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Today, on my way to the office to go to work, I left my house.

on pulling out my garage, a common tactic is the Metro neighbors which surrounds me, parking cars in patterns to send hidden messages to create mental illness

which has gone on, non stop since I moved in for the last 15 years. Today was 3 Honda Prius’s parked togethor. 2 black and 1 grey. There also seemed to be a lady in a black toyota 4 runner, which seemed to be just sitting in her car lurking which is a common tactic. Weather she was waiting around, or waiting for me to leave, is difficult to say.

On my way to work I stopped off at the Peruvian restaurant to get some food for lunch where I am always harrassed  with various tactics from cars being parked backwards, whistlers, and people walking by in color clothing patterns. upon leaving, 2 green suv’s parked togethor backwards, and one man just sitting watching me.

As I left to go to the office down Tampa street, right passed the peruvian restuarant, a man in a white coupe pulled from the side of the road and went to make a U-turn launching his vehicle at me.

I swerved my suv out of the way to the left, but when trying to recover back to the right, the suv, couldn’t deal with that kind of maneuvering and went into a 180 hydroplane, and sliding into a phone poll on the opposite side of the road.

dsc03504 dsc03506


Of course, the man driving the car, did not stop and took off going down Kester street. Now the thing of this is, this doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident. I believe from the age 16-44, this tactic of someone waiting for me on the side of the road and launching their vehicles at me has happened 4 times, maybe even more.

When I was 16, and driving to High School, a man on a Honda Motorcycle, slid his bike in the rain in front of me which I do not believe was an accident. They then went around saying I had hit the bike with my car and tried to scare me into confessions. Right after this, my wrestling coach pretended he was in a motorcycle accident to try to get this confession along with suggestive messages from roomates that they hit a man with a bike wheel.

A short time after this, when driving past the Honda dealer barrowing my brothers car, a lady was waiting for me on the side of the road with the same tactic launching her vehicle at me and causing an accident. When getting out of her car, oddly enough, she yelled, “You tried to kill me” which didn’t make much sense coming from someone launching their vehicle in front of me.

A short while after this, on Mason street, where everyone went on friday night at the street Races when I was 16 -18, once again, this happened where a man saw me coming down mason, and launched his vehicle at me where I managed to slide my car sideways and avoid him.

There is no doubt I have avoided some other of these situations, until today.

The man waiting with me for the police to arrive was telling me things like I should tell them that I have bodily injuries for more money and such, which is a common tactic of person after person coming in my life trying to manipulate me into situations to use against me.

Of course, when the police came, not only do they know me, but the officer started repeating some of the tactics the Starbucks employees are told to do to create mental illness showing that this is all connected.


When the tow truck driver came, he also was working on the same mental illness tactics. He mentioned that he had come right before me from an accident where there was a Honda, and a Mustang, which one of them was launched onto a fire hydrant and water was spraying everywhere. He then started calling me “Brother” which is a common innuendo tactic to try to send me hidden messages or create schizophrenia.


But what is interesting about this is that when I was about 14 years old, my brother and friends went out on their so called “RUNS” as they called them doing all sorts of road mischief, that they were pinning on me. And one of those things my brother claims that they ran a vw onto a fire hydrant.

Not only this, but when I turned 29 years old and was finding out that I was being hunted my entire life to be removed from society, a man named Brian Longbotham

who was sent after me took me to play Paparazzi at a Malibu Starbucks, where he had Tia Lioni, and Martin Sheen, show up and had me take their pictures as a setup to smear my name in the entertainment industry to ruin my name. While I thought it was just a weird idea and took part in it one time, I felt really guilty afterwards, but little did I know that this was to ruin my name. Of course I never gave out the images or used them, just deleted them and felt guilty. As being a Paparazzi has never been anything I’d ever want to be and it was just a person saying lets screw around. Little did I know his motives and what he was doing and involved in, in this campaign since 10 years old to remove me from society.

After this, Charlie Sheen decided to write parts of my life into his show, 2.5 men. As revenge for this insignificant act of someone saying. “Take his picture” and smearing my name to the world with every lie, smear, attempted setup, and mental illness tactic known to man.

But right after Brian’s setup at Starbucks, he wanted me to go to Uni vision with him, as they played a clip of a car getting launched onto a fire hydrant to try to scare me into false confessions of the things my brother either did or said he did to pin on me and remove me from society.

Now this is where things get really strange, after taking my car to the autobody shop and going home, I notice that their is a Orange and black Explorer I think with the license plate “Hey♥AVI” Which seems to have to do with this girl who was Stalking me from Yankee Doodles pool hall named heather who didn’t like me saying “Hey” to her when she kept provoking me with covert passive aggressive tactics and followed me to the Encino Starbucks trying to set me up.

Their was water all over the street, the Fire Hydrant had been knocked off, and the hole plugged. But of course nobuddy took the fire hydrant which I thought was strange. Just left it on the side walk.

dsc03536 dsc03533 dsc03534

Now this car, just sitting around on the street must have been watching the hydrant 3 hours after this happened for some strange reason, just waiting for me to come home. And when I took pictures of the Hydrant, she got very defensive as if she was involved and said she didn’t want to talk about it. The police showed up about 10 minutes later, talked to her for about 10 minutes, then everyone left.

About 15 minutes after this, a AAA tow truck pulled up and just sat by the fire hydrant for no reason. And when I spoke with him, he also kept calling me “Brother” and basically said he wasn’t here for that he was just waiting around. Which is odd, because AAA trucks don’t just randomly sit on my street for no reason, nor do they mimic what the prior one was doing.

dsc03532 dsc03537 dsc03543


Oddly enough, the next day, I get a call from someone in the neighborhood by the accident who was given a copy of the Collision report with my name on it who called me. Which is strange because those reports are meant for me and the insurance, and the only reason that it would be given out is to covertly let people know. “Kevin did this” of course like usual ignoring the full story, of something no buddy would care about anyways. But this way they could probably use their mass notification system to say, look what Kevin did now to rile the masses against me.

Now these are common street theater tactics done to me all day and night to try to cause guilt, obsession, try to force me into false confessions about parts of my life where people go out and do things, pin em on me, then tell the world I am a horrible monster as they try to torture me into also confessions or try to create mental anguish to create mental illness. from the continual mental illness patterned tactics in peoples conversations with information collection as Brian Longbotham eluded to as their “Spy Games” to the terror messages that I have to confess to things to remove me from society. Along with endless attempted setups to continually try to put me in these situations to get dirt to try to come after me with.

While these endless accusations of things that don’t exist or I am accused of are given to the world in the 1000’s, I am told I have somehow done something wrong, am not allowed to have any sort of life, and watch people work on me all day and night 24/7 since 10 years old. Showing that this is clearly a covert mental illness campaign from people with Psychology degrees to use mental illness tactics to try to get me to either commit suicide from endless mental anguish, or work with the police to try to set me up, and get any confession, or try to push me out of control to remove me from society which clearly was decided at the age 10 years old for some reason.

For more details on this 35 year terror, torture, covert psychological warfare campaign to end my life and remove me from society starting at the age 10 years old with world wide networked support, you can go to