless false claims to corporate, endless brutal mobbings with mass groups with passive aggressive tactics, and even trying to force me into signing fake contracts admitting to the lies saying If I want to stay at a Starbucks I have to admit to these lies –

As I am walking to go get food. I see the same officer waiting there. He drives up to leave and  drives next to me outs his head up to the window with a pout and a sad voice at low tone. “I thought I told you to go home” and I said. “Oh officer, I thought you told me to leave the park, I need to get food to eat” and at a guilted low tone he says “Go home”

Can you imagine the shitstorm SNAPPER BOY  would get if he arrested me getting food? You cants’t go to public parks, you can’t get food, you can’t go places, He is also working with my neighbors telling me the same things, and police arrests a month prior that were thrown out because the cops are corrupt as shit!

LAPD setup – For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society –

And the endless things will come out about them and what they have done and are doing to my life all day and night. And then linking back to pretty much all day and night since 9 years old. Which he just proved right. I am not sure if he does or does not have the right to tell me to leave the public park at the time but I sure as shit know I don’t have to go home and stay there forever, like they say I do.

Some kind of house arrest because my family or something is mad at me for not being who they wanted me to be. A Doctor with a Secondary Psychology Degree.

At one point, the police department was telling me I am screwing with the police somehow by calling them to document what is going on while they try to thug me quiet with scare threats that I am crazy, Then telling me I am only allowed to call the police in the time of life and death. Which is completely untrue, because crimes aren’t only life and death. But also, trying to make someone mentally ill with covert mental illness tactics is a life or death call.

The next night, I leave my house to go get ice cream at the supermarket, As I go down one street on owensmouth and Burbank,  and turn around the Culdasac, 2 Black Guys wearing solid black pants and solid white shirts I believe were waiting for me. One running with a bag jumps in my car window yelling go!

By the way, interesting enough, I was wearing a white and Black KevinPerelmanTarget Shirt, to make things more interesting.

I tell him to get out, but the other one is holding his leg. I decide to drive a little was and tell him to get out as he starts saying I need help take me to Kaiser which is 100 yards away or so. Clearly a local boy who knows the area.

It’s easy enough to wait for someone to go down a street by his house, and get ready to try to get in his car with a bag on the run. Of course, I let him out next to Kaiser, a Black BMW is behind me. And he gets out, gets in the BMW and they leave, I also ask him if he wants me to take him to the police beforehand. He says no.

After they leave, of course I call the police 911 which know me and pretend they don’t saying “Alrighty” mimicking me which I’ve several several places do to me today,

The Stand, Woodland Hills
Salad Farm, Woodland Hills,
Pet Smart, Woodland Hills,
Starbucks, Woodland Hiils

Those strange coincidences they say aren’t happening over and over all day and night since 9 years old.

And make sure it is recorded with 911 in case it is another one of their endless frame jobs. Them sending me messages “We are watching you”  after endlessly trying to set me up for 35 years is type of thing just like the police threat video above shows one threatening me for no reason but walking around taking pictures.

With Officer Toro’s Threats, “If you ever take a picture of someone he will exercise the law in his own way”

As you can see from all my blogs, and these strange world wide group operations all day and night. Of things going on my entire life like this wherever I go since 9 years old, This is not normal. And beyond any level of demented known to man with world wide, police, NSA, FBI, you name it, support to rid me of the world with psychological warfare and terror operations.

And of course Matrix Mouth you quiet so that you cannot tell anyone world wide about what is really going on.

Also known as Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Gas Lighting, NSA illegal operations.

I was targeted around 9 years old, am hunted world wide in secret. I have not yet seen one person admit to any of this world wide. While each person I am in any contact with world wide knows me. Weather it be mimic tactics, Innuendos, they spy game tactic of hinting they know this or that about me, Angry looks, you name it.

Which gives you an idea of how they are trying to create things like Paranoid schizophrenia, obsessional looping and things like this. All well thought out, pre meditated by my family, Police, Government at a very young age.

Of course, then told I am crazy and imagining it as a CONTROL LEVER. a catch 22, or double bind tactic. We are going to try to make you look crazy, if you spout conspiracy, you look crazy.

While this was always bad, and I had no clue it was going on, it really got bad after 29 and went from, we are going to put him in a mental institution, to we are going to kill him for knowing about that and a lot more.

For more information on this 35 year world wide targeting against me to remove me from society you can  go to

My World Wide Targeting info



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Same setup tactics of my fathers X-Wife Janet Nordet put in Jail being done to me, and trying to cover it up, using their comment section to rile communities against me with Aubrey Fisher to create mental illness and end my life with world wide support stop me from making money or pursueing photography even as a hobby –

Endlessly attacked at all Starbucks world wide from Assault, Endless false claims to corporate, endless brutal mobbings with mass groups with passive aggressive tactics, and even trying to force me into signing fake contracts admitting to the lies saying If I want to stay at a Starbucks I have to admit to these lies –

Previous posts of people launching their vehicles at me now going on for 30 years. I’ve now lost count of the amount of people who keep launching their cars at me.

Tonight, like usual, aside from the endless terror operations, endless mental illness attacks, The continual mental illness campaign to lie, smear, isolate, destroy, make me look crazy, and remove me from society.

Two of the larger things that were done. One was the neighbors from the Metro Complex next door following me out as I was leaving pretending to take a walk after I went out to my car to leave with his Girlfriend while the girl, as I was driving by rushed my car throwing things at me.

The also yelled “Go to Hell” which seemed relevant to me creating this picture this week. As if I had committed some kind of crime. Then of course threatening me that she is going to call the police on me, while, like usual, being the aggressor involved in a targeting, while going ballistic on me. In hopes she could get a reaction to set me up.

Now the only thing that could possibly be offensive in this picture is if she is some psychotic crazy Christian that thinks she see’s Devils or Demons in people and hunts down and tries to kill people over their artwork. Which we all know isn’t true being that every single work of art I have created since 9 years old, no matter how harmless it is, they always have an excuse to stalk and hunt me down and try to kill me over with world wide support, and in secret no less. With hidden suggestive messages used, innuendos, but never any direct statement as to what is going on or why. Which is unheard of that mass groups world get togethor trying to kill someone over meaningless art all working togethor and not one person flat out just saying what they are upset about, or others telling you what is going on. Showing that it is not about the art, but about trying to make up lame excuses to justify killing or ending my existence. Because people normally don’t care about things that aren’t super offensive. For example, maybe if I make a picture of a girl and use her intestines to create joking pictures or something that infer rude murderess derogatory things about women, and with direct statements that all women should die. Then this might be something that pisses people off. Yet I see horror movies and tons of Gore art on the internet, and no one seems to care less. But my point is, that all my art is very subtle. There is really nothing of anything in it. And this picture right here is pretty mellow, minus some blood which would not bother the average person. If I took the blood out. It would be on the Level of something you’d see in a Disney movie. And I don’t see many people having a problem with Disney.



But not only this, As I posted this on the social networks. I said something like. “Now don’t go sending in some hot girl in a while chair after me like you did in my Art Class at University of Colorado to paint next to me trying to work on either getting some kind of confession, or trying to frame or set me up which is done to me over and over. And like back then in University of Colorado for creating a dungeons and dragons Demon painting.

After this, Today, I was met with tons of people once again harassing me, and whistling at me. Hinting I am a Whistle Blower for speaking out about being hunted for extermination and removed from society. Yet they are not mad about the psychotics sent after me, and probably being paid to end my life or remove me from society like Lorena Escobar.

And trust me, I can go through lists of people and names who were sent after me. Especially in Colorado. And on IRC in Colorado. Pretending to play psychologist and working on me for false confessions from each and every work of art, working with the police and government. So you might say well, I am a schitzo and believe in the devil. Yet how can you explain that it then switches from 9 year old tree art,  Tyson art, to abstract art, to Air plane art, to sculpting, Dragon Art, Random sketches on class notes, Every Photoshot with Yellow and Blue abstract surreal background boxes. YES! just random boxes. Girls on Chess Boards photoshoot and CG, Angel in Hell Photoshoot, asked to do by the girl, Lorena with Pattern Backgrounds, which is a big one in the Kevin Perelman Committed a crime because patterned backgrounds are somehow crimes, Girls with Leopard Pattern shoes she brought!  You get the idea. I mean if I am schitzo, how does that apply to each and every one? Last I checked, A schitzo develops a personality in a character form which switches over. Like they tried to write my personality they say I have in the Movie Fight Club. That I am supposedly Tyler Durden and things like this.

Yet it switches from one to the next in the 1000’s. Showing that, these are excuses to justify their beyond any level of illegal, and government supported Hidden Agenda.

Why would they be mad about this art? I can assure you. They are not.

What is their excuse? that I am like Loki for creating this picture? I am causing problems for creating this picture? If that’s their rational, I can only imagine my crimes for an imperfect kiss, or or sarcasm.

But the words from a 2 week later fired employee at Golden State Sports Medical, Victoria Licardo. “Lorena is just trying to protect the company” seems very RELEVANT!

Nothing here is illegal, wrong, or even out of the norm. Now maybe some crazy who thinks a girl showing her ankles will destroy their company. But it really seems to be out of hate, and rage from my family about something at 9 years old. And when you are dealing with psychotics, things don’t make much sense. For example, for all I know, is when I was around 9 years old. I was at the dinner table. And my father told me to eat my liver. or chopped liver. And I told him I didn’t want too. And he said If I did not eat it I could not leave the table. I did not eat it and waited around for a while. And for all I know, I DEFIED him. And he snapped! I cannot tell you because when people like this hunt you. You do not know where it is coming from, especially with world wide support in secret, and police, FBI, and NSA support, or why. Nor do people normally care about things like this. But some Psychotic murderers do. Which is really for more complex blogs and books to talk about the intricacies of the entire 35 year situations, personalities, behaviors, and why things are going on and being done to me from Paranoid Psychotic behaviors, and then turned around on me to cover it all up. Which goes on, from person to person world wide that I am in contact with. Now going on for 35 years.

Another thing that happened 20 minutes after this tonight was, another attempt to cause a collision trying to set me up. While joking around watching speed racer and posting. some comments which are relevant to the things being done to end my life which the people targeting me don’t want me talking about. But the things you need to understand, is that I have barely any social network followers, yet, everything posted on my social networks, not only go world wide. But the entire neighborhood goes in an angry rage over each and every post. With mental illness tactics. Yet for some reason don’t want to admit they know me, and show it by following my social networks. Which is clearly being done to try to make me look crazy. For example, If I have 100 million followers. Then the context of the situation is that I probably have to be more responsible with my posts. And when I walk around people who they know me and the situation or who I am. What we call Famous.

But for me, I known world wide, told I’m imagining it, And like Mike Huntley told and threatened me at 29 years old. My brother original friend. That “You had better live a careful life” 

Showing that this is a form of dictating my life, what I do or say, who i told to, or what I do from hobbies, to friends, you name it. With the bigger picture to torture and kill in secret.

In other words, if my family does not like the art I create, they launch world wide secret chaotic terror campaigns to torture and kill me to teach me a lesson for the so called crime of creating harmless art they do not approve of. Which is about me DEFYING then.

Which also has to do with things like at 12 years old, me kissing a black girl and them getting angry at me for being open minded, mixing races and cultures. And them in retaliation to wanting to control who I associate with, Telling the world I am a white supremacist and racist. To sabotage me being around anyone they don’t approve of, or can have monitor every aspect of my life.

So back to the next person Launching their vehicle at me

The social network jokes were.

“Is youz a T180? :P~”


“every Bitch since 9 yrs old I eva met was paid off and had a Spearhook! :O)~



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Ironically, I just noticed this up on my cork board from like 15 years ago which needs to be thrown away, which I sculpted in 3D. Which is pretty crappy, and I am not certain of anu correlation. Looking at it, I can see kinda sorta some similarities. but I have a feeling that it might be relevant to the things they are doing and some of the people sent after me like Jeff Siegal, and Tom Farley who I let live here. And as I am writing this.  But, from their patterns of behaviors, I would not be surprised if they were working on some other type of Angle with this picture and speed racer to tell the world on this secret Propaganda channel so to speak with Government support. Hence why someone probably put speed racer online for all I know, which is done on a daily basis directed at me.


And in my life, the police will hunt be because they don’t like the wheels. Like when the Police had someone steal my Black Mustang convertible, Take the wheels, and leave the car in South Central. Because they didn’t like the fact that the name of the whiles were Villain. And decided to hunt me down and rid me from the world using that as their next excuse that by somehow buying cool wheels for your care is the next crime and angle making up lies to the world on their secret propaganda systems that somehow the name of the wheels are now a confession to a crime or you can’t be trusted. Once again showing that this isn’t about any type of crime. Only an extermination because my family is angry at me about something at 9, and said all the right things with the people they knew to remove me from society.

And your probably asking. Well if any of these 1000’s and 1000’s of lies to the world are being said. Why can’t not one asked or addressed? especially in over 30 psychologists, or psychiatrists I’d been to who in some many suggestive words told me if I spoke out about any of it, they’d rid me of the world. And I better shutup, take my meds, and do what they say. Showing their involvement in these endless crimes against me.

Which even though I am joking around. It is pretty much the truth that every female I have been in contact with since 9 years old has been told to do whatever it takes to lie, try to set me up, or frame me, to remove me from society. And a lot of them like Kelly Hatch, Jen Hess, Probably paid. Which is unheard of that something like that would go from person to person for 35 years, and not one person world wide would think it is wrong, hence their RAGE of me knowing what is really going on.

Then of course, my father telling the world that I suffer from abandonment issues to cover up what he is involved in and things like this.

While the T references used against me my entire life have been weird crazy things like my brother suggestive threats that he and his friends are going to pop my waterbed, to turning me into a Transvestite. I have no clue what his problem is. Just that their is a problem and he is a psychotic. By the way, what does he do for a living? He is a Urologist with a secondary Psychology Degree. If you want to connect the dots.

Even to the point at childhood where he an Darrin Moiselle made a insignificant video movie they called “Psychos” with us as young kids just being dumb asses. The things you do at who knows. 11 years old. Yet little did I know, he actually is a psychotic, and clearly he is using his video he and Darrin Moiselle made with some kind of angle to try to turn me into a schitzo and make me look crazy to the world.

My family also seems to be mad at me in High School for writing a simple paper in English class, which used cars and car curves as analogies about women. Which one paper which isn’t black and white in subject basically starts a world wide campaign that I think and see things differently then normal people. Basically saying. That to have creativity and Expression is somehow a crime ending in my demise and world wide never ending punishment of things that are done all the time. 99% of the people in this world have the ability to read a paper, and watch a movie and keep it in the context it is. Yet every aspect of my life is used against me to try to make me look crazy and rile up world wide terror and extermination operations. And then I’m lied too, and told I cannot see myself. Which is what everyone else is also told, which is clearly pre meditated, and well thought out by my family, police, FBI, NSA, to put me in an INTENTIONAL scenerio, where telling people it isn’t true. They just say. “Well you can’t see yourself”  Which clearly leaves no room for discussion, argument, debate, or any possible middle ground.

Same thing as some random person pulling out a gun and trying to blow you away. The only difference, is they operate with their psychology degrees.

But you can kind of see. I write a paper they don’t approve of. Then people come after me. This goes from thing to thing in my life. But my point is, that the paper was somehow about women and cars, and that was apparently a no no, and some kind of imaginary crime in their eyes. Sending women after me my entire life. Or at least using it as more Leverage for their Agenda. Most people would say. I like the paper, I don’t like the paper, and then move on.

Not send porn stars like Chasey Lane after me on the same Airplane, and then when exiting, have her do a quick turn at me while exiting the plane if I had done something to her. Then telling the world I had done something to her, while holding my Pool Cue, which someone after that refereed to it as a gun. And you might ask some important questions. Like how did Chasey Lane even know who this Nobuddy kid was?

And what reason would she have working on me with lies, smears, setup, frame jobs, accusations of trolling or doing something to her. Which I am speculating from the mass rage and things done to me, for things like simply walking off an airplane, saying nothing and that is it. As well as the endless other 35 years of identical scenarios just like this. Based on thin air.

Like each and every situation in my life. There is nothing close to anything that I have done, did, or the possibility of. Not even  close!

Then to watch people spew their lies and Bullshit online, “I don’t trust”, “I Overthink” the Brain washing tactics directed at me to think this is normal.

Hence the RAGE and ANGER of me speaking out. Yet oddly enough. No one is mad that I am being hunted. They just want me quiet while they kill me.

Needless to say, While driving by the house I grew up at around 7 years old. and the Wells Fargo on Victory and Topanga in Woodland hills. In the slow lane, and about 25 MPH, the car to my Left tries to once again like the other throw his car at me to get me to hit him and try to make me look crazy, reckless and out of control. And  he kept coming at me. I managed to avoid him, despite the lies that these people say that I can’t focus.

While once again avoiding the next one. Bus showing that they have an agenda since 9 years old.

I realize the single incident of someone launching a car about doesn’t have much writing. But it’s the context and specifics of the hows, and why’s they are doing it which is more important for the bigger picture.  Because these types of things are done to me all day and night with world wide support. Which is of more importance.

Unless they are having mass groups try to make me mentally ill. Well, then no one could focus, and they are. But showing that, my concentration, focus, or any aspect of my psychological profile are not at question, and never have been. Only their ACTIONS are.

Even when Paul Humphrey went out clipping car mirrors and pinning it on me. Still has no relevance to anything but a person told to rid me of the world. Because how would that even be applied to me, unless something  demented and illegal is going on. And the fact I can rattle off 1000’s of these frame jobs done to me. Yet no one can explain, how their secret NSA Propaganda system against me is working or will come forward. Showing that their is nothing I have done, but find out at 29 that I have a world wide extermination campaign.

While people do things to my car mirror over and over. Yet, can’t explain why every time some random event that I am not involved with in life happens. They keep coming after me with newer and newer ways to rid me of the world. Provided these things are even true. Because 99% of what has come back to me is complete fiction. Yet it is Government Propaganda tools with my family, spewing it out all day and night in secret to the world.

Hence, my families, “Kevin is out of control” tactic. One of 1000’s. But yet, I’ve always been completely in control within the spectrum of what can be controlled. And showing that. If I am compared to anyone else I’ve ever been around. My actions and behaviors have always been the person who is acting non compulsively and rational. At one point they tried to justify this by trying to make me look like a control freak and trying to control everything. But yet, they just jump from tactic, lie, terror operations. One to the next. And having people keep throwing their cars at you. Is not about control. It is about people trying to control, or off you.

And their response to me were brainwashing things like speaking out is trying to control the situation, Translation:  I need to except being exterminated. Or put in mental institutions


This has nothing to do with control. People don’t walk around with control banter and world wide terror operations. It is about hate and Rage towards me from my family.

That like me telling you that you have fear. so the next time someone pulls out a gun and starts shooting you. To accept it and not have fear. Well let me tell you. That fear might save your life if you have enough common sense to say. Bullets coming at me hurt, and kill. And maybe working with the fear which everyone has from time to time, is a better idea. People don’t spout about accepting fear while doing demented things to you. Unless they want you dead. And I think most of the world knows this.

While I now cannot count the amount of people launching vehicles at me over the last 30 years. And avoiding almost all of them with Obvious Intent as I see them do the same things over and over.

I managed to avoid this person, and instantly he does a U-Turn. Hence, the T180.

While normally these would be coincidences. These are not since I watch these people do these types of things to me all day and night over and over. And they get angrier and more aggressive the more the truth comes out. Trying to make me think that this is normal. Yet I have never seen anything like this in 45 years done to anyone else. Nor have I seen anyone sit around saying things like. Well, it’s ok to launch vehicles at someone because they spoke out, or they don’t like your artwork or writing, or are jealous of you. So when I see people tell me I am too sensitive and working world wide. That is strange. Especially when they have left me isolated and told me I am not allowed to tell anyone anything about anything. Is even stranger.

This also has to do with the fact that a lot of the media they put in such places that they know I will watch on the Internet to try to send me hidden messages to create paranoid schizophrenia and things like this. And when I joke  about the movie, they take offense that they can’t keep me in terror. Because I know what they are doing. From using movies to send me messages. To actually working with the Entertainment industry since a young age, putting things in movies taken from my life, or writers perceptions of my life. For the sole purpose to create paranoid schizophrenia and things like this.

Which actually seems to start around 9 – 11 yrs old when my father went out, bought a boat, he named “The Flicka” then told my brother to run up behind me and keep flicking me in the ear. While showing me movies with his friends, especially horror movies, and trying to send me hidden messages.

While I can recall one of my few practical jokes to my brother with a Freddy Ruxbin teddy bear  I made. Little did I know, that unleashed the guilt he had of the crimes he was committing. Because if he wasn’t involved in anything. He’s say, that is funny, and laugh this insignificant brotherly joking around off. Yet, they have invested all day and night for over 35 years with world wide resources and never stop in their operations. Showing that. Me doing a harmless friendly joke somehow equats to world wide never ending murder operations.

Just like me tapping my foot around Aubrey Fisher is deemed a crime, and watching for 6 years alone world wide groups who see me and start tapping. To kill me. Because this person, sent after me by the police and government. Working with Tom Farley probably pretending he is Def in one ear. Showing that, how does something go from you simply tapped a foot to world wide organized FBI, NSA, Police operations to kill you. Doesn’t add up, unless. You are flagged by the government for extermination or something like this.

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life

This is unheard of on all levels. If some psycho girl is running around with world wide resources saying “He tapped his foot by me, he trolled me” everyone world wide kill him. Do you think that these people are going to all get togethor and kill someone over it world wide? Do you think her contacting and launching that entire industry alone to kill me, and not one person come forward happens? it does not. And how would she have those kind of NSA resources?

Instantly, She would be arrested, if she even had the resources, which is impossible.

I think you get my point.

You can read more about how they are using the media to try to create mental illness and remove me from society after around the age 14, my brother telling me that, he and his friends put a teacher in a mental institution, and then started working on me telling me, they had a bug in my room and were  listening to me on the radio. In attempts to try to turn me into a paranoid schitzo. It gets a lot worse. I had no clue it was even going on my entire life until after 29 when noticing something was very wrong with my life.

The Media TACTIC  to create mental illness and remove me from society –

You know, standing up to a Bully/Terrorist, they don’t like that type of thing. Hence why my brother is so heavily involved in hunting me down with this group over 35 years. It’s not because of anything I’ve done. It’s what I know, that he or the people helping him does not want coming out and the public getting. Because it will show the type of person he, and the people helping him really are.

What even weirder then this. Not only was my brother told by my family and police to go out putting a license plate frames on his car, that said “I Swerve and hit people at Random” and committing all these road rage crimes and pin them on me. Not only is no one mad at him and his friends for doing it, which is weird. as he has been pinning all these frame jobs on me since 9 years old and told to do it by my family and police. But yet, people really fly off the handle when I speak out about it watching people try to kill me over it. So my point is. Why would they not care less about the person who is doing it once they found out? and are even more in a violent rage at the person who found out what was being done to him to be met with people whistling at me, each time I speak out hinting I am a whistle blower, and launching cars at me my entire life on a more aggressive scale once they find out I know what is really going on. At no point after me figuring out, and speaking out about the truth and what I was finding out what was going on have they, pretty much being world wide, my family, the police,  been angry at my brother for it. Does that sound a little strange? They are only angry that the hunted is talking about being hunted.

I also realized, that my brother and these people were using this license plate frame to infer to me and others, and tell the world that I am a women hater, and women beater. Hence while I noticed women for no reason coming in my life and making up lies to the world that I hit them. And this type of things would happen over and over. Which is also strange that no women has ever been hit, and I have pretty much been the nicest person to women and everyone else until finding out I had a world wide extermination campaign to kill me or rid me of the world.

In my life, an imperfect hug will launch a world wide murder operation with Police and Government. I wish someone would explain that to me. But there really is no explanation. Because it doesn’t make any rational sense to begin with other then. My family saying, we had a kid, now I want an abortion. And I don’t like him. After being born.

So you can see. This isn’t about me being anything but exterminated like Adolf Hitler did to the jews, except it is a world wide campaign against one person. And anything will be said to make it look justified, while they try to brainwash me and make me think I am somehow a bad person and deserve it.

Now this applies to all aspects on my life. From every person I’ve been in contact with since 9, every job, every hobby, you name it. They just go from thing to thing trying to figure out ways to launch world wide extermination operations. And no one seems to be mad about this working on the Your imaging it angle. Or the Lorena Escobar “Your just too sensitive” angle. As if these world wide secret conspiracy, terror and setup attempt and frame jobs over and over are somehow normal,  Which we all know isn’t true.

For more details on this 35 year terror, torture, covert psychological warfare campaign to end my life and remove me from society starting at the age 10 years old with world wide networked support, you can go to


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My World Wide Targeting info

While I have endlessly been told by people. The police, my family, strangers trying to thug me into the ground that what is being done to my life is not a crime. People can talk, people can whistle, people can park cars however they want. This is true, and it is not true, based on how people, and especially the police, government, my family want to word things and try to make them look with disinformation.

While my entire life has been data-mined to use against me. Non of what the world, Police, Government, NSA have been told. Or more importantly the endless lies, setup attempts, frame jobs, given to the world on their secret Internet based propaganda systems are remotely true. If there is any relation to my life it’s fragments of information carefully crafted as criminal accusations and given to the world to create severe chaos with world wide connected Stalking systems based to rid me of the world.

While I cannot fathom what this is about other then a jealous enraged family who started in on me, following me from place to place with world wide support to end my existence out of their anger and rage for mouthing off to my mother in one fight we ever had saying “Fuck You” or Not eating my food around 9 years old and my father telling me I had to eat the liver or I was not allowed to leave the dinner table. Things you could never imagine anyone could care about and obsess on their entire lives over.

Using their psychology degrees to manipulate the masses with endless lies how I have anger and rage. Am doing all these things that don’t exist. Am a paranoid schizo who can’t see himself. You name it. Well thought out well crafted pre meditated information dissemination, even preparing for the point of what they would do when I found out at 29.

With a brother telling me in so many words he and they were going to put me in a mental institution.

Now, the one thing I have endlessly been told. Even today is that the police don’t want me Fucking with them! basically my lawyer asking me if I had ever called the police about this, and me saying. Yes, endlessly.

Explaining that even in the beginning when I could comprehend what was being done to my life. I went to the police and they refused to protect me! With hidden thug messages over and over working with the masses.

Not only this, I was forced to take it upon myself to get my own proof which they had already known what was going on. And still. They would not have someone INVESTIGATE!

Saying weird things about me not being in danger, or no crime being committed. But of course, not only is what is being done the crime of all crimes. With world wide, every police agency, FBI, News Channels, Entertainment industry. And almost every person world wide knowing who I am, and saying I am imagining this. One of the largest crimes known to man with intent to hurt, harm, kill, mame, rid someone of othe world taking away all constitutional rights, no judicial system, and not even told what it is about as if it would really matter or make sense.

Well, let me think about this. If no one actually pulls out a gun and starts firing bullets at me. I cannot call the police or I am fucking with them right? As a matter of fact, I am basically told that, the only time I am allowed to call the police is after these people kill me. The officer who called himself Officer Toro, saying “I am going to exercise the law in my own way if you ever take a picture of someone” no crime.

The black person at Rite Aid, and Encino Starbucks who hit me and I called the police. I am fucking with the police.

These mass world wide terror groups started at 9 years old. That to them is of course no crime, and I am only allowed to call them once I am dead, or I cam fucking with them?

Geeeee! seems kind of odd, well packaged, since this is world wide. Any rational person knows. Not only do our TAX DOLLARS pay for the government to Protect and Serve us. That is something shady is going on that is on the scale like this. That their is no reason they would have an officer investigate the situation and get to the bottom of what is going on. And put a stop to it. As a matter of fact. there is only one possible reason, especially with them reading my websites and the endless proof that they would not stop it. Hold people accountable. And that is if they are INVOLVED! That they are covering something they are involved in up.

So, while finding out that at 29 years old I am being hunted for global EXTERMINATION so to speak. Every insignificant lie known to man is given to the police, which as they tell me, has nothing to with anyone’s life being in danger or remotely an actual crime.

Example, being attracted to Christy Reynolds in 7th grade and looking at her too many times is somehow the crime of all crimes. Peeling out in a car, is the crime of all crimes. Stealing a $30 timing light in High School is the Crime of all crimes.

Transferring from Oregon to Univ  Colorado is the crime of all crimes. Moving back to Los Angeles with out completing 2 college classes is the crime of all crimes.

Forgetting to go to court for a speeding ticket and getting arrested for it, is the crime of all crimes.

Calling a girl a Whore, is the crime of all crimes, Singing other peoples songs is the crime of all crimes.

My art imagery and photography is the crime of all crimes.

Gang Stalking – Using my art to smear my name

The P51 Mustang art angle being used against me.

My CB names, Internet nicknames, computer Nicknames are the crime of all crimes.

Talking to too many strippers or getting lap dances

Getting upset at a girl who was being paid to set me up like Jen Hess, Endless women sent after me and saying “Karma is  going to get you” as if this is somehow a crime. And the end all be all of a crime, Like going out to dinner with some psycho girl who you call is a cunt.  Where the information will be collected contorted, taken out of context and given to the world like everything else.

You get the idea.

All of these things are from random people world wide reporting me to the police in world wide neighborhood watch groups making up fantasy, giving it to the Police, Government NSA, FBI, all being investigated with world wide lies, and coverups  to rid me of the world with a world wide conspiracy. And I don’t see one actual crime in any of this,

So, my point is, that by buying a Guns N roses Album and singing a song or something. I am reported to the police, who investigate every insignificant detail that no rational sane person could care about. But yet, me finding out that I have world wide psychological warfare murder operations is not a crime because no bullets are wizzing through the air or something.

So, If I am told that I am Fucking With the cops for finding out. Then actually getting proof, and they get ANGRIER! then need I say more?

No, Like I said before. Sure people can park their cars how they want. Just like I can. But this isn’t one quirkie, or joking person.

I mean, ,I could not care less if you went out. Put on a Tuto, and did somersaults in the street. That is your prerogative. And I’d just laugh and be amused. I cannot think of the type of people like Fernanda Sime, who you tell a joke too and she hunts you down and tries to kill you because she is a miserable money grubbing psychotic who has no morals and ethics and will hunt you down and try to kill you with Lorena Escobar saying. No jokes in the office and things like this.

Lorena Escobar contacting restuarants and coffee shops telling them to stalk me with her

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Fernanda Sime Stalking Tactics  –


Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know  –

So my point is. While any honest person will tell you, there is absolutely nothing I have done wrong but be a really good person to everyone in my life. And to strangers. That Any rational person can see what is going on. And anyone who knows that information is being disseminated beyond any level of illegal using NSA based systems. Has enough common sense to know that a mass world wide crime is being committed against me.

And any person who tries to cover that up, is clearly a psychopath who does not believe in law, order, judicial systems, constitutions. And really should not be in the U.S. Especially if they are government level.

So, while the police, nor anyone else for that matter can actually verbally accuse me of anything I’ve ever done wrong. That any sane rational person could care about. They have committed every crime to man, with the masses and want it swept under the rug.

Last I heard. If I go to a Starbucks, and I don’t sit perfectly straight. Some random stranger reports it to the police, that I have somehow committed a crime. Who knows. I am fucking with them. I am a troll, I have wronged them. You name it! Well, first off. If he tells me he does not know who I am. That is a lie showing his guilt. And then if the argument is that I am imagining it. Then how is me sitting any way do anything to anyone.

And then finding out that Starbucks has information about some Gay Person sent after me in College in Colorado back in like 1994 who my only crime was basically not asking him out, after he snuck in my room asking me “What are you thinking about” Do you think something beyond any level of strange is going on here, since I can endlessly rattle off who knows how many UNHEARD OF situations like this, with full police and government involvement!

In my life, not asking someone out will launch world wide murder operations! Sounds insane! and it is! But I can assure you. It’s not really about asking anyone out or someone who feels offended. Those are all just noise for the bigger picture of world wide mobbings to remove me from society. Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Community harassment Groups, and Government Operaitons from Flagging people.

The “What happened to you” tactic and scam to remove me from society  –

Starbucks employees discriminating stalking and trying to kill me  –

Coming soon will EXPOSE Starbucks corporation for their endless 16 years of criminal activities against me

Starbucks Discriminating against me


Starbucks employees discriminating stalking and trying to kill me

And so, their punishment to kill me is having world wide groups mimic me until they kill me or rid me of the world.

Well, sitting imperfect is not a crime. But world wide murder operations, conspiracies with intent to hurt, harm mame, and end someone life or rid them of the world is the crime of all crimes. ESPECIALLY WORKING WITH THE POLICE!

Just like they sent Aubrey Fisher after me. While I was the nicest person known to man with Aubrey. Simply her not liking me tap my foot around her is somehow a crime, as she was working with the police to remove me from society. And so for 6 years alone of these 1000’s of murder tactics. The police are saying that I committed a crime by tapping my foot.

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life

So some other crimes that the police have fabricated on their secret world wide wrap sheets they call their Laundry List.

You said “Hey” , “Hey You”, “Hows it going” “have a good one”, “Take care” etc

Saying I have somehow threatened, thugged people or somehow harassed people by trying to be a friendly person.

But wait? I thought the Police told me that, me telling them mass groups are following me from place to place stalking me. And that is not a crime, and the very call is I’m FUCKING WITH THEM?

Sound strange? IT IS! WHY? clearly because at 14, I said “FUCK YOU” to my mom, and she snapped and went ballistic like my psychotic family does when someone like me commits the crime of BREATHING!

Now, no honest, decent rational person in the world would support this type of thing. But they are! And it’s not because I am out of control, have no self control, or any of the who knows how many 1000’s of lies the world is given out to endlessly built these terror lists.

So, the question of why I am being HUNTED since 9, and the police don’t want it stopped is strange. But it does show their GUILT and them refusing to stop the lies, and murder campaigns they are involved in!

So the question of weather or not endless crimes against me with people conspiring, pre meditated events to hurt, harm, mame, end my existence our obvious. And in a court room discussing things like this is obvious to show a crime is being committed.

Example. I called the police at Thousand Oaks last month being harassed provoked, by not only mass mobs with the car pattern tactics simply entering a property. Done on almost all properties world wide to me. When they went ballistic with Caruso security guards, and

Champagne French Bakery Bistro

Discrimination and Stalking – At the Champagne French Bakery Bistro – Westlake Village

Employees going ballistic for simply buying their products and handing them a card saying nothing they have been told is true.

Once they started thugging and harassing me. I called the police, knowing what would happen and it did, like usual.

Officer Tuttani, and Alcala, came down. Playing Stupid and saying that they did not know me. Like usual, sided with the Discriminators, which do have the legal right to Discriminate. But I do have the right to tell people that, they Discriminate, and thug people because these types of people should not be in business. Or people should know who they are. Especially when they are involved in this 35 years HUNT and Criminal Defamation operations in secret.

If what I say are lies, then I can be sued civily. But this also applies to them, which is why what I say is out in the open. And what they say is in on Secret NSA propaganda Systems where I am not allowed to speak in defense.

So, Officer Tuttani, and Alcala, claim, like usual. That they do not know who I am, and have no clue of these mass world wide terror operations. Trying to CONTROL the situation, instead of being HONEST about the situation. And of course, try to make up some lame excuse that it’s my fault for their behavior which has been done to me my entire life with every person in it since 9 years old. A will thought out, packaged terror tactic to torture me and give me no defense. By a psychotic family with the police and government.

While leaving. I notice 2 white VW’s parked. One forward, and one backwards. A tactic done to me over and over. And leaving thousand oaks, I saw tons of these people leaving cars in lots doing this.

So, while talking to Alcala, I got him and told him to report this. And of course, he wrote some information on a card. Which didn’t really get filed as he said he would. Not only this. But he went from. I don’t know you. To little innuendos and hidden messages that he does know me when put in the position to do whats right, and stop the crime.

So, here is the report, after me getting a little aggressive to get it which they did not want.



Now, today getting a Police report, About another incident where my neighbors are putting Lizard tails on my welcome mat, and the endless 16 years alone with cars on the street all day and night to create mental illness and end my life. And we aren’t talking about one crazy person. But mass world wide and neighborhood mobs working togethor as a witch hunt. Started with people like my brother with his big thing about Chaos Theories, Roger waters, Radio Chaos. While telling me they have a bug in my room and are listening to me on the radio to try to create paranoid schizophrenia which the police are supporting for some reason. To make so much Chaos for me it kills me.

The Woodland Hills report around my house

showing that they INTENTIONALLY do not want to document the crimes going on. As you can see from my other blogs such as

orena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Stalking Tactics – The endless cars in patterns which is way beyond any reasonable doubt. And this is just a ew pictures of what has been going on since I noticed 16 years ago, all day and night.

So, according to my Lawyer working with the Police,  by calling about such things as watching mass groups do things all day and night around your complex at you for 16 years like park identical cars in 2’s to send me hidden messages as well as the endless other things. They say is somehow not a crime. Which we all know is. And refuse to simply write police reports saying this is being done. To simply open their eyes, and look at the mathematical improbabilities of like 10 pairs of identical cars parked in 2’s per hour within 50 yards. Something like winning the Lottery 100 times a row every week. Is somehow equal to me FUCKING WITH THEM. is their excuse to intentionally not stop the crime. So what they are doing, is making it look like I am causing problems, by simply wanting to not only stop a crime. But one directed at me to make me mentally ill, and kill me. Which I find very strange. Putting me in a position where they INTENTIONALLY make things worse if I try to do what your told to  do, and seek help, and call the police. Which pretty much has been done to me my entire life, no matter what crime is committed against me.

Well, I can tell you. That any rational, honest sane person knows that things like Gas Lighting, making people mentally ill and trying to kill them, is clearly a crime.And the fact that the police ar clearly on the side of doing this to me, and don’t want me talking. Is pretty strange. Working with FBI, NSA, My family, and world wide support.


So, while these things are happening to me world wide from almost any person I am in contact with. From verbal hidden messages. People mimicing or hinting about information given out to the world in their secret Internet based Propaganda systems. From the visual terror tactics like cars parked in patterns of 2’s, people following me from place to place in clothing patterns and colors. And the endless things like this.

Which are way beyond anything Fathomable, if you are not in the loop and know what is going on. And apparently, most of the world is, and I am not. Showing that this operation to remove me from society is directed at me with world wide support.


Ok, so when I am forced to call the police going places, because this never ends for simple police reports documenting what is being done to me, and each Police officer plays stupid while giving me hidden message with their SPY GAME tactics what does that show? well it shows what any person with common sense already knows. That government agencies are connect with peoples information. And the very aspect of me being followed by the police for 35 years from place to place and these horrific things done to me are all being data-mined and shared to the world. Then turned around as cover ups.

Not only this, but originally, the Internet was designed by Colleges and the Government

It shows that Officer Tuttani, and Alcala, damn well know who I am, what is going on. And are INTENTIONALLY not concerned about the things being done to me. Especially not wanting to take reports of criminal events they claim are not criminal events.


We are not talking about one person who just wants to act weird, park their car weird, or in my case, Imperfectly, which started world wide groups punishing me for imperfection with things like this. We are talking about mass enraged angry mobs all directed at one person who are irate about something at 9 years old who cannot communicate their issue, and have hunted me with police and government.

For example. While being arrested last month on one of the Police setup operations because people are starting to understand the truth a little better. With a cop posting things on facebook to rile up my neighbors to threaten and thug me more aggressively to get a reaction to get probably cause to arrest and try to thug, intimidate, and blackmail me. According to Brian Findling at

Valley Motor Center – Main Facility
14954 Oxnard St.
Van Nuys, CA 91411

LAPD setup – For speaking out  –

But yet, for some Strange reason, they don’t want to just stop the crimes against me and hold people accountable. Does this sound strange? it is ok for anyone world wide to do whatever they want beyond any level of illegal known to man to Kevin Perelman, but I am somehow committing a crime by calling them to stop the crime and do their job. Which all it takes is one investigator which I’ve done all the work for?

Yet, the Police are trying to convince me who are using every NSA resource known to man to try to get any dirt on me possible to rid me of the world since 9 years old. Cannot use the same resources to simply find the IP address of where this Propaganda system is on the Internet? or better yet, Simply ask one of the Billions of people involved where it is?

Who is the backwards thinker?

If they have Systems to notify the world to do all these horrific acts to me. They sure as hell have the capabilities to tell them to stop. And the reason they don’t want it stopped is one, to remove me from society. Two, it shows they are involved in lieing to the world. CRIMINAL DEFAMATION. The intent to rile the masses to hurt, harm, mame, end my existence.

Hence Mike Huntley’s words to me.

Micheal Huntley
Michael Huntley
20 year friend, and started a company with me all to get me close to him to destroy my life. Originally a friend of my brothers.
from his own mouth , “Have a good life now” as he was singing “World of paranoia”, and dropping papers about Korea using mental illness tactics to control people. Then telling me “You had better live a careful life”, “Your too out of control for California”

“We are using the system against you”

While me telling the Officer, that I was threatened thugged, harassed, provoked. Neighbor coming on my property throwing cards on it. You name it. He did not care. He says those are not crimes. But me mouthing off to him, is somehow a crime? Can you explain this? Also, while he like all the other police claim that people getting togethor with mental illness tactics, Gas Lighting, Gang Stalking to kill you is not a crime or a danger to me.

However, if I do not call someone to take care of my cat, Which he says I will be in jail for 2 days, and leaves out the part where I can just bail myself out, he will call animal services and charge me with animal abuse! BUT WAIT! while we know he cannot do this. But you know according to them. My cat isn’t in danger anyways because I am not clubbing it in the head with a baseball bat right? According to him, he cannot stop the crimes against me, just wait until the cat is dead!

So, if I am not around to feed my cat, I have not physically done anything to her and that is animal abuse, and that is a crime. But yet, if world wide groups are Gas Lighting me since 9 years old. Upwards of 100,000 attacks per day world wide. And 1000’s just around my house per day. That kind of abuse is somehow not a crime? I’d like that one explained on the Stand in a Courtroom.

The question of weather it is or is not going on is not the issue which they play stupid and pretend they don’t see it. The question of why they won’t admit to it is the issue.

Meaning that the LAPD, other agencies all involved in GROSS NEGLIGENCE. and have been since I was 9 years old. Trying to endlessly cover this up.

So, isn’t that a Double Standard telling me, they can hunt me down since 9 years old without physically touching me. But I can be arrested for not feeding my cat because they threw me in jail sound strange to anyone?

So basically. Any rational person can see what is really going on! My family SNAPPED around when I was 9 years old, and started making up blatant lies using their psychology degrees turning the masses against me with full police, NSA, FBI, Gov Support.

Now, going to the Lawyers after the Bunk Arrest. These mass world wide groups even did the same things with the cars to each and every Lawyer who I went too, to defend myself contacting the lawyers telling them not to help me.


Also having people park cars forwards and backwards togethor to threaten me. Of course not crimes right? ok, ya sure! these are the crimes of all crimes with world wide support, and even the Starbucks Corporation investing huge amounts of money.



While going to see Robert Haberer

in the parking lot. Aside from about 40 cars parked next too each other with hidden messages directed at me to thug me quiet. The more obvious ones are these 2 Black Jeep Cherokee’s togethor. Basically the Car Kelly Hatch drove, but hers was white. Both people putting one of their windshield wipers up.



Also, when leaving the office, Robert says “Take off” which is what Seargent Salazar said to me leaving the jail on bail. Because when being frisked,  I made a joke, putting my arms out, that I was like an Airplane. But it shows how information is traveling to kind of control the situation.

Then going to see  Alexander Nunez at, when parking, and by the exit out of the lot. Two of the same cars Lorena Escobar at my father’s office who is paying paid for something like 25 years to stalk me by my father. Also, working with her Aunt, Estella, who they started calling Tia, after sending Tia Cyrus

a Porn Star asfter me, and working with the people at an Encino Starbucks.

Image result for tia cyrus

The pairs of cars in two’s once again one forward, and one backward. Same thing, which I’ve seen done to me all over in the last month. Especially the Rick Caruso Properties. Who seems to be working with Security  companies and Brian Longbotham since around 1999, in some way of ridding me of the world.


The car Lorena Escobar my fathers office manager drives trying to intimidate me


Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Stalking Tactics #cnnireport #FoxNews –

Well, I find it strange that, if this was anyone else, the police, government, lawyers would be on this like flies on shit. And they started in on me around 9 years old.


It’s obviously not about anything I’ve ever done wrong. It’s about what they have done wrong!

So, What is this about? I cannot answer that. Because it sounds strange to me that my family is running around saying I just want their WILL, and things like this. Trying to prove I am a horrible monster. Yet, non of it is justified!

I, nor anyone else can run around saying “That person is crazy!” “They are Shady” “I don’t trust them” “They are a nuisance” etc

and people get togethor and kill them! There is absolutely no justification for someones insecurities. Even if it were to be true. It still is not justified. It would never happen normally.

Not only can one person tell me what I’ve done or what this is about, because it is not about me doing anything wrong. But it is basically an EXTERMINATION campaign and to cover it up try to make me look crazy to do so.

Just like my brother told me. He is going to put me in a mental institution basically, with my family because they just don’t like me.

But the Police are Involved in this with Full Government support. NSA, FBI, you name it. And this is clearly a bigger problem then some PSYCHOTIC family I came from who didn’t want me walking away.

Because the Government should have called social services around the Age 9 when contacted by my family. But instead, they choose to HUNT me, and launch world wide campaigns.

There is no law against someone who is crazy, has OCD, buys too many cars, is a Hoarder, wears Tin Foil hats. And I have never seen the Police hunt one.

I can recall being in English Class with one kid named Mike Choe who would have outbursts, “You pinko commist bastards” or even some Hawain person in University of Colorado who wore no shoes and talked to himself. And I didn’t them being hunted down.

But you know. The person like me who asks out a girl. She says know. And I sit in the same enormous size room away from her is violating someones privacy and needs to be hunted illegally for scams of. He violated someones space. As if someone you talk to who does not likes you says, you have to leave the country.

My point is. That what is being done to my life does not normally happen. But what is does show is endless all day and night 24/7 crimes done to me since 9 years old on every level known to man. With full police, government, world wide support to end my life.

While most have their freedoms and do not have to worry about government flaggings and Extermination. with Loopholes in things like Patriot Act working with NSA. You should be very concerned that you are next.

I mean, sure. You can say. “I don’t like Kevin Perelman” but that is irrelevant. A lot of people don’t like other people. What if one day someone says. They don’t like you, and that is it. You have world wide NSA support with FBI to exterminate you. And that is your crime. You family, your friend, just said. I don’t like you. And not one person world wide thought it was wrong.

Well, I can assure you. When this happens to the next person. You or they will think twice about your freedoms.

Remember. It is the Tax Payers dollars who fund the government. And the Government is here to protect us. Not the other way around. And while most operations in the government are beyond any level of Shady. That is not what our founders wanted when creating the Constitution. With the progression of technology,  has created tons of loopholes the government is exploiting. And Edward Snowdown proved it.

So, I am FUCKING with the Police right? well, I will put that in the Laundry List of Lies of theirs they feed to the world with who knows how many 1000’s of lies about me in SECRET so I am not allowed to defend myself, or tell anyone that nothing the world has been told is remotley true. Even though if it were. This still would be the crime of all crimes known as CRIMINAL DEFAMAITON with INTENT to kill.

The problem isn’t me thinking I can do anything I want. I’ve always been a really good person. And the real problem is that the police don’t want to uphold the law, or get away with their crimes. Non of us are above the law!

And while stupid things that no one could care about like J-walking, or going a little over the speed limit, or even stealing a one cent Jolly Rancher when 10 yrs old, isn’t anything that any sane person, especially the police would care about. Would look like Ass Clowns in a courtroom arresting someone over or trying to torture and exterminate over. Depending on if it is even true.

But remember, The standard is also different for a Police officer who is putting peoples lives in jeoperdy or destroying peoples lives. They better do what is right before destroying someones life. And that includes if their co worker friend is some piece of criminal trash who goes after people because they don’t like them using their badge as an excuse or leverage. I don’t catre if they are friends. They have no place in law enforcement. And they cannot run around saying. Well, when you were 10 years old. Your friend punched someone, and you didn’t tell the school principle, or something like this. Then try to apply it to killing you with world wide support. Because there is no correlation between that judgement, or their ACTIONS! other then an excuse to commit a crime.

Now when my psychotic father tells me “You think differently”, I’d like that explained! because as far as I am concerned. I do think different then a psychotic murderer. Then tries to apply it to social groups to control me and dictate my life.

And while, there is a Double Standard for them in regards to having the power to instantly destroy peoples lives.


My World Wide Targeting info

While these Terror operations go from every food place world wide. Supermarkets, Restaurants, you name it. Here are a few I’ve wrote some reviews about. They are all connected on these 35 year terror systems built around me to remove me from society. Why me eating food is a threat to someone like Adolf Hitler. Well. You can only imagine.

My family, Police, Government started in on me around 9 years old. But I didn’t realize what was being done to me, starting around 29. t that point, things got a lot worse for me finding out my family, police, government launched a world wide campaign to remove me from  society. Why? who really knows. That’s like asking Adolf Hitler why you are in a concentration camp, and he wants you dead. Nothing he says will make sense. And it’s probably from something like my family is mad at me about. He blinked wrong or something.

Here’s a few reviews I made, which obviously reviewing every place you go world wide who never stop. Would consume your life of writing reviews. You get the idea.

Also, Yelp seems to be having a problem with these reviews. Which is strange to me that the reason behind reviews is to speak out about such things. Especially in this instance, where they are all coordinating attacks working with the police to kill someone or rid him of the world. This is pretty much the reason yelp exists. There really is no reason why reviews are only allowed to be good or something. Especially if it involves places like this getting togethor and trying to rid someone of the world. Who knows, Maybe I wrote a bad review at one time in my life and all these places said that is unacceptable and it’s my behavior. I am only allowed to write good reviews, especially while being mentally battered against them.

But my point, is that this is consistent with mass groups coming after me. Then getting mad when I say something in regards to it. Which is very strange. And if it was any other person in this world. Things would be the opposite. Which shows that something beyond any level of demented is going on.

Yelp should not have a problem with this, and this is the purpose of yelp.So not wanting reviews about businesses with psychotic behaviors spoken about means they are involved in something illegal.


Champagne French Bakery Cafe

180 Promenade Way, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362(805) 379-5911

While this place has a nice atmosphere, coffee and food. Each and every time I went in, I had problems.

While going there the first time, they had several people they knew, come in and endlessly provoke. Me. They told the security to follow me and wait for me at the movies in the shopping center and such thugging me.

The next time I went there. I like usual, was nice, and police. But this time after buying some food. Simply handed one of the employees a card with the lies about my life. Was polite and said this is the truth about the lies about my life.

Well, apparently the racists there didn’t like things like freedom of speech or peopel talking about things done to them to others, or even talking to people at all who they don’t like. So at this point, they tell the security guard, who is actually involved in something much larger to try to thug me.

Between him telling me weird things that their is a sign that says “No propaganda” in their shopping center. Which obviosly handing a card to someone isn’t propoganda anyways. And him trying to lure me into like some ally or somethign to show me to probably beat me up. We all know there is no sign in any shopping center that says no propoganda.

They also told me that I was not allowed to talk to people, ask them out, or whatever. Point being. This all seems to stem from unphatheomable things like kissing a black girl at 12 years old which they seem to be irate about which is very odd. So I am assuming this is a racist establishment.

Although, while this goes a lot deeper, and these people are actually involved in something highly illegal. Which gets pretty obvious when me simply handing an employee a card saying this is the truth, puts them on edge and wants me dead and gone. I have a blog about what these people are involved in.

Discrimination and Stalking – At the Champagne French Bakery Bistro – Westlake Village #cnnireport #FoxNews

I would not give these people your money. They seem to be racist, bigots, who follow people around making up reasons to go after them.

And in the blog you will read about me trying to explain to one of the employees, that I don’t care about her customers, and am just trying to drink coffe and get some work done. And her PRETENDING their are miscommunications, to justify what she is involved in.

Instead of minding their own business, and not having their friends come in and harass me. Also, they will say whatever they need to say to make it look justified.

But I can assure you the source of this all seems to stem from things like me kissing a black girl. And doing whatever it takes to get rid of me. For simply entering their facility, then smearing my name to cover up what they are doing isn’t the type of place that should make money or be supported.

Do not go here, and I’d urge you to spread the word about these people and what they are involved in. The depth of the blog goes much deeper into all sorts of shady operations they are involved in with Rick Caruso, and Brian Longbotham, but, like I said, it all seems to stem from childhood events they don’t like, like kissing a black girl.

For more details on the people and other targeting events against me that they are connected with. Hence why they get so DEFENSIVE, and call it propoganda.



Hi-Time Liquor

140 W Hillcrest Dr Ste 129, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360(805) 494-5113


They are Bigoted, Racists, you name it! I walked in. Simply handed him a card about what is being done to my life which most of the world knows.

He then showed his guilt going ballistic, while wearing his fake Poloce and Fireman shirt. Saying he is the polie. And then started claiming I had threatened him. Will then coming up to me with endless racial threats, and racial slurres.

While this went on for several minutes while me trying to buy a water and cigar. He said the lady was his mother, and I proceeded to tell her to send him to his room.

Because it is rare you see someone so defensive over a card that simply states what has been done to someone life as if handing a card to him was a crime. But of course, the card itself was not what he got so mad about. It was most likely something highly ILLEGAL he was involved in. Because if he truly believed I was crazy. He’d just laugh at me or something.

He then proceeded to say it was propaganda, and a threat to him or something. By me letting him know what was said about me wasn’t true. Of course,

There is no doubt in my mind, that you are black, or any other race, he will probably go ballistic on them as well. I would be very weary about walking in this place.

Also, ironically, an iccident, I had at a Caruso Property, a month before

Discrimination and Stalking – At the Champagne French Bakery Bistro – Westlake Village #cnnireport #FoxNews

He seemed to be also supporting these people. Who did the same exact thing. I went in, bought coffee and food, handed the girl a card. And they had the security guards go ballistic on me saying my card was propaganda, and doing things like talking to people about my life was not allowed on their shopping center property.

Do not give these people your money. They are not good people. Should not be in business. And verbally mentally battering customers for being nice, police, kind, honest, and simply handing someone a card saying. what you have been told isn’t the truth. Should not get you mentally battered, threatened over and over, and thrown out.

Showing they are criminals.

If you want to know what they are actually involved in. Showing the type of people they are



L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

18657 Devonshire St
Northridge, CA 91324

Was nice and polite like I am to everyone. Gave the employee a card letting her know that everything she and the worldhad been told is lies.Of course, she played stupid, pretending she does not know who I am. After I sat down, she started whistling at me. Hinting I am a whistle blower, which is done to me world wide whenever I tell someone what is going on.

After this, people started coming in, provoking and harassing me. Several people instantly came in whistling at me. As well as other terror tactics, like the same clothing patterns.

After this, I noticed she had not given me the Salad dressing so I went up to get it, and she was spinning it. Which is one of their mental illness tactics or threats in mass groups to send me suggestive paranoid schitzofrenia messages or threats which they are involved in since I was 9 years old with world wide support.

After this, going to

20042 Ventura Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Milanos Flame Pizza
6118 Reseda Blvd
Tarzana, CA 91335

They also, after ordering food did not give me the Salad dressing. Which these types of things are done to me all day and night over and over until it is no longer coincidence. Do not give these people your money. They are not honest, decent people and Discriminate.





My World Wide Targeting info

This is the type of thing that happens to me all day and night 24/7 while trying to live my life. These terror operations start at 9 years old. But with the internet and world wide support, now to completely end my existance. Started by my own family out of some kind of Jealous Rage they have against me at 9 years old. Bringing in World wide, Government, NSA resources. They somehow managed to use their psychology degrees to make up every lie known to man about me and disseminate these lies world wide. Kind of like a Hannibal Elector personality. In this case, I guess much worse. My family seem to be paranoid psychotics. But yet for some reason, People believe the endless lies they are spewing to the world on some kind of secret Internet based propaganda system used to EXTERMINATE.

while being that most people try to frame me trying to make me look crazy for going to the beach saying I am looking for a ghost, or a specific girl or something.  While a lot of women will play games with hidden or suggestive messages, and things like this, about the beach. Or some kind of illusion, I think I am going to meet some Pornstar or something from online. I joke around back a lot of times in regards to this. But the only problem is that I am the only one willing to admit to what is going on in my life. Showing that this world wide operation is all in secret, and I am the only honest one. Since everything the world had been told is lies.

I don’t mind little flirt games once in a while, but these tactics are usually to try to make me look crazy, and figure out ways to put me in mental institions. And the fact that there are world wide all day and night coordinated groups working on me to create mental illness. Really has nothing to do with flirting or jokes, or being social.

All is this is designed to endlessly terrorize and end my existance. Which is strange it is even going on. And since 9 years old.

But I decided to go non the less to see if the snakes poked their heads out of the hole so to speak. Which has happened every single time. With my neighbors and police like Officer Toro, who he called himself, which he is hinting about a person named Javiar in Southern Oregon State who always said “If you mess with the bull, you get the horns” as one of these police setup and frame job attempts back in like 1992.

So Officer Toro at Encino Starbucks  basically told me. “If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in his own way” And from this blog, you will see why me having a camera is such a threat to the world.

Last month, the police actually achieved over a all day and night 35 year terror operation, an arrest from a cry wolf neighbor threatening me, and basically telling me I am not allowed to leave my house. As he kept trying to bait me into situations. Then started to play cop afterwards trying to arrest me. And he was working with a Police officer putting up information on a facebook account about me, and working with my neighbors to set me up. Which they managed to finally get an arrest.

LAPD setup with 35 years of endless attacks – For speaking out   –

So, also I should note. Since the arrest, my step father Arnold Silber in Canada instantly knew of the arrest and was hinting about my conversations in the Topanga Police Station, as I told my mother on the phone about this since I could tell they knew. But more importantly. Why are they working with the police to set me up and frame me for the last 35 years?

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know –


Same setup tactics of my fathers X-Wife Janet Nordet put in Jail being done to me, and trying to cover it up,

I should note that today I got a text from my mother, very manipulating to call my father on fathers day. And also, she has tried really hard to try to get me to contact him for moral support in this. But as you know. He and the rest of my family and his office have been trying to put me in jail, mental institions, some kind of cage since I was 9 years old. So I stopped contact with my mother, and him. But you can see how she is trying to manipulate me into situations to use against me to attack my credability.

My family is notorious for playing both sides of the fence, pretending they love me while trying to paint a false image of me to the world to figure out ways to exterminate me. Working with my older brother since 9 years old telling him to put me in a mental instition.

So, I decided to go to Leo Coreo around 6:00 pm to watch the sunset, and document what happens when I simply try to live my life with my family, neighbors, and world wide support to try to put me in the ground for simply trying to live my life. Hence my Neighbor Threatening me to go back in my house and do what he says. Hence this 35 year crime with the Police and Government.

This happens all day and night 24/7 and has been going on since 9 years old. Since my family got mad at me for some insignificant reason.

While going down to my Garage to my car. A black girl wearing Red and Black comes into the Garage.

Also, when driving onto the street, another black man comes out wearing red and black.

I get off at Kanon exit to go to the beach off the 101.

I stop off at the Gas Station to get some coffee, and water. Where I notice several people wearing Red/Black and Green/Black, and the Black/Blue pattern I told you about who always follow me to the beach.

I go to the Gas Station across the street, same things. Also, there are a lot of cars without plates. This is one of the tactics. I only got a few.


I then proceed through the canon, where I noticed several things directed at me I will no go into because they are harder to prove.

I then drove through the parking lot of the Malibu Starbucks on PCH, where I have been endlessly mentally battered as I told you the Starbucks Corp is heavily involved in this 35 year targeting. And with every location world wide.

You can see from the picture. The security guard is waiting for me. And, there is a Blue and White Pickup Truck parked backwards directed at me. Patterns of 2’s


On arriving to Leo Correo, there are several cars waiting for me. Some in 2’s, and some without plates.


Also 2 Bmw’s and one with no plates

Also 2 Bmw’s and one with no plates


At this point I go to the beach which Usually people wearing black and blue, are waiting, and usually larger groups come afterwards. Today, was a lot more covert. A lot less of them. Today looked a little more coincidental, but I can spot it instantly. And we all know I am not too sensitive. Keep in mind. I was not waiting all day for these pictures. I was at the beach for about 1 hour.

Todays Lorena Escobar and Aubrey Fisher terror Patterns tactics who were sent after me by my family and police to stop me from having any life starting around the age 9 for some reason, Patterns tactic on the beach seem to be Green/Black and Black/Blue

Beach PatternsBeach Patterns2




When going back to my car. Someone was waiting across from my car on the other side of the road for me to leave to intimidate me. As soon as I took his picture. He made a U-turn and left.



When going back to my car. Someone was waiting across from my car on the other side of the road for me to leave to intimidate me. As soon as I took his picture. He made a U-turn and left.DSC06326DSC06325

I then decided to stop by the Malibu Starbucks on the way home and see who was waiting for me.

As I entered the Starbucks Shopping center I noticed the U-haul truck which may or may not be. But in the past, they have used U-Haul trucks to sent hidden messages to create paranoid schizophrenia and things like this which we all know is going on.


As I proceeded into the Lot, there was a Black and Blue Prius waiting for me and sitting around with his lights on which is one of the tactics.


As I park, Instantly, another person in a white Prius pulls up and parks next to me. While the Prius just looks like someone waiting in a car. Not only are there about 5 people doing this in this lot. But also, Last night in Hollywood. People were told to all pull Prius’s on the side of Hollywood Blvd, leaving there blinkers on in unusual numbers. I managed to get a few of them.

Hollywood Prius

When pulling up to the spot, also another person wearing Black and Blue leaving Starbucks


Also, in this fairly empty lot, there are several things going on.




And Also 2 Vans

A Blue one, and a White one, Just like the the Blue and White Pickup Trucks on the way to the beach and driving through the parking lot.


Also, I find this very interesting. There is a Person sitting in his car waiting for me. A mongoloid looking person who frequents the Coffee Bean and Starbucks at.

He is sitting in his car, waiting for me or keeping tabs on me with this mass operation. I can recall being nice to him once, and him then following me wearing the same color clothing.


And while I didn’t go in to Starbucks on the way there. It looks like he was waiting for me.


After going back through Kanon canyon to the 101 and the same gas stations. I noticed several people at the Gas Station sitting in cars waiting for me. And several Cars without plates coordinated to create mental illness, like usual.

In this one Gas Station where a Cop was waiting by. There were 3 black cars waiting for me. And several cars without plates.

3 cars waiting for me in the corner.




DSC06405.jpgOther cars in same Gas Station without plates


After this, I stopped in the next shopping center and went to the IHOP to get food. Several people were waiting for me in the lots with the lights on just sitting in their cars. One of the tactics directed at me.


While in IHOP, I noticed, most of the people were wearing Blue and White. I think about 6 – 8. And there was probably about 10 parties.

Also, a man and women came and sat at the bench by the door as I was about to leave wearing almost identical shirts.

I then proceeded to the Valley. And got off at Fallbrook exit. And noticed by The Habit. 2 cars waiting for me on the side of the road. One on each side just sitting with lights on across from each other to create mental illness.

This tactic is done a lot to me.


I should also note, that there were several incidents with Mustang tonight, that I didn’t put in here which were less obvious, and harder to prove.

Example, in the Habit Parking lot is another Red Mustang


or this person waiting for me in a completely seperate lot on Ventura Blvd, where they parked both cars backwards. And he is just waiting for me in hopes he can get a reaction to set me up and remove me from society saying I am crazy and attacked him. Which seems to be my family and police’s motive since 9 years old with world wide support.



Also, another person in the Starbucks Topanga Shopping center just sitting and waiting for me like in the Malibu Starbucks Shopping center

Gateway Plaza, 21929 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91364


There was and always is a lot more going on. I’d guess without the cars parked backwards. I saw about 500 – 1000 people using cars, no plates, waiting with lights on in cars for me. And having people follow me. But most of the things are more difficult to document and show what is and has been going on since 9 years old progressing into newer and newer terror operations each time I let someone into my life.

So, I think it is very important you take a look at this and understand. Because if this case is filed. This is the type of things that my neighbors are doing and telling me I am not allowed to go places.

Hence my neighbor getting in my face THREATENING me, telling me to not leave my house, while working with these mass mental batterings, and the Police. You can also see how Starbucks involved.

LAPD setup – For speaking out   –

My World Wide Targeting info


While growing up, and always being kind, generous, giving caring, friendly with everyone in my life. While being fairly shy, quiet, and intraverted somewhat.

I could never really have phatheomed my families hate, rage, jeoulosy towards me. That not only would they say whatever it took to remove me from society. But do whatever is possible with endless resources working with the police, government, and world wide populations to remove me from society, and at the same time, try to cover it up by trying to make me look like a horrible monster to make their extermination campaigns look justified,

While the one thing you need to realize about my mother, father, and Brother, is that they seen to be paranoid psychotics. You blind wrong they are in an Angry rage. Their is no communication in my family.

You are either a good or bad person. You are either a honest or a liar. You ether a crook or a good person.

Example, if at the age 10 I stole a 1 cent jolly ranger, I’d be labeled a thief for the rest of my life. Demanding perfect robotic perfection which is not remotly possible.

Also, they are beyond any level of controlling imagineable. Nothing is directly said, but from stranger thugging. My fathers employees told to follow me from place to place dictating my life. Who I take, what I can and can’t say,  if I am allowed to create art, what I can do for a living. You name it.

Will lead in people like Lorena Escobar paid to follow you from place to place poisening the well. Lets say I ask a girl out she does not aprove of. They will be told I am a sexual predator to sabotage the possibility of a relationship.

While doing things to me, working with the Police at 16 years old. My own father and family is actually responsible, for putting a bullet hole in his own Mercedes 300e, and telling the world with the police, I am crazy, tried to shoot and or scare him!

Image result for mercedes 300e blue

Not the actual car

So while not only this, while living in Colorado, and going to University of Colorado, my brother with the Police sent someone into my house to try to scare me into a Coerced false confession with the Police named Jason Baum. Now it is sick and demented enough to first, put the bullet hole in your own car. But then follow your son around trying to mentally batter him to death until his gives a false confession in severe tortured pain. Now you can understand who my family is.

Also several other setup attempts and frame jobs with my family a roomatte Matt, and Eric Feely trying to figure out how to remove me from society no matter what it takes.

The “What happened to you” tactic and scam to remove me from society#cnnireport  #FoxNews  –

which people will do whatever it takes to try to silence me.

And while these tactics go from thing to thing like this. It is just about mentally battering someone until they die. Or they can rid them of the world.

Or around the age 12 years old, I kissed a black girl which led to world wide African Americans told I am racist and hate black people. Why? because in order to make Kevin Perelman date a nice jewish girl. Sabotaging the rest seems to be their motive.

Alhough I cannot tell you what thoughts are going through my families head when they snapped and went ballistic on me, I am no psychic, and all I know is what I see happening, which the majority of the world seems to want to be honest about.

So, while my brother was always listening to Roger Waters, Radio Chaos, and talking about the Chaos Effect, and things like this, little did I know that my families course of ridding me of the world in such a way to get away with it is creating unphatheomable Chaos around me to create un imagineable pain and anguish to try to put me in some kind of jail.

Weather it be a jail cell, weather it be a mental instition, or just me offing myself. I don’t think they care as long as my existance is gone.

Same setup tactics of my fathers X-Wife Janet Nordet put in Jail being done to me, and trying to cover it up,


Family, with Police, and Gov telling the world I am crazy with global Campaign to remove me from society  – Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Stalking


Tactics #cnnireport #FoxNews –

So, while my family will jump from accusation to accusation with police and government support given to the world.

He is a cutter

Kevin is careless, out of control, danger to himself and others

Road rage lies

Car thief

Sex offender

I conform to movies and can’t seperate movies from reality


hacker trying to make people mentally ill

I am a manic depressive

he is a racist and a white surpremecist

fucking with people

is a paranoid schitzo

is acting out through his art with confessions

is threatening people with his art

is following people from place to place and stalking them

is mobbing people to death

is somehow committing crimes by every screen name, computer name, server name, CB name

is trying to make people sick and kill them

trying to explode women in anger

well, out of the LITERALLY 1000’s of these type of criminal ACCUSATIONS! given to the world with endless family, government, police resources, and in secret no less. This is an example of what they are giving to the world to rile up Billions, in secret, with no defense allowed and telling me I am imaging it on some kind of propaganda system built around me in secret with full government and NSA support.

This starts around 9 year old, and around 1994 when the internet came around, the Government and myfamily, saw an operatunity to turn the world against me.

Now my family with Lorena Escobar will try to give me dissinformation that I am too sensative, saying that this is all normal gossip and drama. And I can guruntee you that if just one of these criminal accusations are told to the world, it is defamation and a civil crime.

In this case, it is CRIMINAL DEFAMATION intention a pre meditated act to rile up the masses to end someone life. Along with endless civil crimes.

But not only this, people wouldn’t all side with each other normally saying, notjing is said while mentally battering you to death, trying to make you look crazy allowing no defense. Even the police, Lawyers, Psychiatrists, don’t want me talking or to be honest.

While I can go into all day and night frame job, setup attempt, lies smears to the world since 9 years old. This all seems to stem from a family who hates and despises their child. The unphathomeable rage in them is unpresidented and the fact that it is all turned around on me is srtange to cover up what they are doing.

Now to understand the Dynamics of my family. My mother is an art therapist, and analyzes art, my father is an Orthopedic surgeon with  Psychology Minor, and my brother is a Urologist with a minor in psychology.

And when they don’t like you. There rage and obsession is endless. No matter how far you go, the more you walk away, the more they come after you.

They use their degree’s to hurt, harm, mame, control, torture and kill. In an untraditional sense. While most will tell you that is someone comes in your life, and  they are abuse, you can just walk away. This is true. But what if psychological warfare tactics were packaged, given to people to do to you your entire life to try to get reactions to use against you. And no matter how many people you walked away from. They just kept coming after you.

Well, this is the case in my life which is beyond any level of disturbing and as of the age 29, I noticed over 100,00 world wide attacks per day directed at me which have not stopped.

Now, why would this be done?

First off, it’s clear to say that a family, or people around you, just making up lie after lie, showing that they are completly inconsistant. And one this lie doesn’t work, they just keep making up new ones. Putting it in what they call their LAUNDRY LIST to clean me up while I have to give false confessions to shrinks as my mother basically demanded of me.

Well, at one point out of my fmailies jealousy, hate rage, they decided they were going to put me in a mental instition around 9 years old. Or try. Why? who knows. Because someone walking around saying my son is crazy and we are going to rid him of the world is not enough. And if I am out living my life and trying to have friends, family, career, make money.

And they are saying I am crazy, have done nothing wrong ILLEGALLY, and they are going to rid me of the world. That is like being a racist. There is no gorunds for anything but them not liking me. Becauses I’ve seen tons of people walking around on the streets and such talking to themselves and I don’t see world wide extermination groups around them.

Now a lot of people probably want some kind of rational explanation for their behaviors. But I can tell you. These are Psychotics. There is no rational explanation. Maybe I blinked wrong. Maybe I didn’t piss right, maybe I didn’t sit perfectly straight.

Maybe it was around 9 years old when My father told me. If I did not eat the Liver at the dinner table I was not allowed to leave the table and sat around for like an hour until he gave up.

Maybe it was when my brother went after Greg Waugh with a crow bar to bash his head in when Jen Yang broke up with my brother and started dating Greg, and I stopped him by jumping in the way. And him telling me things like blood is thicker then water, and I have to support him and spy on Greg, and me wanting no part of it.

Maybe it was because in college I told a friend about my father putting a shock collar on his dog in a private convo, and somehow his privacy violations he knew of my private convos, and called me a rat, and didn’t want me allowed to talk to my friends about my life. I cannot answer these questions. Because I am not like them, nor could I without someone telling me what was said.

I can however pick up on the way people are mad at me trying to guilt me, get confessions, inuendos, their setup atttempts, and frame jobs and pickup their endless lies. But I could never tell you at what point they snapped Got togethor and came after me.

So, whenever my family snapped on me, had to be around 9 years old or before. But for all I know, my mother is jealous that my art is better then hers and so she goes through every work of art I ever do telling the world lies with psychological evaluaitons.

Out of this world wide extermination campaign, I can only tell you have one thing. This isn’t about any of that. It is simply about HATE! towards me, and that is it.

The more I try to move forward, the more people are sent after me in angry rage. Notified with newer and newer lies.

So, at one point. Who knows when. My family worked the Cutter angle and trying to say that I cannot feel pain and or have a high tolerance to pain. Well, like the 1000’s of other lies to the world. This is just another one to remove me from society.

They data mined every aspect of my life collecting each and every fragment and trying to apply it to a fictional story to use against me. For example, at 13, I bought a Powell Paralta skateboard, and then a Santa Cruise Slasher skateboard. As they conveniently collecting things like. Well the Powell Paralta has a skull, and the slasher they could use the name,

(Skateboard pictues)

Like they collect screen names, art, Computer names to try to apply to my psychological sanity. While walking into a skateboard shop and selecting a board off the wall is perfectly normal. Then they will go as far as trying to apply music and songs to it. Now these aren’t sane people. They are ruthless and will do whatever it takes to turn the world against me in my extermination.

Now, you can imagine, a family, police, government, cherry picking every aspect of your life for 35 years, taking it out of context, writing up fiction that involves endless criminal accusations, and turning the world against you in an angry secret rage on a propaganda based system which you are all alone to the world and not allowed to speak out that non of it is remotly true. While people sit there in silance refusing to address what is going on.

When finding out at 29 with Mike Huntley, originally my brothers friend changing from. I am your friend and business partner from 25 years to

Micheal Huntley
Michael Huntley
20 year friend, and started a company with me all to get me close to him to destroy my life. Originally a friend of my brothers.
from his own mouth “We are using the system against you”, “Have a good life now” as he was singing “World of paranoia”, and dropping papers about Korea using mental illness tactics to control people. Then telling me “You had better live a careful life”

But not only this. At the age 14, my brother started to show his true colors, saying things to me that He and his friends made a teacher mentally ill, and put them in a mental instition, and they have a bug in my room and are listening to me on the radio, starting his paranoid schitzofrenia campaign. He shifted from the physical abuse to mental abuse when he got older and realized that the physical abuse would put him in jail.

But not only this, in order to coverup his younger physical abuse, he has been spewing to the world, that I am somehow super passive aggressive, and somehow pushed him into exploding in anger. With blatant lies that someone I was so mantally abusive to him he couldn’t take it anymore and things like this.

Then telling the world that I hate women and am trying to explode them in anger. Which seems to stem after he broke up with Jen Yang, and blames me for not getting involved in spying on Greg or stopping him from Bashing his head in with a crow bar.

Now, if this isn’t strange to anyone, it gets weirder. While not really understanding what was going on because I was out trying to live my life, and 15 years later not even thinking anyone could remotly care about their childhood. Apparently my family was afraid I might say something. And that is enough for my demise, even though I had no clue that they have mobster personalities, from a white collar, doctor psychologist family.

So in telling my family, things just got worse and worse. They do not think my brothers actions are wrong. And people follow me around whenever I talk about things whistling at me, hinting I am a whistle blower. Keep in mind, this is world wide. Not allowing me to move away. As I was hunted in Oregon, Colorado, moving off to college as well, with my family thinking I knew what was going on. By people like Kelly Hatch sent after me with my family and the police.

So, while me not knowing what was going on, my family kept reeling me in closer and closer. Probably saying things like I know what is going on, and now I am coming after them or something. While in Colorado, and about to graduate, my father calling me saying If I move back, I can move in with him for a year. Right around when Marrying Janet Nordet which suffered the same demise as what they are trying to do to me.

He put her in jail supposedly for her trying to hire one of her sons friends to kill him. Maybe even trying to make me look like the person doing things to her, instead of him paying Lorena Escobar too.

Lorena Escobar Paid to hunt down Janet Nordet still stalking me and contacting my attorney’s with the police trying to remove me from society –

Then he had Lorena Escobar approach me asking me to work for their company while they hunted me with ruthless all day and night attacks to try to get me to snap and go after him which they could not accomplish

Family, with Police, and Gov telling the world I am crazy with global Campaign to remove me from society  –

These operations go on all day and night world wide esculating since 9 years old.

Now while finally after watching 100,000 provoking passive aggressive terror attacks per day with world wide support from my families lies working with the police, government, NSA, since 9 years old. They finally put me to a defensive point where they got a bunk arrest. Which I will be fighting and showing what is really going on. Unless I have corrupt lawyers or something who refuse to show the evidence. But that will be illegal and a crime to not show the whole story in my defense.

LAPD setup – For speaking out  –

Now, the question of why people are trying to INTENTIONALLY INFLICT unpatheomable pain on someone, and my mothers own comment on the phone last week saying “You have a high tolerance for pain” does not make any sense other then someone who wants to torture and kill someone. Not only that, how does someone have a choice to stop world wide terror operations to execute you. As if we live in the movie the Matrix. Take the blue or red pill. The reality is, no matter what medication I was on. It did not matter, unless I was a non funcitoning drolling zombie. If you know people are doing demented things to you, what is the medication going to do? If your mother is hunting you down with a chainsaw all day and night since 9 years old. Do you take a pill to stop the chainsaw blades? while one might try to debate psychological vs physical pain. Either way, the act of murder is the same. And world wide groups never stopping. Well, no pill is going to do a damn thing. And everyone world wide knows this. Espwcially with the Psychiatrists and Pharmacists told to take turns on you. And if they are told to take part in a murder campaign since 9 years old. It isn’t about putting you on meds. It’s just about extermination from psychotics since you were 9 years old.

First off, people do not inflict pain on anyone. FOR ANY REASON. And then go around saying he is always angry and a Cutter basically says that someone, wants to make someone look angry and a cutter because they do not like them.

Second of all, if this isn’t discussed verbally on any level trying to get to the bottom of things, asking questions, then the INTENT is clearly to hurt someone. People don’t go around saying. You cannot see yourself, and I or we are going to do this and that to you, unless they are Murderers. Leaving no room for discussion. Just as a racist says nothing and kills someone. It’s the same thing.

Now, you can sort of understand why my family is telling the world after I kissed a black girl around 12 that I am a white surpremecist to turn things around on me. Then say it’s somehow my fault.

But you kind of get the idea from a family with psychology degrees using these degrees to torture and kill. Also, some of the things my brother was doing with his friends was moving on CHASE street, while floading their house, popping the water bed, actually calling me up for no reason with stupid questions like “I am at a movie, how long does it take to fill up a waterbed” popping the bed and flooding the house. Now me knowing he is a Urologist who wants to Pop my waterbed so to speak. Chop off my dick. if you want me to get more blunt about it.

So, while the guy who is nice as can be to everyone in his life is being accused of every cirme known to man, and being called an assasinating asshole and things like this is strange with world wide covert psychological passive aggressive and sublminal level tactics to covertly make me upset or aggrevated shows that the MOTIVE and INTENT, is a large scale campaign to rid me of the world with frame jobs like this. Leaving out the horrific endless things done to me. Which before 29, I had no clue was going on. And my life was opposite.

I was out being social, starting companies, working for companies, trying to make friends, money, all the things that are deemed NORMAL! But this is all left out why my fmaily says I SNAPPED trying to coverup these operations.

So, while my family, police, government are trying to make me look, angry, enraged, violent, like a cutter. NON OF IT IS TRUE! the only thing that is true is while I am not perfect, and have probelms from time to time.

Maybe I break up with a girl and am depressed for a month, or maybe I get in an argument and show anger, Maybe sometimes I drink too much beer. Their is no room for IMPERFECTION in my life. To give you an exmaple.

While on IRC when living in Colorado, I smoked some weed in college once in a while. But not much because I was driven in my 3D animation and such. And told a girl named Christina Stahlinsky on IRC who lived in Arizona. And me telling her I smoked weed once, instantly and illegally went to my family and Lorena Escobar telling the world I am a Marijuana Addict.

So you can get the idea that, that type of Parental/Police/Gov behavior, can push someone to actually becoming an addict. And of course, they always have some story to the world that it is because I am abusive so they are going to do it to me for the rest of my life as punishment. To try to DICTATE my life.

While I believe the Cutter Lies seemed to really have esculated when My Father and Lorena Escobar sent a girl named Adriana Olivarez after me. You have to understand. In my family, as hard to believe as it was for me. Does not allow you to pick and choose who you date, mary, you name it. They sabotage your life, then give you someone to control you.

And while Adriana Olivarez, was introduced to me and clearly Lorena and My father wanted me to date her. Adriana Olivarez immediatly went around my fathers office saying “I am going to get the doctors son”

While at the time, I just thought it was a spoiled bratt girl who wanted a trophy, little did I know she was sent after me. She would play mind games that her father was a drug dealer hinting about Lorena Escobar being part of Pable Escobar family. Little did I know until last week that psychological scare angle.

I did not want a relationship with her, but we did become friends for I guess 6 years while she was hunting me with Mike Huntley, Tom Farley, Paul Humphry, Tim Thompson. In all sorts of ways to try to get me to say things they could use to attack my credibility to the world.

so “I am going to get the doctors son” actually meant, she was helping my family.

At one point, while introducing Adriana to my friends to meet people, I introduced her to Tom Farley, and oddly enough he says to me “But she is yours” while that sounded really strange to me. Now I know what he meant.

As well as my father telling me “I just want grand children” but of course not letting me meet people. Exceot Jen Hess who I met, she was trying to set me up, and frame me with my friends. Then ran around saying she was pregnant with my baby while telling the world I was stalking her, I hit her with a mask on. And things like this to sort of lock me in, and then say, leave me alone.

But of course, in my life, remember, there is no middle ground. their are no arguments, addressing issues. Getting upset about things. Or you will be HUNTED! those are supposedly crimes. Which don’t apply to anyone else world wide.

A simple, Your a bitch, in my life is turned into a death threat with world wide murder operations. Before any time of crime is ever committed. Which you would call Pre-Crime. There is no such thing.

People get angry, people get in arguments, and if you haven’t done anything to anyone. And have moved on. You are not the problem. Even if people named Rodie Morales, Aubrey Fisher, Mike Huntley, Venice, try to lure you to the same city at strip clubs. There is still no crime. In any way shape or form.

Not only this. There is no crime of moving in the same city of someone you broke up with, dated, or anything like that, showing what is really going on.

But, after introducing Adriana to Tom, they started working on the Cutter Tactic. Telling the world about my childhood skateboards, trying to apply pulling my eyebrows and crazy fiction only some obsessed enraged lunatic hunting you down would piece togethor. Telling the world every lie known to man.

But you have to understand the Dynamics of Tom Farley. He was sent after me around the age of 8 years old, and I’d known him my whole life. And my whole life he was in some kind of angry jealous rage about me. he started hunted me in middle school because I thought Christ Reynolds was attractive and could not keep my eyes off her. While I won’t deny it was kind of an OCD-ish look, and not a mean stare. My own mother calls it a death stare, and they sent Tom Farly after me with these terror operaitons to remove me from society. Where my family started using movies like Creep Show and such to try to make me look crazy and a paranoid schitzo. Working with Tom Farley.

So, the point I am getting at. Is the Tom Farley and Adriana are involved in huge crimes and have something to hide. Or more apropriatly. Need to coverup. And get me out of the picture so to speak.

And that basically relates to all my family, my fathers office, and you name it in those circles. Although this is now world wide lies smears, defamation slander against me. And there is no where to go, or walk away from. So you can understand why the Police, Government, My Family, will not say a word. And just keep making up lie after lie to rid me of the world.

I cannot go to deep on the whole cutter aspect, because to me, it is just one lies out of 1000’s and 1000’s of world wide lies. But I can tell you they have had black people following me to starbucks with Fake Samuri’s trying to scare me. or taking my sexual slay jokes and turning them into investigations. But once again. If you obsess on someone. Follow them from place to place trying to apply this to that. You just create fiction in your head.

Example, I actually have neighbors who try to count how many times a day I take walks. I have been hunted for somply giving a 2 dollar tip. Then a 3 dollar tip, then a 4 dollar tip.

I have people who said. You committed a crime because in 1998 you said “Hey you” to someone. And in 2004, you said “Hey” to someone, so you have committed some kind of crime! Or saying “Hows it going” is labeled some kind of crime. You get the idea. It sounds insane, it is insane. But then you finally realize that these people are full of shit, and just want you dead for something much bigger.

So, for example, if I told you that the NSA, and world wide groups probably have detailed specifics on you like since 9 years old of every parking spot you ever parked in your entire life. And are analyzing it. And honestly, the level of servaillance on me with NSA, FBI, my family and government. There is no doubt in my mind they do. Well, you are going to apply this to that, and have a jumble of stupidity out of obsession that the normal person does not think like.

If I have documented how many people you have said “Thank You” too your entire life, then tried to hunt you down saying. Well, in 30 years, you said “Thank You 1456 times. You have a problem THAT IS INSANE!

Who does this? well, my family for one! And this is no joke!

Where things really get scary is then they try to torture you into coerced false confessions by pychological torture and severe abuse which is extremely hard to prove, but is beyond any level of illegal and one of the highest crimes known  to man! Especially for me. A world wide murder operaiton for 35 years with NSA resources to off me. Goes way above and beyond just adolf Hitlers crimes.

This is world wide operations against one man to keep someone alive and torture them to death.

Ok, so, you might try to say. Oh hey, well take medication right? which is a forced tactic to begin with. But I can assure you. After going to over 30 psychologists/psychiatrists taking meds. Never feeling better. And the more I speak out, they more they get togethor with mass groups to mentally batter me to death showing they aren’t even concerned with me getting better.

Why do people go to shrinks? to unload, and feel better. But if you try to go to a psycholpogist. They say, you are not allowed to talk about it. or do things which were done by talking my confidential information, taking it out of context giving it to the masses. As well as Lorena Escobar getting my therapy session conversations to use against me. Create mental illness with their spy games means. It is obvious. This is not about health. It is about CONTROL, and me NOT TALKING.

While I don’t want to get too deep in the world wide media tactics being done to me to create paranoid schitzofrenia, and obsessional looping and things like this my entire life.

The Media TACTIC  to create mental illness and remove me from society –

As punishment for me endlessly trying to seek help, as well as shrinks working with the police to try to make it look like I was on the run or get info to use with the police. I eventually started documenting who was doing what in my defense. So people could know what is going on. And so my website says I went to 24 psychiatrists. And so, while this is not a new tactic. Put in the movie SPLIT! who originally was making up lies about me working with my mother a psychiatrist named Susan Donner. Who would tell me lies when I told her “The Devil is in the details” saying, no it’s “The Angel is in the details” trying to make me look crazy, and telling the waitresses with Tom Farley, that I am harassing them and in fights with them.

So, SPLIT, like the endless media coincidences to try to make me look crazy, basis all my families lies, working with psychiatrists, to sort of create a movie image of who the world should know who I am. Kind of like. Well so and so wrote a story, but it’s kinda based on Kevin Perelman to the world. But it’s really just a movie, and it has nothing to do with anything but fiction. Yet everyone is being told the same things that I am like this character and coincidently, so is Janet Nordet, who my father also put in jail. Which is very strange.,0,182,268_AL_.jpg

But like usual, nothing is said to you, you cannot defend yourself. Nor should private info leave the room. But not only that. The one thing I learned from these people. is no matter how good you are, they just keep trying to get dirt on me, like my family since 9 years old. Showing they just want to put me in the ground.

Now, the first thing that runs across my mind. That in 35 years, 1000’s and 1000’s of lies have been disseminated to the world with every resource known to man. WORLD WIDE.

Not one single thing addressed directly to me. And my father telling me things like “well people don’t address issues, because peopel can lie”

Well, where I come from, and I sure as shit didn’t come from my family. THAT IS A PSYCHOTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and to cover up the fact that I am being hunted by mass groups pretending to be psychotic, then they say. Well it’s my fault for not communicating with psychotics trying to kill me. Which clearly I have endlessly.

then trying to spin it with

Your like your brother Genetic, schitzo Scam

Clearly shows that they have motive, Intent, this is all pre meditated, and being that it is mass groups, that it is organized. And we can use big scary words like CONSPIRACY! it sure as hell is!

I can tell you, that Edward Snowden is no doubt my hero, and while we have different situations. He was accurate, and right about the future of the U.S. with NSA terrorism. And we all know they went straight for the jugalur with propaganda trying to discredit him. Which is why he fled and went to Russia for his Safety. Because he would never have gotten a fair trial.

While I am not a government employee and bound to contracts like this. I am the example of what happens when the NSA has a bad day. or digging too deep using the Patriot act. And once I found out at 29, it was clearly EXTERMINATION TIME!

While maybe I am an enemy of the state for what I know, NSA tools are being done to people. Which people have been speaking out for years. But a lot were afraid. And while Gang Stalking is jumbled with some people who are actually paranoid, and some people who are accurate which no one believes. This things scary enough do happen with our government.

Obviosly, you have to read the details and specifics, and sure, it sounds crazy with the judgement without looking at the details. But once you get in deep. Things are explained. Things make sense.

For me, it starts with a neurotically insane family. Goes to the police and psychology community. To government public schools. Then state, then colleges, city’s and professors involved. then in 1994 where my brother who basically told me at 14 he was going to put me in a mental instition, showing me the Internet.

Working both sides of the fence to the world to rid me of the world, to coverup his childhood behaviors which my family told him to do. Making a world wide extermination operation basically. or to try to put me in some kind of mental and physical cage just like my father put his dog maggie in a cage for most of it’s life.

You kind of get the idea. It’s difficult to know where it starts. But it’s clearly a world wide all day and night operation going on since 9 years old. Hopefully people will see past the fear of what they’ve been told. Or maybe the fear it could happen to them for being honest.

But, I will never be quiet until this whole operation and NSA, Government, Police, and whoever is involved is known for what happened. They were involved in, and the truth.

While poeple will say I am loopy, or a cutter, or canot seperate media from reality, those are just coverup operaitons.

Obviously I am not, an angry, enraged, bitter person who snapped and am a cutter. I am a very friendly passionate, driven motivated person who used to love life despite all the hurdles I was trying to overcome in life. And while my family wants to try to make me look angry, a danger to myself or others, or violant. I can spew out frame job after frame job about it.

Example, age 14, family taking me on a Carribean Cruise, Telling the world I am a white surpremecist. Brother for no reason buying me a kershaw knife, giving it to me. Then continually buying Kamikaze and B52’s every night to try to plant seeds about WWII, Pearl Harbor. These types of operations are ENDLESS for 35 years also known as a tactic called “Street Theater” in the Gang Stalking world of targets such as my self and usually government operations.

So no, I am not a cutter, and that is what someone wants the world to think. But you know, why not just ask me about me to find out? welp, I believe anyone with any common sense older then a 10 year old knows that answer 🙂

My World Wide Targeting info

While I have no factual evidence of what was done to Janet Nordet After I moved back from Colorado. I know I was Semi around the situation, and at this point, know that there was a reason my father called me up around the time of me Graduating College and out of the blue, without me asking. Him telling me I was welcome to Live at his house for a year, while at the same time, Him telling me about Janet Nordet he was going to mary around the same time.

The one thing I have learned about the Entire Perelman family. Except the Black Sheep, ME! is that they have a certain PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR, of trying to slowly reel you in, get you close to them, and then Filet you!  no matter how much you try to get away from it.

If you don’t see these patterns of behavior, keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer, and when they mean closer, actually working and living with them.

Now, All the things that are and have been done to Janet Nordet from her side, or the things I witnessed from myfathers lies said about her, her personality, all the claims from Lorena Escobar and my office of things they said she did, like coming down to his office in an angry rage until the point they calling the police filing reports and such are all things I watched them do to me for 14 years, all working together, and with police and community support!

While I was their, I was bombarded with endless office lies of unimageanable levels. The same lies started at 9 years old to the world. Also, endless communication with the police. Elsie sandoval claiming I had hit her, after sending Jen Hess after me with the same types of lies. The Elita frame jobs. Black girl making up lies that I am trying to make her mentally ill, like women were told to do one sequentically after the next since 12 years old.

The Elita Golden State Black employee frame job

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Stalking Tactics  –

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know

So you can imagine. If all of a sudden, your minding your own business, trying to make money, friends, relationships, and people world wide are hunting you down, and the same exact things you watched being said, or happening to Janet Nordet are being done to you. And world wide anger towards you. It is fair to derive that something freaky was being done to her, as well as you. And being that my father called me up at the same time, and I’ve watched him do these types of things over and over to me. That most likely, the reality of the situation is. He did not like Janet Nordet, before even Marrying her, and wanted to frame me on something calling me up getting me close to him.

So while in College, it wasn’t only my father working these manipulations to get me back to California, My mother also stepped in. Calling me up, putting on the pure pressure. Telling me since I only had a Art History, and Spanish Class left. That I should walk the graduaton symbolically, and then come back to California, and finish the degree on some local schools and transfer the credits for the peace of graduation paper.

Image result for cu

You should also know that my family will sink to the levels of saying I went to University of Colorado because it says (CU) or something. Saying I am shitzo. I mean that is the level of hate and rage they are using to tell the world I am crazy out of some kind of rage against me at 9 years old.

Also, at the same time, My brothers friend, and also my friend for 25 years Mike Huntley. Was calling me up, knowing I did Web Design, and saying he wants to start up an Internet Host Provider back around 1997. Also reeling me in. While I was probably going to move back for Hollywood and 3D animation which I was studying anyways. They wanted to make sure this was going to happen.

At the time, I did not put togehor the puzzle pieces about my brother telling me at around 14 years old that, “We put one of our teachers in a mental institution, and we have a bug in your room and we are listening to you on the radio” as an attempt to try to turn me into a paranoid schitzo and things like this to remove me from society. I thought he was just trying to be some macho person, no did I know he actually had, fmaily and government resources to actually do this with the rest of my family and their PSYCHOLOGY Degrees

While what is strange is that when I tell people what is going on. More and more mass groups come after me whistling hinting I am a whistle blower in an angry rage as if groups getting togethor killing you is the norm. And how dare I say something. As if this is normal anad happening to everyone. You know, maybe in some Cartel somewhere. But I don’t think it would go that far. I think they’d just get killed instantly. While my family pretends they are mobsters to try to make me look crazy. But only around me. When I am not around, their demeonor changes back to normal, chowing they are trying to pure pressure me into things. MANIPULATION! in this case, manipulation to end my existense. Maybe they didn’t like my art class demon painting they should have no knowledge about. Who knows.

Especially with a mother who is an Art Therapist.

Using my art to smear my name  –

The P51 Mustang art angle being used against me.  –

Some of my Art Mike Huntley, Brian Longbotham, my family and Government have targeted me over

Now, I would never think of things like this until after strange shady events which I have watched all day and night for the last 16 years finding out my family is mad at me telling someone something or for the information in my brain of things I know, especially done to me in colleges and growing up. Which they basically put me in a position to be more aware of their criminal abusive behaviors towards me growing up. Which I didn’t really realize were going on, until after 29, and looking back at my life from severe abusive emotional blackmailing personalities. Which really fully sunk in about 38, the magnitude, of unphatheomable demented events which are unprecidented,


Hence why everyone went so ballistic when I bought a book called “Emotional Blackmail” about abusive people to help understand the people around me and their behaviors.

Which is a book, not just about abusive people, but people who pre meditatively abuse people, talking about how sick and demented that type of person is.

So, in the last 16 years going to Attorney’s for various things, one of the things I found interesting from a lot of them, was them digging for a confession about me moving from Boulder Colorado, back to California. And the digging question was “Did you graduate” and while I was 2 classes short from graduation.

There’s also weird things from Mike Wexler my brother sent after me, like driving to Sandeigo to meet a girl he knew is someone a crime. But Of course I am not told what it is about, they just want some kind of confession as well as Mike Wexlers setup and frame job attempts with Lin Junkin.

My mother sweeps in with her frame jobs telling me to move back without the graduation paper, but walk the graduation, and Mike Huntley working with the to curve me so to speak, and start a company where he can get me close enough, to figure out ways to frane me, sneak freaky things in my contracts, or use the customer for mental illness tactics in hopes he can get me angry at them to use against me anything known to man to put me in a mental instition or cage for what they thought I knew about my family and was going on. imply taking spanish 3 was a lot more complex then it sounds Because that one spanish 3 class, would involved me retaking spanish 1 and 2. Because I had taken those classes way back in High School and could not remember much. Which is really like 4 classes. and that’s 3 semesters.

Now of course, after my family working on me to get me back to California, they were clearly telling the world I am on the run and paranoid, and things like this. Or have done something wrong.

But you get the idea, while passionate about making money with Mike Huntley which applies more with the knowledge you know about making money.

Which Coincidentally, explains why Fernanda Sime, and Lorena Escobar went BALLISTIC from a simple ofiice joke to Fernanda, “No speaking Spanish” in a joking voice. But now understanding that they are involved in a mass crime. I guess it didn’t sound funny to a bunch of murderers reeling me in and hunting me me down in the first place. Because no matter how nice I am to them. It’s about extermination. Ridding me of the world no matter what.

Now your probably asking yourself, so what? someone walked the graduation before the paper, or they didn’t. They graduated, or they didn’t? who would remotely care right? Well no one. Unless something shady is going on! unless your family, police are trying to build a profile of you of being a horrible person which could be done to Abraham Lincoln with enough, time, energy and resources. Hence what is called a smear campaign.

And the mere fact that people, especially lawyers world wide have been told something about some random, non famous, person who went to college and left a couple of classes short. Says all the anyone with any type of common sense knows. That something highly ILLEGAL and DEMENTED is going on. And my life is being used against me while my family keeps calling me up trying to put me into situations to frame me. And of course, my stalkers are saying things to me to try to make me look crazy. Well, what makes you so important to the world? things like this to try to make me look like a delusional narcisist. or crazy, or to say crazy out of the norm things that can be used against me to help my family label me as crazy, or someone who can’t seperate media from reality with all sorts of angles like this. Of course, with Adriana Olivarez who was sent after me by by my father and Lorena, trying to say I am a narcicist, while also saying “She is going to get the doctors son” and did not mean it in a trophy kinda way.  After me watching years of people coming after me, and her taking things I was saying about Mila out of context. Showing what she was involved in. Who she was, what her true motives with my family are. But like usual. This is just one accusation out of 1000’s and 1000’s to the world in secret. With no defense. No opposing arguments. No judicial system. Just a world wide murder operation since 9 years old with every resource known to man and government support. Because if this was anyone else. People would start coming forward saying this is wrong. No matter what!

So, what is such a big deal about not completing some classes and moving back to California, and moving into your fathers house, right when he gets married? well, normally nothing.

UNLESS, someone, or more importantly, Your family, with Lorena Escobar wanted the world, in SECRET to think, that your BEHAVIOR, or PERSONALITY, is something like.

Kevin found out his father is getting married. Dropped his degree  to move in to control her,  Then trying to make her crazy, after me learning that My family is telling the world that I am trying to make people crazy or Gas Light people to COVERUP their campaign since I was 9 to make me mentally ill and put me in a mental institution.

Because remember, the world is being given endless information on absolottly nothing at all. Pure fiction! And my life is no different then anyone elses. Except a simple event in my life is complete out of context fiction to the world of criminal accusations. based on thin air, and given out secretly with no defense allowed. I mean anyone can make up whatever lie to the world they want about me. Are given NSA resources to do this, and their is absolutly no accountability in any way shape or form. Which is not normal.

Especially after finding out people named “Paranoid” are befriending me on IRC to make me paranoid, and endless things done to me for years with IRC people, because my family believed the IRC and talking on the Internet is Shady, and wanted to TEACH ME A LESSON. For being on the forefront of technology. Which now the ENTIRE WORLD DOES! showing that at no point was it wrong.

Just like at one point people saidbuying something on the internet is dangerous. However it never was. It was just new and different.

And that they just didn’t like me doing it. Which would have been non nof their business me being older then 18 and in a different state. Showing that people like Lorena Escobar were being paid stalk me. And clearly her intentions are to kill me, by Gas Lighting, Gang Stalking Tactics.. And I can assure you. This is not out of LOVE as my father tries to Brainwash me. he has no concept of love. That emotion does not exist in him or the rest of my family. It’s more like a family grabbing a chain saw, hunting you from place to place for 35 years then saying. He trolled me! he blinked wrong.

So, while working with Mike Huntley, My father once again sweeps in, Telling me that Shelly Humphreys, company moved, and there is some great office space on Ventura Boulevard in the same office building above them. Which also seems to apply to the Kelly Hatch being sent after me, and her frame jobs with the police in Oregon, and the Goth Kelly hatch similar looking girl in University of Colorado, also told to move above me in my astronomy class. also working on me. Like leaving the keys in her car in hopes I’d steal it, like Kelly hatches lies I stole her car. Who knows, trying to make it look like a repeated pattern. Just like Jen Hess claims I hit her, and so does Elsie Sandoval who is covering up the fact thatthey are involved in these setup attempts.

With a phenomenal Ventura Boulevard price! You know. Those too good to be true, deals. But it’s your fathers property. You think he is a good person, and so why would you say no?

Little did I know, once again, reeling me in for the kill so to speak. While starting Signet with Mike Huntley and him going from I’m your friend for 25 years, to 6 years of working with him and his personality going from. Lets make money, to He has been HUNTING me with my brother and family since a young age.

Micheal Huntley
Michael Huntley
20 year friend, and started a company with me all to get me close to him to destroy my life. Originally a friend of my brothers.
from his own mouth “We are using the system against you”, “Have a good life now” as he was singing “World of paranoia”, and dropping papers about Korea using mental illness tactics to control people. Then telling me “You had better live a careful life”

While there is endless mental illness tactics, setup attempts, frame job attempts with Mike Huntley, my family, and mass groups world wide working on me somce 9 years old. Especially the biggest one of their scams, the Jen Hess, person they paid off to send after me which seem to be working with Lorena Escobar. Which setups and frame jobs did not work, they, like usual, are blasting every lie to the world to cover up their crimes. But Jen Hess, is just another female to me involved in 35 years of women sent after me, to try to set me up, frame me, to remove me from society, and coverup these mass crimes. due to my families lies to the world around 9 years old. That I am a crazy, paranoid schitzo, who is a danger to himself or others. Out of their hate, rage and jealousy towards me, because I am not like them. And am a good decent person.

And if you want to understand the Dynamics of a Mobster family. That this would be equivalent to the White Collier Mobster personality. That the youngest son, did not want to be part of. Which ends in. What happens to most people in Mobster families who WALK AWAY! Of course, because their operations are in stealth, I had no clue of the Magnitude of their personalities. How far they will go, and what they are capable of. especially with the use a PSYCHOLOGY degrees to hurt, harm, mame, or rid of the world. Which is fairly unprecedented.

Now you can understand while a simple book called Emotional Blackmail the enlightens you about abuse psychotics you defy, would put your stalkers on edge, for understanding what is being done to you. Just like Adolf Hitler not wanting people to read books, that talk about other cultures and their social systems. He, like my family and targeters want to control my perception of what is, and give me disinformation so you know, that seems pretty relevant the complexities of how well thought out and premeditated this is with PSYCHOLOGY DEGREES to try to brain wash you into thinking it’s for you or something that you supposedly did wrong. But of course, what could be so bad that their is a world wide torture campaign to get you to kill yourself or put you in a mental instition while trying to get you to bite off your jaw or soemthing with world wide support?. Example. Being told, That I am too sensitive while watching world wide mental batterings, setup attempts, and endless frame jobs, I am told is normal. But we all know. Even if someone once in their life is set up. That is pretty rare.

Also, Things to make me believe that because it is similar to a movie, it is normal or things that you would never conceive anyone or a mass group would actually do working togethor is beyond any level of demented or unphatheomable with world wide support. Then to be told by your own father that you think differently, like this is done to everyone, and I think the world is out to get me to try to make me look crazy with dissinformation.

Now, Once Mike Huntley Flipped out on me, showing his true colors, and me starting to become more aware of my world wide angry enraged surroundings and not being able to comprehend what was going on. From some shy quiet person, with not many friends who is somehow known world wide, and the Majority wanting me dead in secret. Was pretty freaky, and strange. Especially to this day, 16 years later. Not one person can tell me what I actually did? Especially when this starts at 9 years old. And to launch a campaign with the police and government like this would normally be someone who builds an atomic bomb, and kills 100,000 people in a football stadium or something.

You wouldn’t think someone who wasn’t good at asking women out or something is a crime. And you wouldn’t think that would be a reason to put someone in a mental institution. Unless it isn’t about you. It’s about someone who HATES you, like my family. I mean before finding out at 29, I can remember people introducing people to friends for dates, or web dating sites, and things like this. Which my family has their weird thing about you either chase or be chased. And of course there is never any both people working togethor either. Once again their catch 22 tactics. Where I am told I have to chase people or something. but never about two people working togethor to make things work out. Even on a simple level of strangers both trying to talk to each other, then go out on a date. To my family, it’s either this way or that way. No middle ground. And the word chase to them is also something spooky like sending Kelly hatch to follow me up to Oregon from Calabasas High working with the police.

So, as you can see, once I left California, I was being reeled back to California, and my family, in coordinated, stealth operations with manipulation from people communicating togethor with an Agenda. And the fact that random Lawyers world wide are trying to get a confession for some reason for not graduating pretty much shows that information is being given out to make it look like my father married Janet Nordet, and I did a 180 coming back to California over it. Like usual, leaving out the phone calls asking me to move in with my father, and Phone calls of things like Mike Huntley contacting me. And things like this. And the fact that no one world wide QUESTIONS the method of information dissemintion about my life on basically some kind of psuedo secret propoganda internet network is beyond any level of demented. I mean, they could literally put a knoose around my neck, drag me back to my fathers house, put me in a cage, like my father did hi English Sheep dog, Maggie. Then say. Look, he barged into my house and thinks he’s the Boss! of course no one seems to care about the part where the knoose is around you neck, your put in a cage, with cattle prods shocking you every 10 minutes. Which is very odd.

Hence Mike Huntley’s words “We are using the system against you”

And normally this would not matter, unless one sided lies to paint a picture of me who isn’t me and give it to the world is being done. And it clearly is. Last I checked their are two sides to every story. Not one. And then their is the details and specifics of everything going on. This is all left out when this dissemination is being given to the world about me. And really no one cares about something like Jury information unless you are arrested for a murder or something of this magnitude. Not things like. Some girl made a claim you trolled her because she doesn’t like people who tap their foots and things like this. Other then that. people normally could not care about things like. You were a shitty friend to someone. Or you called a girl a bitch on a date or you were an asshole to someone. Because people are assholes from tine to time. And everyone has some kind of asshole moment. And if they never have, I’d worry about me being around someone who is afraid to be imperfect and goes ballistic on you for it. Which is the roots I was born from and could not escape after realizing who they are.

So, once I moved back, moved into my fathers house, My father married Janet, I think things started to go to shit for them, and I had no clue I was being framed, setup, hunted, you name it. As a matter of fact, I was kind of in my own little world and trying to live my own life. But my family has an uncanny ability to matter how good of a person you are to make the world think you are a murderer with endless money and resources. Working with theGovernment.

While I was pretty much stayed away from their situation, it was however impossible to notice the marriage going to shit. And while my family is going to try to play the boundary card. Saying things like I’ve done something wrong for violating boundaries, or space,this is a scam or credibilty tactic, that someone looking for an ANGLE would use. Lots of families live togethor. Especially lower class, who can’t afford that type of life style. I’ve never heard of someone saying. Well, a family member moved in with another one, and so their space was violated, and they need to be killed for space violation crimes and things like this! UNHEARD OF!

The SPACE tactic  #cnnireport  #FoxNews  –


Like for example, Janet got her eyebrows tattooed, and later on, my father told me I should tattoo my eyebrows because I pull them out. But not only did that seem extremely odd that he wanted his son to tattoo his eyebrows like a girl. I had no clue that he was trying to make me look like a schtizo or copycat. And give this out world wide! after being aware of his manipulations to frame me. I watched him do this endlessly to me.

What I can remember back then is the Janet went from fairly normal and loving to falling into a paranoid state. To the point where my mother calling me and leaving a message was a big deal. And me thinking that is strange. Which it was at the time. But after understand who my father and family are. What they are capable of. The resources they built around me as a child to create mental illness with the police and government. And watching everything that comes out of my fathers mouth as a blatant lie, accusation, dissinofrmation, setup attempt, frame job, or mental blackmail or thugging. You start to understand the dynamics of somethign unphatheomable. Something that does not normally happen. Especially with police and NSA support. School systems, teacher, professors, and world wide support.

She would cook, and be very wife like. And then I can remember Lorena Escobar saying well, it’s all and act, and she wants his money, is controlling or is crazy. While I do not know Janet very well, because it really wasn’t my business. I have a feeling now knowing who my father and Lorena Escobar, and they psychotics my father keeps around him, as well as the same accusations about me, and watching them try to endlessly set me up or frame me over and over is that Janet most likely was a very decent person being that he is doing the same things to me. But I cannot tell you who she or anyone is without getting to know them. One of my fanilies scams that I somehow think I know people from a picture or strange types of statements like this. to the world. Or I think I’m friends with a girl who gives me some lap dances. I mean their lies are ENDLESS to attack my credibility!

I can tell you that my father, Lorena, the people close to him, are saying something about everything is an ACT with me as well. And even at one point while being asked to fix Fernanda Sime’s computer for her at the office they hired me to work at. Then telling the world I think I am the Boss and trying to take over the company which is absurd in itself. Fernanda burst out in anger saying “Don’t worry, you will get your will!” Now putting this togethor with my brother and his wife digging for information from me about my step fathers will is even stranger as I’ve watched my step father Arnold Silber take part with them in destroying every aspect of my life. So, I am confused that if someone is out there trying to make money, have friends and relationships, and the very people sabotaging their lives then starts spewing that I just want their money. Seems kind of strange to me with everything else going on. Because if this is the case. My father, Lorena Escobar would not have contacted over 600 hired programmers world wide of mine. Told them lies, sabotaging my name. with each and every one as I went from one to the next. This is very strange. Most people who don’t like people, let them go live their lives. Not stop them from moving on. Try to get them to move in with them or hire them to work at their company.

But the one thing I can tell you. Is these aren’t just abusive terrirotial dogs that says I don’t like this person and want to be around them. Everything they do is well thought out. Pre meditated, calculated, with hidden agendas. So moving into his house was well thought out of how to rid me of the world beforehand. I made a choice. And not a wrong choice. Maybe in my families eyes of perfection and some kind of warped ideals based on their mathmatical equation that this is how life has to be or something. And I supposedly did wrong. Even though anyone else in the world. No one would care less. These are perfectly normal situations.

Now to realize who my family is. Is not very strange when you are around my father, Lorena Escobar, the people that as you would say “Got there backs” Are not the type of people you want to be around when they start calling you liars and things like this. Some people say “I got your backs” for moral support friends, and some people like my family say things like this is a Mobster type of way. There is no doubt when they are away from me, they are as friendly as can be. Showing motive to kind of create a CHOATIC environment, which around the time of 14, my brother telling me, he and his friends put a teacher in a mental instition, then started working on me. He would always talk about and listen to Roger Waters, Radio Chaos, and then talk about the Chaos effect. from fractal theries, not realizing it was really about so much CHAOS to put me in a mental instition. But of course, these planned out mental illness campaigns are so well thought out, they even thought of ways to make it look like I was abused and then going ballistic on people from being abused! ironically. Now knowing I was and still am severely abused, and always have been since 9 years old. But I had no clue of it until was after 29 and putting the peices togethor.

Example, after saying he made a teacher mentally ill, he had my friends in high school, doing things to frame me in front of the teachers. Can you imagine how thought out and calaculated that is? and no doubt with my parents helping! They are not mad at him for doing it! they are mad at me for knowing his agenda.

Your like your brother Genetic, schitzo Scam  –

Once that trust in my family is broken, You better be prepared for a world wide TERMINATION!

So, while Janet was falling into a paranoid defensive state, and things were going out of control, I can remember my father not wanting to address the reality of the situation that it was not working and him getting very controlling and not letting go. Which was very strange to me that he would go out every monday with his friends talking about what a crazy she was, and then going back to it while it got worse and worse while him telling me things that she grabbed his car steering wheel and trued to throw the car into a tree. But now knowing 90% of what he says are blatant lies to get what he wants.

But the one thing I learned about my father when situations get IMPORTANT, is that he a a complete pathological, manipulating, control freak liar. And will say and do whatever it takes to get what he wants. And there are absolutely no Morals or Ethics. There is also no communication. I cannot count how many times I tried to address issues with him or the rest of my family about what is going on. Catching them in lie after lie. Never telling me what it is about. Trying to make me look crazy. At this point, I would not be surprised if my mother divoreced my father and they just couldn’t deal with their decisions. I have no clue where their anger and rage is coming from? did I out Photography my dad in his mind? nothing is stopping him from buying a camera. I have no clue why he is so mad At me. He once in a while has outbursts of of random vaguities “You know what you did” but he can’t actually tell me what I did, showing he is full of shit! Once you learn how my family operates, it’s about labeling with vague statements. Never anything specific. And trust me, that was well thought out with their psychology degrees to create obsessional looping from childhood.

For example,


You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?
You did SOMETHING! what is this about?


YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID, YOU WILL PAY FOR IT! with world wide support!


if that isn’t the end al be all of Hannibal Lecter, I don’t know what is

Is it because of this? is it because of that? are you mad at me for J-walking? are you mad at me for drinking your clearly canadian which you and Alexandra went ballistic over and wanted to know who did it, Did I eat ny fathers New York Steaks out of his freezer when living there?

You get the idea.


While I am the opposite of my family, in my family, You are either a good or bad person, you are either honest or a liar, There is either trust, or no trust. Their is, you date, mary, who we say, or not at all. Their is absolutely no middle ground. And I sure you can comprehend defying what that want in this equation. Such as who you talk to, associate with, what you do for a living.

Hell, Most likely my family wanted me to get into IT so they could have me talk to T.I. (Fake Targeted Individuals) who then say, you do IT, so your targeting me. As one of their terror operations. There are no bounds to their rage and what they are cable of doing, especially with world wide support since 9 years old.

Which they will justify by saying. Well he met a friend in Colorado, and said something about me. So he is coming after me. Or things like this. But of course, the fact that he would know my personal conversations with some random person in colorado, and then try to censor my conversations is beyond any level of demented. Maybe I told my friend about my father puttin a shock collar on his dog Rhoda, hence Jim Johnson my computer imaging teacher coming after me with the “Sleeping dog contest” hinting about in High School when Rhoda our dog jumped up and bit an Indian friend of mine, when sleeping and he stepped over him. So maybe in my fathers eyes. Me Making friends and talking to them about who I am and my life = Your a Rat, and need to be stopped.

Sounds crazy, but this is my family. Who would even care!

But then my father has hired thug psychopaths like Lorena Escobar running around with these murder tactics, saying “I am trying to protect the company”

So, the things looking back that have been done to me, are all the things that were done to Janet, with My family, the people in his office, and other strangers coming in my life following me from place to place world wide. Which is very strange that here I am, trying to live me life and they have built world wide psychological terror operations since I was 9 years old for EXTERMINATION, or to rid me of the world no matter what the means.

My family is telling the world I am schitzo and can’t see myself for some reason with 1000’s and 1000’s of world wide lies in secret working with the police, government, NSA, you name it on me. My father and friends, and mother are trying manipulate me into these situations playing both sides of the fence. And then all of a sudden, the same TEMPLATED accusations which put Janet in jail supposedly talking to her son Mario’s friend to try to kill my father, seems to be the SAME EXACT tacitcs I have witnessed all day and night, for 16 years now, which I found out a shitload more since 9 years old. With Lorena Escobar, in charge of these operations. My fathers office manager.

Kevin Suffers from abandonment issues
He has split personality
He is agoraphobic
Ideas of grandsure
Thinks differently
Thinks he is the Boss, is trying to take over the office
When I get mad, I physically change in anger from rage

I mean what kind of person says these things about someone and invests insane amounts of money telling the world while taking me out to dinners to try to get false confessions.


Even sending Cheerleaders after me in University of Colorado to try to get me mad at them and things like this.  Or my mother trying to get me nad at  Kelly hatch and sending me blow dart guns in hopes I’d blow dart her.

The same tactics Lorena Escobar is paid to do,  that I realized was contacting people in Colorado and having women try to set me up or frame me. Even before moving back to California. CU Cheerleader Setups, Working with  Professors, You name it.

So, while supposedly all sorts of things happened. Supposedly Janet lied and said my father hit her and called the police. While I remember going to bail him out. Magically someone got there right before me to do it. Who even knows if it really happened or some staged event of my father trying to get me to go after her or something. Before 29 years old, I would not even be abke to conceive saying this, but after what I have seen all day and night for 16 years now, and looking back at my life.

With people like Elsie Sandoval, employee of my fathers, and Jen Hess, both were told to make up lies that I had hit them. Elsie being my fathers office employee. And she did this after me talking about Mike Huntley and his World of Warcraft tactics in my office trying to get false confessions that I play games with people lives. And she got defensive and ballistic for me simply speaking out about mike Huntley and his World of Warcraft tactics in my office. Showing that she is involved.  Then working with the police and doing things like having Black people in line at Right Aid and Starbucks, start fights and hit me. Which the police weren’t concerned with anything that happened to me. And even knew of the incident, before me calling them. My father even hired an Black Xray tech named Brandon, to bulldog me. And this was after they hired a black lady years before named Elita to pretend she was paranoid and I did it, which I can’t even count anymore how many women came into my life using this cry wolf tactic.  As well as them telling the black employee Elita to tell everyone I am trying to make her mentally. Which Has been done to me my entire life with women for some strange reason. But they really got mad at me for kissing the black girl at 12 years old at sunny skies day camp which seems to be where my families racial rage comes in to play. And then told the world I hate black people am a racist white supremecist. Which is very strange, unless maybe my family does not like Black people, and just hires them to try to frame me. I could never imagine how mad a family could get from a simple kiss! Can you imagine, the person who accepts everyone in his life is being called a white surpremecist to the world!

Elsie Sandoval having people follow me to public places and stalk me

The Elita Golden State Black employee frame job #cnnireport  #FoxNews –


Some of the identical templated tactics of my family. My father claims that Janet Nordet suffers from split personality disorder. Agorapheabia, when she gets angry he said he saw her physically change. Just like he is telling the world about me.

And COINCIDENTLY, after going to over 30 psychiatrists, and psychologists, who all togethor knew of me, told me they did not know me. Showing their true colors. Suggestively gave me the run around not allowing me to talk about my life from who I am, and what I know. And at the same time were working with mass groups to thug me to death from our private sessions, trying to stop me from talking. From thugging, being followed, people coming up to me with random criminal claims I’d done things to them. You name it. Even a lot of these confidential conversations were going to Lorena Escobar and even publically to try to intimidate me quiet.

But more so, my sessions were being used against me. And not only that, Lorena Escobar was getting them. And giving me hinting messages from our conversations that she knew this or that to try to intimidate me from talking. Or the info they would get would be turned into fiction and given to the world.

Showing that all these people in the Psychology community were involved in something HUGE! and don’t want the truth coming out, keep it covered up, and are protecting the criminals, and murderers targeting me.

Now, why is the psychology community so important? well, the dynamics of the situation are that first off, my mother is an Art Therapist, and analyzes troubled poeple art. And in my case she is neurotic, obsesses on nothing, and turns them into possible future crimes based on thin air. I could give her a flower, and somehow she’d relate the flower pedal to the some kind of car pedal or hit and run or something out of thin air.

Kind of like going to a movie, then saying the writer, producer, director, and actors, are all potential schitzo murderers and they are going to commit crimes. or their movies are threats or confessions of guilt. Without any actual crime or anything else. They are just fabrications made out of hate, using their resources. No rational person would spew off  things like this!

But being that these world wide accusations just keep jumping from one to the next, shows that it’s not really about concern. It’s about, I don’t like Kevin.

When I see the endless art posted on the internet, who knows, 1000 – 10,000 per day, from monsters, gore, angels, fieryies, skulls, whatever. I pretty much say. I like it, or I don’t like it and this is why. I don’t go ballistic psycho analyzing people and saying they are a danger to society. And anyone that tells you that is NORMAL, is full of it!

My father is an Orthopedic Surgeon but he also has a minor in psychology, and my brother who basically told me they were going to put me in a mental institution, and has proven it, since 14. This all seems strange to me, and is clearly because they just don’t like me. I cannot tell you why. I was an extremely kind person. And whatever comes out of their mouthes about me are blatant lies. I will not tell you I am a perfect robot. No, between one argument with my mother, and a few insignificant tiffs with my brother. And no arguments with my father. Nothing out of the norm. As a matter of fact, pretty damn normal and better then most families as far as verbal arguments. I think a lot of children get in tons of arguments with their families, and it’s no big deal. I am more concerned about people like my family who say, arguments and showing emotion are crimes! this is STRANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My brother Is a Urologist, with a minor in Psychology. Kind of like copycat, Hannibal Lector murderers.

They use this knowledge to try to hurt, harm, mame, ride you of the world. Make you look crazy with Gas Lighting Tactics, Gang Stalking tactics. Then tell the world you are crazy if they can collect anything to use against you. With huge amounts of resources.

I cannot tell you why the police, NSA, and gov are supporting them. But they are. Maybe it was how they worded things when I was young and now they can’t get out of what they did to my life. Which is most likely the case.

How will it look when the world knows I am not crazy, have done nothing wrong, and that it was just a HUNT since 9 years old with government support for EXTERMINATION?

So after years of going the therapy to try to get help, even to talk about all the horrific things coming to light from childhood, and present, and watching them take part, even with Karine Echington, working with the police to set me up and things like this. I believe my website states that there are 24 psychiatrist/psychologists, that I went to for help at the time, and refused to be honest, or even let me talk about things. Basically to her, it was, I have to pay with my life, for finding out I am being hunted since 9 years old, working with the police.

And in their retaliation for me knowing, trying to be honest, truthful. one of the things they did was spew these lies to the world by having writers kind of write fragments of what the world is told who I am and then put it in movies to pretty much send me hidden messages as retaliation for being a so called whistle blower. So, the recent movie SPLIT, where my father accuses me and Janet Nordet to have Split personality disorders.  Character is based on the lies they are telling about me.

Image result for split

Now coincidentally, the character is named “Kevin” he has 24 personalities, like my statement on my website, he suffers from schizophrenia, and a lot of his characters are based on my joking around on social networks. Things like this. This tactic done in endless media to try to make me look crazy. Which I can trace to people like Brian Longbotham told to frame me over and over in the entertainment industry. Who knows why. Because even back at 16 years old, they sent Brian weaver after me, and every person I was in contact with basically for 35 years.

BUT WAIT! they also said Janet suffers from Split personality disorder!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean is that my families new trend on those who they don’t like? there seems to be a lot of split personality disorders around them. Maybe when you brake a bone and go to the orthopedic surgeon, because all broken bones are split personalities who come through my fathers office.

But also, the same people who made this movie, coincidentally I was being worked on years prior on IRC by some black girl in Inland Empire who they were trying to send me hidden messages about the 6th Sense and trying to make me look schitzo. Working with my mother. Who was black, full of shit as well, and was told to remove me from society with my family no matter what the cost. The girl was saying weird things to me, like I will give you the end of the movie because you haven’t seen it. Who was waiting for me on IRC to take a turn on me.

Image result for sixth sense

While I don’t want to go too deep in how my family with the psychology community with the entertainment industry and are using media to try to make me look crazy, and try to create mental illness since 9 years old. You can read some other blogs about this.

Using my art to smear my name  –

The P51 Mustang art angle being used against me.  –

Also, at one point, my father was spewing his rhetoric how Janet Nordet, he saw get so mad, that he could see her face Physically change in anger. Now, not only is this interesting in the basis that in the Movie SPLIT, it’s about him being schitzo and physically changing, like me and Janet Nordet.

But at one point, Brian Longbotham who I thought was a friend and Mentor who I met when getting into 3D Animation and the Entertainment industry. Would do things like ask me to work on projects to try to create mental illness, and try to frame me as well.

For example, After having Holly Hollywood come into Yankee Doodles, and I think her or the person she was with belittling me or giving me a weird kinda mean look or laughing. I can’t remember. Instantly after, Brian Longbotham hires me to work on Hollyweird, a wes Craven Pilot. At one point he tells me that Wes Craven wants me to put a short clip in what we were working on. Of OJ in his Bronco, fleeing the scene. Well, little did I know. Brian was tarnishing my name, in the Industry, telling them. That I am fucking with Wes Craven. And while this is just one of these endless 15 years operations by him alone. And the same things being done to me by Brian Weaver, showing that, it just goes from person to person since 9 years old. And is not an isolated incident. Shows that something larger is at hand. I was friend with Brian weaver maybe from 14 – 19 or so in High School.

Needless to say. while in my fathers house, while he is making these claims about Janet Changing in Anger. Brian calls me up asking me if I could do a quick CG character of the Hulk for a possibility of working on show. So I do. And at this point, they all try to make it look like I am schitzo, the Hulk, and crazy. While from this private image, world wide groups for years worked on me about it. Showing what is really going on. From a father using spyware, hacking, NSA resources, Maybe my father says. Janet changes in anger, Brian Longbotham is told to call me up ask me for a favor. I do it, computer is being spy’d on. Father with them say I am schitzo or mocking Janet.

Same types of operations Jen Hess, and Rodie Morales were told to do to me. They both called me up, while NSA is data-mining my computer. Asking me to log into their email accounts and check their emails for them. Of course, all the world is told is I am hacking my friends emails! they leave out the phone calls! Hence, endless FRAME jobs to the world. Kevin is doing this, Kevin is doing that, on their propaganda networks. You think it would stop there right? then my family will give things to the world that, He  even see’s things differently because he loves photography. And maybe photography is unhealthy for him while neighbors say I should have a photobook called “Through the eyes of a lens” I mean these people are BEYOND INSANE!

All these people are working togethor. And keep in mind. In my family, if you are nice enough to buy your father a birthday present, like I bought him a watch. You are hunted world wide for it, saying you did something to him. There is no middle ground. There is no dialog.

So, once again. Janet and I both suffer from Split personality Disorders, and we both change in anger. We both supposedly have abandonment issues. We both suffer from agoraphobia. We are both violant crazy people. Ummm, ya sure.

I did however see a law paper online saying that people were doing dementing things and following Janet around. Seems kind of coincidental. To push her to her limits and try to get a reacation, like is endlessly being done to me since 9 yrs old.

Which ironically, I am being told by mass people I am not allowed to leave my house, while being called “Homie” and even last month THREAT! by a neighbor, I had better not leave me house. You think that is kind of similar?

Which is strange to try to thug someone in their house, then tell the world he is Agoraphobic like Janet, and schitzo. Hence, a campaign to try to make you look crazy, and tell the world you are schitzo. Also, why would anyone remotley care unless they were involved in something larger.

Now the same things were being done to me. I was out living my life, starting a company with Mike Huntley, and all of a sudden I realize something is very wrong. And noticing angry enraged people world wide, with Mike Huntley going ballistic on me. and the people who were my friends showing me, they weren’t my friends. For example, Tim Thompson who supposedly did work for Hot Body International, wanted to do adult websites with me. And when I started projects, he would make excuses why he hadn’t done anything yet. And in the end changed into scorning me saying “we’ll you were building adult web sites, weren’t you” showing me that, while this is not a crime, he seems to have my parents AGENDA, and was probably paid to sort of say, lets get him to do something we don’t like. Not illegal, then punish me if I do it. Alsom Tin was involved in some scams with Alexis Amore and Brian Longbotham. While Mike Huntley changing from a 25 year friend who was originally my brothers friend to a enraged person who had been hutning me my entire life showing his true colors.

All these things coming to light, from childhood, to noticing world wide pissed off people for some reason, and not one person being HONEST about the situation. And 16 years later, I am known world wide, probably 10 times more known the Donald Trump, in a angry extermination type of way. And not one person will admit to the situation, trying to make me look crazy. Which is UNHEARD OF! but we all know it to be done to me to try to turn me into a schitzo. To try to make me think I’ve done something horrible, and I deserve to be torchered and killed. But peoples actions show that, they know they are involved in something beyond illegal. So when someone is hinting you are a bad person involved in the highest crime known to man to make you mentally ill with world wide support in secret. It is clear that they have no argument other then the same thing as Adolf Hitler exterminating the jews. Any honest person is going to tell you what you did. Especially in the context of world wide murder operations.

At this point, you can imagine, them saying things to the world like I just snapped, I went crazy, things like this. All pre meditatively planned out. I mean I had a friend and he briefly got paranoid, and I didn’t launch world wide campaigns saying he is crazy and we need to remove him from society. I will leave out the part that this friend Paul Humphry was also sent after me by my family and brother at 14.


That is a common situation that happens, and people aren’t hunted for it. Just like I was hunted for 6 years alone for simply tapping my foot by Aubrey Fisher! UNHEARD OF! with government NSA resources.

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life  –

So after moving out of my fathers house, I moved into a place in Woodland Hills, my fathers Real estate agent found me, but little did I know they were using Street Names and things like this to tell the world I am crazy. And doing things to people from it. You need to understand that my family and these people make up a criminal accusation on any insignificant thing possible. You committed a crime because your shirt is green and you think you are in the miltirary. Your car is blue, or it’s an eclipse, more crimes. On my fathers birthday, I gave him a watch. More crimes. Kevin is doing this, Kevin is doing that, with their psychology degrees. But of course with millions to billions of resources invested to the world with NSA support. Sounds kind of strange? You get the idea. No matter how perfect you are, you will be exterminated!

So, for example, his real estate agent found me a place on Juliana PL, which since I am clearly not schitzo, nor could I even conceive of my families extermination operations to remove me from society, that. They were actually correlating, the street to a cute girl in University of Colorado, who worked at the COPY center, and was in one of my classes named Julia.

However I did not make this connection. Because these are all frame jobs, to make the world think I am crazy, am looking, or waiting or things like this for some kind of imaginary ghost girl or something like this. Hence their Sixth Sense tactics.

There have other people been sent after me, like Julia Sophia Reynoso, working on the same types of Angles with them.

So, after this, my family is telling all my neighbors like they have done my entire life. That I am a crazy, schitzo, out of control, monster Nuisence, and things like this. Yet like usual. I am the nicest and friendliest person known to man. But they keep investing insane amounts of money with Government resources to give out every lie known to man to the world for some strange reason which they try to give me disinformation because it’s to help me. Like the Mother with a chainsaw, trying to chop off your limbs, telling you it’s for your own good. And of course, their coverups are. I can’t see myself, and this is so I can somehow see myself, and I need to change. All strategically planned out how to rid me of the world since a young age.

So, at this point, after moving out, my father wants to take me out to dinner every Sunday! But I had not at the time, made the connection between his Paranoid Schizophrenia Tactics. And did not make the connection that the reason he wanted to take me out on Sunday is because if your a schizophrenic, you might get ideas of references about SONday. Get it?

And while he would take me out to dinner every Sunday, while he like HOUSTONS, my guess is about Jen Hess they sent after me to try to set me up. Working with Mike Huntley, Paul Humphrey, Tom Farley, Lorena Escobar, with endless setup attempts, and frame jobs. And trying to manipulate me into situations to tell me to do things and things like this.

With elaborate claims that while Jen Hess was pretending to be Crazy, that I had somehow done this to her as well, which has been done to my my entire life with these tactics and the world told I am abusive and things like this, all strategically planned out from girl to girl since 16 years old. One sequentially after the next. Going back as far as Carissa Brands. at 16, or Cory Bixbie. Just other people I had done absolutly nothing too, like everyone else in life.

Houstons was probably most likely a psychologial terror guilt about Jen Hess, supposedly moving to Texas. To try to INFLICT psychological punishment  for me figuring out what they were doing. Or my mothers worlds “What immobilizes you” after telling me things like “Your past caught up with you”

Showing that, they are just making up endless lies, endlessly trying to set me up or frame me, then hunt me down in punishment for these imaginary crimes Or coverup their crimes againt me. Then telling me I am imagining it and crazy.

Kind of like one of there media tactics as a young child in a movie called Wizards, trying to turn me into Necron 99. Make me look crazy, or make it look like I conform to movies. This has been done with endless media across the last 35 years. And especially Brian Longbotham’s frame jobs to Wes Craven.

Image result for necron 99

A mentally tormented robot assassin. They then called Peace. Things get a lot deeper about this one tactic alone and are in the media blog. Which stem from my brother trying to coverup his childhood physical and mental abuse to me.

For example, at a young age, my father bought a boat, called it “The Flicka” and then my brother would follow me around endlessly flicking me in the ear from behind, and getting togethor with his and my friends showing me movies, and Horror movies trying to send me hidden messages to create schizophrenia, I had no clue was even going on. But what is weirder is all these things being done to me, my father knows about, and is not mad at them. He is only mad at me for finding out. And whistling at me that I am a whistle blower, especially when saying to me. “Lets watch a movie”. Like I’ve watch endless people whistle at me when I start telling people what is going on.

Trying to actually make me think they are trying to exterminate me for me


So while in a state of, This is happening, I cannot work with people, no one will be honest, I cannot have a normal life after this being done to me. My father and Lorena Escobar sweep in.

So during these dinners, They were usually, him telling me stories about the weekly things Janet was doing to him. Now knowing he is a pre-meditated pathological liar with ulterior motives and hidden agendas. Which lie after lie come out of his mouth come out about me. And pinning all the things Jason did to me or did on me. For example, My brother Jason and Richard Grunburg accidentally lit our back hill on fire when I was young throwing sparklers in the brush. So my family has been blasting to the world that I am angry in rage, and lighting hills and houses on fire. At one point my father asked me with Lorena at one of his business lunches about me doing that. Of course, I said it was Jason. I sure he did not like the truth.

But because this isn’t just one of these frame jobs, and lies to the world with unlimited resources. It is fair to say, the whole situation was probably strategically done for the sole purpose to pin on me, like the other ones I have watched them do over and over.

So while going out to these dinners I can recall bringing Paul Humphrey along, which was sent after me at a young age, because Joe Humphrey his older brother was in my brothers grade, and Paul flocked to me, with me not realizing I was being targeted.

Some of their digging involved, trying to get confessions like “How do I get my money” which is strange because I’ve never really made any money. To realize that them sending people like Val Morzav into my life in University of Colorado trying to manipulate me into selling other peoples copyrighted content did not work. And they needed to cover this up.

But mostly his conversations were about trying to figure out ways to get me angry at Janet in hopes he could get me to go after her. Which clearly did not work with any of his endless tactics to get me to CHASE people. Even when having my brother go out on his RUNS, getting cars to CHASE him. Then pinning it on me with the police in secret to the world. Or Tom Farley told to go on his Grunion RUNS, egg mob Eric Johnson and pin them on me. I cannot tell you how many women I’ve watched over the years try to send me suggestive messages to try to get me to show up places. And after my family and brother telling the world I am like David Berkwitz. Can you imagine a family like this?

Now these operations go a lot deeper, Like Paul Humphry moving to locations of IRC people I chatted with, asking me to come over, trying to frame me to make it look like I am going after people and things like this.

But as far as Janet, it is clear that my father was trying to get reactions. And not only this, he was trying to collect conversation information to use against me to give to the world to create a chaotic environment to rile the masses known as Criminal Defamation to basically end my existence. And then tell me I am crazy and imagining it.

Hence Lorena Escobars words to me “You are too sensitive” While being paid to follow me from place to place my entire life with this terror operation to remove me from society.

Of course when you have a world wide operation like this going on your entire life, and your father is giving you lame bullshit “People are afraid of you” and you keep asking what is going on. Then he tries to Belittle you, saying “You think differently”You think the world is against you”

And crazy things like this, after watching him go ballistic on you when he looses control each time.

It is blatantly obvious he is involved and has something to hide. Hence why they don’t want me talking and want to say I am crazy.

So after this My father decides with Lorena Escobar to hire me at his office. Me knowing that something is really wrong, I am attacked all day and night world wide, with a family and friends trying to make me look crazy saying I am imagining it and snapped. Also keep in mind, that he is telling the world I am a crazy person who has done horrible things to people behind my back, and then approaches me yet again to get me even CLOSER. to REEL me in. And has Lorena Approach me and asks me if I want an IT job at his compnay.

And while I was there for 14 years or so, And think I did a pretty damn good job not only for someone who isn’t allowed to have friends, learn with others, take part in social activities. or share business knowledge to improve my skills while I have been kept isolated in this terror operation to stop me from telling anyone about what is being done to me and my life.

I think I did a pretty damn good job with virtual environments, and learning Linux, and Windows Business environments. While there is a lot better out there. I am one man, on my own, with no support. And normally, people work togethor as a team segmenting specialized areas to what is needed to be done. But if the Golden State Infrastructure was ever questioned. I can assure you. On my own, while Lorena Paying people to sabotage and destroy it, was still always functional with a one man team. As I watched the entire office for 14 years, not only hacking up the network, but working on me all day and night with psychological terror and murder operations to try to get me to go after people. And in some 2bit cheeseball psychotic, wanna be medical office. By a low life psychotic father who tries to make his son look like a Narcissist while putting him in a mental institution my entire life.

So, the entire time at this office, While me trying to just make enough to eat, figure out a way to continue my life after finding out what was going on. But kind of jumbled in my head. Once again after Lorena Escobar hired me.

The world was told “Kevin thinks he is the BOSS, he is trying to take over the company”

Also telling the office girls in front of Dion, my fathers old Limo Driver, “Kevin is Crazy and to do all these things to me”

Of course, my fathers labeling response, “Dion is a Criminal” intentionally ignoring the obvious. that what he sits around and is watching has merit with my surveillance video of it being done to me. Showing he is playing stupid and likes doing harmful things to people.

So, if you can’t see the pattern of behavior, or moreso TACTICS, once again, it is them coming to me, them hiring me, and them telling the world, I am somehow trying to take over their operations.

Even to the point my Father and Lorena Escobar had his friend Debbie Groveman, call me up, hire me to repair her sons computer, then tell me I should get rid of Lorena Escobar. And like usual. I told Debbie, I could not care less about some two bit doctors office, Which I have no future, I am not even a doctor, and my focus is my own things, Social Web Systems and things like this. But do you think that aspect of who I am was given to the world? Of course not!

So while being at this office for 14 years or so, you can only imagine the world wide all day and night 24/7 mental battering to end my life which scaled up to literally 100,000 mental illness attacks per day, world wide. For something like the last 16 years alone. Which no one thinks is wrong.

Endless frame jobs, setup attempts you name it.

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know –


And of course, not being able to walk away from it. Because they have world wide resources. But I need money, and I need to eat.

So at this point, I start my own projects with the thought in mind that, if I can make money, I can walk away, and not look back!

WRONG! I can tell you that in some of my larger web projects that involve having a team of maybe 4 – 10 programmers that might take a year or so to build. That while hiring over 600 programmers world wide. And that does not take into account the ones interviewed for the job.

I was attacked by each and every one, with this mental illness campaign. And all of them given endless lies about me.

So, India, Japan, China, Germany, Russia, Philodendrons, Germany, Sweden, Canada, You get the idea off of


All were told to make sure I could not get any work done. Not only this. As someone was told to abuse me, and I’d fire them. The next random person was told continue the prior persons terror tactics, and it went from every programmer world wide showing their is a murder system built around me since 9 years old. To accomplish removing me from society.

This also has been done with lawyers, police, you name it, to stop me from talking, defending myself, or the truth coming out.

But, you get the idea, when Lorena Escobar is telling the world that I am obsessed, trying to take over their company, and I am trying to get away, and they are contacting everyone world wide to stop me from walking away.

And their aggressive behaviors really got bad, once I moved away after High School to Oregon, and they had Kelly Hatch with the Police follow me their hunting me down. Showing that their ACTIONS and not consistent with their world wide secret propaganda channel of lies to the world.

Leaving no room, for truth, honestly, the discussion of the situation, or defense. Just, EXTERMINATION! since 9 years old.

So, you can imagine the mass setup and smear operation against me, but what is really weird, is that all the things Lorena is being told to do to me, are consistent and Identical to what was done to Janet Nordet.

I am out living my life. I have frenamies, which I think are my friends, I have a family which I love, and think are great people. I am being social, for a fairly introverted quiet person. But not the life of the party.

Never really been a recluse or anything.  And yet all of a sudden, I open my eyes and their are world wide extermination operations, and realizing people keep coming after me for some reason with ulterior motives, and intent to make me look crazy, and remove me from society. ONE SEQUENTIALLY AFTER THE NEXT!

For for the 16 years after finding out, watching and documenting these activities which are UNDENIABLE from the pictures and videos. Not even touching the surface of these illegal operations.

So, this gets to my point about Janet Nordet.

She is labeled with the same lies as I am and given out. They try to make it look like she is angry crazy person. Who i have no doubt got paranoid when my father had Lorena have people following her around with endless Gas Lighting Tactics. Like Lorena is involved with me. Working with the entire office, and lots of resources available to them. Which the entire office is all family, and friends of a family.

And in my situation Leonor Calderon, my father did the same exact thing  to me after he finally fired me, because I refused to continue going out to dinner with him. Because he kept lieing to my face I was imagining what he was telling the Restaurant Employees to do to me. While they kept inviting me out to business lunches and launched mass terror operations every single time. And if I said anything in regards would try to make me look crazy.

And after I told him. If he would not admit to what we all know, then he is not on my side, and I don’t want to be around him, while he invites me out, then tells the Restaurant employees to LITERALLY mentally batter me to death so he can put me in jail while trying to get a reaction. I don’t want to be around it, or that type of person.

So he fired me on the grounds of not going out to dinner. Saying that it’s because of my website

Which he has known about for 5 years prior. But at one point his scam was saying Take something down. And my response was. For you, I will take this down for now. But I can guarantee you, once it’s down, they will attack me more.

And within 30 minutes of it being down. They amped up their attacks showing that this isn’t about me causing problems or being a Nuisance. it is about SELF DEFENSE!

And they have given me no CHOICE! but to speak out for my life! My sanity, My physical and mental health!

So, after being fired, once again, they tried to set me up, frame me with  Leonor Calderon, and my father, with attempts to try to get me to come down to the office looking like I am in an angry rage, and barging in. With who knows what motive!

While my father actually tried to trick me into meeting Leonor in some strange place while having the world keep tabs on me. To make it look like something shady is going on. LIKE USUAL

(Show text)

Now, All of the Trolling, Baiting, Passive aggressive operations, against me, are about a mass setup starting at 9 years old to get a angry reaction, to make me look crazy, working with the police to get a reaction to arrest me, put me in jail, or some kind of cell.

And IRONICALLY, Janet Nordet, at one point, must have gotten on my father bad side. And probably before that call to me to move in to his house, was made. And even before the Marriage. In a mass frame job operation.

To like usual. Tell the world in secret. That I don’t like Janet, I quit college, Forced myself into his house, just like he has Lorena Telling the world. I am trying to take over his office.

With comments from Leonor Calderon, “You are the doctors son, You are the Boss”

Now, I can recall things being told to me, that Janet flipped out in Anger, and kept showing up at my fathers office in angry rages saying this and that, and she was crazy. While the office girls were all calling the police filing police reports.

And I watched that office first hand for 14 years working on me all day and night calling the police making up every lie known to man about me. As well as it being spewed out world wide.

And I can tell you that my father, and anyone associated with him. ARE NOT CREDIBLE HONEST PEOPLE! They do not care about right or wrong. Especially in things that really matter like Human life over money. I’m not talking about stealing a 1 cent jolly Rancher at the age 10.


And an operation to off Janet Nordet, and pin it on me. Just like the endless other operations of pinning endless things on me and giving it to the world.

In the end, I can recall seeing some court documents that People would not leave Janet Alone. I cannot tell you if these conversations that my father claims her sons friend charged him 20K to take place, or maybe my father paid him for the lies.

But eventually Janet went to Jail for attempted murder.

And I can tell you, the SAME EXACT THINGS, are and have been done to me for the last 35 years in order to try to get this REACTION!

As far back as my brothers endless bullying at a young age, and never stopping while he and the police kept introducing me to his friends, and them trying to set me up or frame me over and over. And the more I move on, the more I am hunted. Of course not knowing back then.

Now that being said. My family, with the police and government, last month actually got me in a situation of a threat in defense from their endless threats, attacks harassments. But he then played victim calling the police who are clearly aware of EVERYTHING that is going on.

And on countless occasions, refuse to investigate, refuse to look at my deniable proof, All the times I called them to document or make police reports of the obvious mental illness tactics started ball busting me to try to scare me quiet. With several police threats and things like this to try to stop me from talking.

Not only this. The same exact things that were done to me, when hiring programmers to walk away, are now being done to me, with the Police LAPD, Family, working with all the Criminal Defense Lawyers. While this is a simple threat. You can understand what is going on to try to put me in a position of self defense to set me up to rid me of the world.

So, While hints to me this week that Lorena Escobar could be related to Pablo Escobar. Ya right, I doubt it. But the fact that maybe they want me saying that to try to make me look schtizo and crazy. There is no doubt in my mind. While the Lawyers are mimicing things from my father to me.

So, while if you want to talk about Janet Moving into my fathers house, getting sick, then flipping out. And then it pinned on me. Lets talk about some other people sent after me.

Jen Hess, Julia Sophia Reynoso, Elita, Black girl in my fathers office, Val in my fathers office, Fernanda Sime in my fathers office, oh, and one 16 year old my family sent after me trying to set me up Lin Junkin, back in 1995.


Claim, I am hacking their computers, and trying to make them mentally ill and kill them. Ummmm, ok, ya sure. Not only back then was I just a computer Artist. Still now, I would not know how to hack anyone.

Despite the Kelly Hatch sent after me and using movies with Lin Junkin with schitzo messages about me and telling the world I am a hacker. While Lin, tried to send me hidden messages with this movie.

Image result for hackers 1995

using my families media, mental illness tactics.

My point is. That my family. The people my father has around him. Especially when he was friends with  David Greenstein, a Lawyer who set people up and sued people for a living doing all his legal paperwork. Is pretty damn strange. that this person is saying I’ve done something wrong. Especially at 9 years old.

Then telling the world crazy things like this, using his psychology degree.

Your like your brother Genetic, schitzo Scam –

So, to sum it up. When my family gets mad at you. It’s a life time hunt to make you look crazy, defame you. Destroy your credibility, Isolate you. Turn the world against you trying to make you look crazy and schitzo with their psychology degrees. And then figure out ways to put you in a cage.

Like my families English sheep dog Maggie they put in a cage most of it’s life and could not understand why she was so happy when got out. Saying that dog has problems.

Or the shock collars my father put on Rhoada his dog to control it. While not the most painful shocks, I still cannot comprehend someone who does this to an animal instead of giving it love, affection, and communicating with it.

Probably why he sent Rodie Morales after me with the Police.

Now, when I think back to what triggered my family at 9 years old or around then would be that situation where I was sitting at the Dinner Table and Liver grossed me out. And my father said. Eat your living, and I said I didn’t want too. At this point he says to me. If you don’t eat your liver, you cannot leave the dinner table.

And I can recall not eating it and sitting there for a long time. While I cannot remember how long this standoff took. I did not eat the liver. Now, in most families, or sane people. You would just laugh, and say whatever. But this is the type of thing in my family that gets you hunted and killed the rest of your life for defying them. And while most cannot comprehend his level of INSANITY, it does exist however rare it is.

And while there is no actual reason why this is happening to me, and being done since that young. You have to understand that someone with common sense cannot comprehend where a PSYCHOTIC is usually coming from. Because they are not operating on all cylinders.


In my family, you could eat your fathers steaks out of his freezer, and that can be your demise, saying you stole from him. So who knows.

Now we all know I love slutty women, strippers, Porn Stars, or whatever. And used to build adult websites, and Got into Studio Photography which My father disprove of and sent Lorena Escobar to exterminate me for getting into.

But I can assure you. Everything I’m doing is LEGAL! Porn is LEGAL, Strip Clubs are LEGAL, Adult websites are LEGAL, Photoshoots for Art, for money with Models are LEGAL!

Every aspect of what my family is doing on every level is ILLEGAL!

The difference between me and my family is I am a good person who explorers and like different things. Some could be weird, some could be strange, some could be Risque. But it is all LEGAL, and while some PERFECT SQUARES might not be able to accept it. It is LEGAL!

My family on the other hand, PREACH about right and wrong. Pretending that they can go out and commit every crime known to man. For the Greater Good, or something like this they pull out of their ASSES.

If anyone ever wanted to ask me what I stood for. It would be for people to go out and be themselves provided it did not hurt anyone or break laws. I don’t care if you want to do porn. I don’t car if you want to be a nun. I don’t care if you are black, white, Asian, German, Japanese, gays, tranvestites. I believe in the melting pot, everyone working and growing togethor. Making money, and everyone making money.

I may not dedicate my life to you, but it does not mean I have anything against you. I may not relate, or feel comfortable around you, but it does not mean I have anything against you.

I am not, and never have been like my family, and that is why they want me in the ground.

Everyone thriving. The same person I have always been, and told I have to change and be a murderer like my family. It will never happen.

And those putting on fake ACTS for them. I’d really like that explanation instead of telling me it’s somehow my fault.